The sun hid behind the clouds


too shy to come out.

It didn’t even try

letting the storm

have its way with us.

Do you like the rain?

a lady asked.

Yes, I said.  Me too, its

a good break from the heat

of summer.

The grocery bagger offered to

take my cart out.

She also knew the value

of fresh, clean, cool air.

I’d rather be outside

she said.

Still the sun hid.

Hide and seek would

do no good today.

Not if you were on the

ground, that is.

Made sure to take my

Vit. D.






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If I were a rain drop

I’d know from the moment

I hit the ground, I’d be no more.

Either I’d join up with others

and we’d all have a new

(group) identity

or I might just evaporate

(reincarnate) into the clouds

again for another trip down.

You’ve only got so long

to make your mark

on the world before you get

sucked up into the collective

again, chanting with the

others:  Resistance is futile.


Close up of Eurgale Ferox tropical waterlily leaf turned upside down. Hughes Water Gardens. Oregon.


Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/







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look up

what’s the worst that can happen?

you get checkmated

cornered, immobilized

without a square to stand on

You win

I say

No where to run

No where to hide

raw hide

shows the side

of you

nobody sees


in one spot

by more powerful

players than your

one kingly presence.

Life may be a


of chess

but it can drag on

for days without a

winner so good

are the players.

Playing is more fun

than watching

at least you can be

thankful for that.


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Perfectly Wrong

Why didn’t I listen to the


I did what she said and I

felt better.

At least I finally tried it.

Did it.

I am so stubborn.

I shouldn’t be so hard on myself.

How can I advise my friends

to not be so, If I am?

Or my students?

Sure, I’m just human.

I don’t so things perfectly.

Why should I expect that I

do so, be so perfectionisticly-

minded, and without

a speck in my eye?


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If life was easy

we’d be flabby.

Life makes itself

hard so we get strong

otherwise, we’re


cream puffs, push overs.

The next wind

blows us away

and we’re gone

for good.






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Who? said an Owl, are you?



I don’t think

we see you.

Let down

the barriers

to you.




So, it gets a pie in

the face.

Worse things

have hit you–

a lot harder, too.

Wipe it off

so we can

see you

a little

‘Lemon Meringuey’



all that

covers the


What have you

to hide?


doesn’t exist in

some cultures.

They’re just


Clothes cover

to warm

not hide.


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I saw a bird today

it flew for me

it said you can

do this too.


Sure it said.

Where do you want to

fly to?

Across the street would

drop my jaw.

OK. it said

if you walk half the


and in the middle

a truck comes

barreling down on


I guarantee you will

fly the rest of the way

across the street!

You tricked me!  I said

no, I just said you

can fly–most of

the time your feet barely

touched the ground.

voila: flying

Thank you bird

for appreciating

my abilities that

I’m mostly blind to.


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so it is

The web


our meager

yet substantial weight.


without a net

can be fatal.

Yet it is there

to save our life.

To let us know

not to give up or in

to weakness that

is not ours.

Humans are given

many chances to

redirect our efforts.

We just must

know that is so.








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Just a Walk

I just walked.

Left all problems


Usually, I try to get a clearer


on them

on my walk.

Today I couldn’t even

go there.

I tried.

My mind needs a rest,

a break

from the constant

shifting & moving

things about to

(hopefully) make my

life work easier.

Too much is too much.

I’m glad I was

able to face boredom

and nature for

what it is

and I survived!

I wasn’t off lost

in my mind

as usual!


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Kiss of Death

The sun kissed the trees-

that same sun which allowed them

to grow large and tall

is now is now turning their leaves brown.

Do we curse the sun for such behavior?

Life is good, made possible by death

and renewal.

Everything recycles–even bikers!

The sun won’t change.

So we might as well honor its

role in our evolution, our growth,

change and transformation.

What goes around comes around.



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