Moon/Sun Walk

The sun played peek-a-boo

with the moon today.

Borrowed some glasses and

saw it first hand.

I walked.  I saw a rabbit.

Haven’t seen any this year

where I walk.  They’re all hanging

out at the new veggie garden the

farmers are growing.  Don’t

blame them.  Pretty slim pickings

other years I would imagine–

dry dusty fields and whatever

they could find.  It was a little

rabbit–almost tame.  The

younger ones let you come


The white egret I spotted flew

off as soon as I came into view–

at least 50 yards off.  Very


I walked in the eclipse.

Dim outside, bright inside.






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My body loves to be fed

good tasting, local, fresh

food.  Fruits and vegetables

only hours out of the ground

or off the tree or bush.

I like to support the farmers

with my love, my caring and

it goes both ways, person to person.

Even if I don’t buy from them

that week because I’m already

stocked up, I send my

appreciative love from the time

I last stocked my cupboards–

with their honey, essential oil,

tomatoes–whatever it is I’m

hungry for that week.

I’m hanging onto the

freshness as long–or as

short! as I can.


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Opening My Heart

I open my heart

it’s scary

I feel vulnerable


but I am open

trusting myself

to handle it all.

I think my heart

will stay open

if I ask it to.

Otherwise it may

be too scared

to open fully

fearing the

dragon’s breath

of rage

now let loose

with the doors

wide open.










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Being My Old Self

I KNOW I’m too tired to write.

I can barely see the page (I am sober!)

Maybe somber.

I phasing into a more energetic

way of life.  Changed my diet to even

healthier by adjusting the proportions.

As a result, I have more time to play & live

life, instead of caring for & licking

my “unhealthy” wounds–the ones

that had no energy to go out &

be  with others.

So who would want me (my company)?

I’m usually over my head in

relationships, doing better solo.

But that’s just it–so low.

If I have the energy,

I want to be with others.

Community, dating,

friendships, without them

stripping my energy to

the bone.

I’m only social for so long–

introverted type–then I need

to recharge.  Usually a

looong recharge.

Cuts into my social

(what social life?) life.

So, I welcome a higher

level of energy.

Somehow all this is

going to land in my

lap, without doing a

lot of chasing around

to get it.

Close up of Blue-eyed Beauty (Osteospermum)

Close up of Blue-eyed Beauty (Osteospermum)

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography


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Said hello

and goodbye

and in between

2 hours evaporated

into what seemed

like a few seconds.

Actually, timelessness.

There seemed no time


I was so totally engrossed

& involved in effortless


I found myself eloquently

fluent in my expression

of words and even more

so between the lines.

I tapped into a source

I couldn’t have broke

into before.

Somehow, I found

my way into and out

of my creative genius

without trying.  The

ideas and words just came

to me & no matter

how difficult the concept

initially seemed to

convey, I did it with

ease, rarely reaching

for a word I couldn’t



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The Abyss

I step off into the abyss

prepared for utter darkness

with my solar eclipse glasses.

I am lost momentarily.

Light is there, it’s just covered,

hiding, unwilling to show

itself, for a while.

Then once again it is light.

I can see where I’m going.

Where I am.  I’m reassured.

It’s a luxury, this clarity of


I savor its transient nature.

It may come to be more



The abyss is neutral.

Entering it is a choice.

I take the first step.

I carry my own light

within me.

It cannot be eclipsed by

any darkness.

My light stays lit.

Darkness evaporates.










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Make Your Mark

I surrender my pen

to the paper I write on.

It can direct my arm &

hand to create or not.

I leave it up to Divine


To keep feelings

enclosed harbors

all manner of the


the probability–of

disease manifesting.

I know some things I

want to try but to

rope them in seems


They will walk up to me

when I’m ready

and open to the risk

of a new & seemingly

dicey experience.

I’ll know when it’s one

day too early or too late.

A belated life may be more

interesting than one that’s

on time.

Skipping something

because it’s past the deadline

douses the fires of your

enthusiasm to mark the

world with your hand.








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Silent Walking

I celebrate the silence,

the solace of the woods

so graciously “being”

basking in the sun

welcoming my passage

through their humble


No need to straighten up

the place for my presence

they have nothing to

be ashamed of–their

house is in order, as is.

My mind dwells deep

within in such

silent distractions.

It can hear itself think.

And feel.

It  can receive

and wake up to

the creative wealth

wanting to sprout

and grow in the

sunlight, also.

It can even rest

without much

or any activity

at all.  It just

enjoys being

unpressured to be.






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Live and Let Live

The Dark Hedges. Rural Beech tree lined road in Ireland.

The Dark Hedges. Rural Beech tree lined road in Ireland.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

I wish I could flick a

switch and be changed.

I think I have all the

answers–no matter how

many times I change

my mind–I think I’m

always right(eous) and

my answers would be

good for you.  Maybe.

But I don’t leave room

for the “unknown”,

“miracles”, if you will

because they’re so

uncommon or even rare

to non-existent.

Anyone can be the first.

So it’s a learned “defect”

I would even call it–in

relationships, esp.

Learned because my young,

innocent self didn’t think

this way.  It didn’t seek to

convince as much as share.

At least I see it.

I want to be helpful–not a

chain around someone’s


I need to leave room for

“the other” not being me.

Having a different

road to travel, yet we

can still walk it together.


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Heart & Mind

The heart’s glad it’s still alive.

Many people’s stop way earlier

than the age mine is.

It wants to perform as top

dog in my behavior.

Right now, for instance, it

wants to feel and write

those down here.  It feels

lonely, a bit.   So much wanting

and not wanting co-existing

simultaneously.  Eventually

it makes up its mind and

chooses one or the other pretty

much exclusively for a while.

There’s, of course, a balance,

a middle path to travel.

A flexible stance is easy

on the joints & shock absorbers.

Stop and go, though, wears

excessively so be aware of

what you’re doing to

your body.  Mind &


Your heart knows.  Tune in

and listen to it most

of the time.  The mind thinks

untrue wishes.  Don’t give in

to them.  Stop & listen to

your heart direct your direction.


Bleeding Heart Vine, Glory Bower Clerodendrum thomsoniae. Crystal Garden, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography








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