Doing Your Best

Praise for the worthy

for we all are

no matter how meager

we judge out attempts.

We would do better if

we could do better at

any moment.

Another time we might

do something different

and ‘judge’ ourselves

more than adequate–

giving, generous,


to bend a little for

somebody else’s benefit.

It’s really hard to be

100% all of the time.

We need to accept where

we are & live with it &

keep going, trying to

‘improve’ & do the best

we can under all

circumstances we

find ourselves in.

Try to see how you

were kind & thoughtful,

still not giving up one

bit of authenticity.

If we work at it, we can

do it better & better each day.

Mixture of Gerbera flowers at a farmers market in Los Angeles, California

Mixture of Gerbera flowers at a farmers market in Los Angeles, California

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography






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To live on the razor’s edge of life

is a slippery slope.

One fall and you feel it.

To have vision of the pitfalls,

the ruts, the potholes is at least

your best shot at avoiding them.

Even with vision, you’ll slip.

The way isn’t always smooth.

Friends can point out your blind


They can come to your aid.

But you have to walk it.

Alone sometimes.

Your strength is yours to

increase.  Your shoes to

walk in.

Your rewards to reap.

Only one way to live fully.

Your choice.

Try, or fail, to test

the waters of uncertainty.

With black depths


It’s either sink or swim.

Have you learned to

swim yet?

Any day is a good day

to start.









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Moving Energy

I’m honoring my house today.

Lighting candles, incense,

and bringing in flowers.

A few months of heavy emotional

traffic needed to be cleared out.

I think I made a dent in it

or cleared it completely.

Somehow I trust, tomorrow

will be a much improved day

while I’m within my home,

and without!

I am usually amazed at the

results of my little ceremony,

but it always happens.

Some tweak to the energy

stagnation moves it out

to make room for a new

input to be established.

I’m glad I’m able to do

this even when I’m

seeming ok, but when

I critically examine

my feeling in my home,

I know there can be

an improvement.

You can’t see much,

you just have to feel the

difference, so very subtle

is it sometimes, you

may miss it.  Other

times, it’s rather dramatic.

I wonder which one it will

be this time?

Point Cabrillo Lighthouse with sunrise. California

Point Cabrillo Lighthouse with sunrise. California

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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Earth Files

Got to log in another day

on planet earth.

Time ticks were my ticket to this

beautiful amusement park.

One more day older.  Is there

or does there have to be a limit?

Can quality and quantity co-exist?

A life well-lived–well, no one

knows what’s beyond the veil.

So a bird in the hand is good

insurance in case your

reservation is not for the

room you asked for.

Besides, waiting is no way to

live.  Live wisely every moment

and learning along the way

is a good track record for


You can only swing at one pitch

at a time.





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Good Morning World

Good morning, world!

I greet you with a smile.

I can’t wait to get started

I’ll walk with you a mile.


Good morning world!

I’m fresh enough to be slapped

Like a baby awakening

to life outside the womb.


Good Morning World

morphed into afternoon

and evening

Full of energy, it seems


Good morning.

Thank you!

Today will be wonderful

Full of wonder all day long.







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The first part of this poem

is quarantined.  I didn’t

delete it (can’t erase ink anyway)

but I don’t think it belongs in here.

It was my warm up pitch (es).

I’m up against an all-time home run


My fast ball he will eat on the

way by.

Spit out the leather and the

string and say throw another

one, I’m hungry.

My fast ball is a slow ball

tonite.  Sort of a dropper.

But he will smack that one

out of the park, also.

I feel totally inadequate to

face such powerful opponents.

Even when my fast ball is fast.

Well, at least I’m playing &

not on the bench.  Not everyone

gets to play.



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My Soul

What if there’s nothing in there

but darkness

depression & hopelessness?

My soul feels like an old mansion

unvisited for centuries.

In disrepair, it needs some

fixing up.

It wants to duel with my

mind for Top Dog.

Even then there’s no assurance

all will turn out well.

It could drag me down if

I let it.  But it could

also lead me to delight & ease

& pressureless living.

Is that possible?  Anything

is with the soul.

It is the home of infinite


So why don’t I go there

more often instead of the

occasional visit it gets?

It’s scary.  To my thinking.

In reality, when it plays out

nothing bad happens,

Still, I have avoided its invitation

to walk with its all-knowing

to freedom.

Now is the time to give it the

respect & attention it deserves.


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Rough Seas

Sailing into a storm

requires guts.

Unavoidable rough


is another thing

but when you can

sail around

and instead choose

to penetrate it head on,

you’re gutsy.

To try to navigate

uncharted seas

requires adventurousness.

The storms of life

are teachers…if you

learn not to repeat

a similar mistake

as the first time


Even practice is worth

braving the swells.

If you capsize

and you’re all wet

eventually everything

dries out on this earth,

and you’re on your way again.







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Fan the Fire

A fan,

the slightest breeze

of a flame,

can set the forest


Even a spark

of light



the whole room.

Fan that ember,

blow lightly

it wants to


to spread

and grow into

a blaze

keeping us

warm at night,

heating our

food, drink.

It’s ok to fan

your own fire.

Don’t refuse others

help and to share

the fruits of your








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Why go on?

The way I am?

What for?

It can be so


When I think

of all I’m

shutting out

by choosing

to choose

the same old

same old


of my life.

I feel cowardly

doing that.

Playing it safe

nauseates me.

I don’t know

where to head

but anywhere

else is probably

a good start.

How do I

find the courage

to walk out

on my own,

trusting in

my worth

to provide

for me

as the “old”

way did?

I know I need to

soul search

and how is that


Very slow to


My soul feels

empty of any


I might gather

to strip to

the bone

all away

that covers

my, as yet



Close up of Foxglove flowers.

that are only a

few steps away

toward engaging

with that path.

I hope something

comes along to

jet stream

me to a more

satisfying, less

stuck, path.

All I can do

is be open

and willing,

I guess,

to embrace

my fears.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography









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