Life Steps

Step by step

we can make it to the end.

Baby steps, if needed.

Somehow there is a

“force” or something

holding things together.

We all walk our own

path as do others.

Some seem to be

more fortunate

than others.

Still we walk our

own path.

People show up

with unexpected

love from their

hearts when

you least expect


They want to be

loved, too.

Yet they’re generous

when they see

a need in others

or just plain generous

without seeing a need.

Love sign and ocean with sunrise. Hawaii, The Big Island.

Love sign and ocean with sunrise. Hawaii, The Big Island.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography


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One Day

We can only live within

these parenthesis of a day.

A compartment that

begins and ends and is

over until the next one


We get to choose what

we do.

The hours will only

fit in so much.

So pick wisely.

Some things are

such a gift

you just have

to give thanks

you had the

strength to

accomplish them.

Then your hours

are up until the

next day.


Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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Dark vs Light

The words in my head are like

an unfinished jigsaw puzzle.

All scattered out and I have

yet to put them together

into some kind of coherent


I wonder if happiness is

possible?  Joy, yes.  Fleeting

moments of enjoyment,

pleasure, possibly.

I don’t like to write when

my head is dark.

But here I am doing it.

I can only be in the moment

and know that’s all

I’m responsible for (changing).

I have no power anywhere

else or with or on anybody


I want to learn how to love.

It seems so alien to me.

It’s like looking in the mirror

in the dark.


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Go this way

My intuition says go

down that isle.

I don’t know why.

I don’t buy any of

those products.

I choose the healthier


So I go down and

find that they

carry my brand

of washing soap.

I go a little further

and find sponges

on sale and I

really need need one

for my bathroom.

So I buy 2.

I wouldn’t have

gone down that

isle otherwise.

I came to shop

for food.

But look what

I found.


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Deep Breathing

Thank you for the

breath of life.

Without breathing

we would not be alive.

Oxygen is a high to

our brains.

It clears our mind

a bit

and renews our


Juicing as a

lifestyle cleans,

facilitates our

capacity of oxygen

to be more easily

received by the


We are at peace,

calm and settled,

ready to meditate

from a deep and

centered place.


Aspen trees in fall color and around June Lakes Loop.Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, California

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography


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It rained today.

I’m happy that it rained.

I like to listen to it

and see it falling

and hitting the puddles

on the ground.

It’s quiet.  No one is out.

Voices are hushed.

Nature takes center


Next best to being

out in it, breathing

the fresh air and

letting my being

expand with the nature

around me.

It says nature’s taking

care of the earth.

Good to know someone

is on the job.


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A day to be honored:

this one.

Try new things.

They may not

work out…then

again…they may.

No one ever loses

in the end

unless we stay

with the less

than satisfactory.

Believing in


you have to

put your chips

in on the hand

you believe

is a possible


Going all in

is scary.

So have


and reach

out with

what you



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People who are wiser

(and more experienced),

I need to listen to them.

They tell me something

and I think, “I could

never do that!”  But

I try and find that I

can.  And it helps.

So, the only way

it seems, is to push

forward and faithfully

do what is suggested.

I like seeing results.

A lot of people, I feel,

are supporting me,

and not the least of

all, nature herself.

A synchronistic

meeting, a kind


My way isn’t rudeness.

So people can see

my good side

and I can feel

better about



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A Friend

I didn’t think I

could write much.

And then I wrote

for 25 min. in my

journal.  Slowly.

It is like talking

to a friend.  My

‘friends’ don’t want

all those details.

Neither of us has

the time, really.

One time, when I

was younger, I

talked to 4

in the morning,


Not having done

that in a while,

I write when I’m

alone.  Very cathartic.


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Feel Fear

Sometimes you have to go

‘guts up’ and start.

Fear in the pit of the

stomach is uncomfort-

able, but if I feel it

until it lessens–very

uncomfortable to hold on

for those minutes and not

just avoid it altogether,

a reward is at the end.

Doesn’t seem like anything

good will come from

something so apparently

‘negative’, or not desired,

but it can and does.

Pushing it further back

down only keeps it on

board and harder to

get to.  Face your

fears means feel your fears.

Seems like something you

wouldn’t want to practice,

but many do and are

rewarded with confidence.


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