Send out a pigeon.

Clip a note to its leg.

Wait a while.

It’s smart.

Smarter than a phone.

It can fly

back to me

with an answer

to my message.

And I can pet it.

Tell it how good

a job it does for me.

It can respond, too.

A pigeon of my own.

What a trip!


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Being Me

Free to be me.

I wander an unknown


I’m tempted

but I know what I want–

what I feel comfortable


The risks

are nothing

I may have

if I pass up

good for great!

I really want


but I’ll wait…

for great.


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I have a great neighbor–only

2 feet separate our doorways

in our apt. building.

She laughs and it puts me so

at ease that my mind is

off half-unconsciously thinking

of problems, I guess, because when

I hear her laugh, it relaxes me

and I feel all is well with the world

no matter what’s going on in my life.

We need to channel our ‘negative

energies’ into positive ones

for the best results in life.

She helps me do that by

spreading joy and laughter.


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Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, mirror

Who’s the mightiest in the land?

The fairest of all?

Not me or you says the mirror.

Take a look at yourself.

Fair?  Hardly so.  You are

awesome!  Way beyond fair.

Now you tell me.

You didn’t ask until now.


How about finding me an

awesome match

made in heaven.

I’m looking for a good


I’ll look around

the mirror responds.

See what I can

come up with.


Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/

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I could wait


you guessed it–


I could



but it would not


until it’s ready

to come.

Then, heaven

help me…if I’m

not ready!


I’m waiting

on it

and it’s waiting

on me–maybe

we should start

a restaurant.

Serve me up


I’m almost

finished with

this and I’m

looking around

but inspiration

hasn’t shown up

–not that I can

see, anyway.


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I filled this day

to the brim,

so close to the


a slight vibration

will spill over

into…into what?

Can you do too much?

Not really.  It’s just

using each hour


knowing when you’re


and moving

back on course.

It wasn’t me anyway.

A ‘force’ was moving

(through) me

effortlessly.  I just

had to hang on for

the ride,

steering this way

and that is about

all I did.

I’m more believing

gut feeling and

intuition, as

scary as that is

to trust, needs

to do just that

& see where it

leads you.


Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/

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Life hands itself to me

on a platter.  “It’s not

my fault my parents told

me, ‘What do you expect?

Life will be handed to you

on a platter’?”  I had to

think that one over since

it always was until I

was out on my own.

Now life’s coming around

again giving me new

opportunities to flex my

flexibility muscles.

Roll with the punches,

duck, move out of

the way–opportunities

come with lots of


I’m letting it go

to the supreme

authority as usual

with my input being

minimal.  I

think, feel that’s



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Slow & Low

I thought just being in a

weight lifting shop

would give me some strength.

Much to my surprise, I had to

actually come home, get my

weights out, and lift them.

Miracle of miracles–strength!

My mood is better, I feel more

confident and here it is in the

middle of the night, and no

place to go!

If I’m careful, I don’t hurt

my back.  I start slow & low

and build up.  Not like me

at all, formerly:  I start high

and fast and voila, hurt

myself.  I think I’m getting

the hang of some parts of life

I had no clue to before.


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You tell me where the exit is.

I’m looking to get out.  It’s dark

in here and the exits aren’t marked.

Out & out chicanery!

You’d think there’d be a law!

So, I’m left to my wits.

Use it or lose it.

I’ve had to use it.

It manifests as the need arises.

When I make up stuff to make my

point, people genuinely look

puzzled, at first.  What is he

talking about?  Wits man, wits.

Hope they help me find an exit.

I’ve been in the dark

waay too long.


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I cast my cares to the


which seems to be at my back

these days–

unexpected, synchronicity and

‘good luck’ in my daily dealings.

Yes.  I worked for them, nevertheless

they were present, not absent.

The sky was white all day

taking away the warm

sun, excepting for brief peeks.

I ate some simple veggies for


I nourished myself with hot

broth all day.

I taught my favorite grade

levels.  I met a friend at the


I’m glad I chose what I did.


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