Feel Fear

Sometimes you have to go

‘guts up’ and start.

Fear in the pit of the

stomach is uncomfort-

able, but if I feel it

until it lessens–very

uncomfortable to hold on

for those minutes and not

just avoid it altogether,

a reward is at the end.

Doesn’t seem like anything

good will come from

something so apparently

‘negative’, or not desired,

but it can and does.

Pushing it further back

down only keeps it on

board and harder to

get to.  Face your

fears means feel your fears.

Seems like something you

wouldn’t want to practice,

but many do and are

rewarded with confidence.


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Now is Fine

I am fine right now.

Tomorrow will take care

of itself.

So no sense looking ahead.

Everything else can’t be changed.

It happened and we’re on to

a new day.

My body wants many things.

Right now, other than a little tired,

it’s fine.

If the Sun doesn’t shine tomorrow

because it’s supposed to


I can deal with that.

Just help me make it to

tomorrow and I will

have another chance at

bliss & joy.


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Red lights,  dinner to

finish cooking,

grocery shopping.

Some things are unavoidable.

But if you’re thinking

about something you want to

do in a while

and you can do it now

without a lot of uproar

to your schedule–get it

“off your mind” & do it now.

You can’t live in the present

by thinking about the future.


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Nature’s Sparrow

When I put my pen in my hand

sometimes thoughts flood

my mind of I have nothing to

say. or even other untrue


Resisting the abundance

of the universe keeps me

alone and without.

Things should flow in

and things should flow out.

Otherwise there’s stagnation

that is not desirable.

When you have food stuck

in a jar, sometimes you

just shake it up and it’s

no longer stuck.  Loose food.

I miss not seeing nature

when I’m ill.

But to just see the

smallest sparrow

enjoying it’s sunshine

is enough to bring back

to me the resurgence of


Safron Finch. Hawaii, The Big Island

Safron Finch. Hawaii, The Big Island

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/

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As it is

Everything’s exactly as it

should be.

We needn’t want to

change it .

Are you going to argue

with God?

I guess lessons come

whether we like them

or not.


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If a day wasn’t what

you expected, then

there’s always tomorrow.

It’s promised to no one,

but it usually comes.

In the cold winter, it’s

just good to bundle up

and go outside for as

long a walk (or run!)

as you’re able.

Coming back, you

really have a new

start on the day.


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Untitled (privacy)

I’m trying to find

my center. Maybe if

I write a while.

Today, a Sunday,

should have been

a day of complete

rest for me.

Too much activity from

phone calls.

I should have disconnected

my phone.  I’m sure I

wouldn’t have missed

anything important.

I worry about that some-

times when I want

& need my privacy.

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All Different

Learning to trust yourself.

One of the hardest things in

the world.

Wouldn’t somebody else know


To speak up for yourself.

Sure, not getting the

crowds approval–because

they don’t want to change

or do the work to change–

may be painful and lonely.

Yet we all are an experiment

of 1, as they say.

So we either fit in or move on…

It’s not all cut and dried,

black or white.

Gray can hang out with

either of these groups as

a valid color.



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Try and see…

Mistakes are more costly

for some than others.

Learning requires you

try something

and see how it


So there aren’t really


Just learning


If you don’t


in the dust

of the arena,


changes for

the worse or

for the better.


to many,

but worth

knowing others

extend their

reach beyond their

grasp, also.


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I’m one tweet away

from being president.

All I have to do is

say the right thing

and–voila, I’m elected.

Is it that simple?

Oh, I don’t know.

There may be some

headaches and


Dodging the arrows

of outrageous fortune.

Or, maybe it will be

smooth sailing.

Problems are resolved,

progress is made

in the desired directions.

Peace on earth

good will to men.

One or two tweets



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