Rainbow Leaves

Being here

present with this

paper & pen

should bring some


Often my mind is trying to

recreate a scene that has

triggered an idea to write about.

But being focused in the here &

now, I find plenty to fill

the page with, as it rolls off

my brain, unrehearsed, as it


It’s cool out.  Summer is fading

fast, giving way to a rain shower

of colorful leaves leaving their

host for a heavenly demise.

Littering the ground with speckled

jewels, they stand out from

everything else which is mostly


Some warmth makes the day still

seem like summer and lets the

amazing sun do its healthy

thing on our exposed skin

for one last shot of a darker tan

and all the Vit. D we can make in

an hour.










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Body & Spirit

We come into a body to

enjoy pleasure.

Our spirit has not use,

or need, for sensual

enjoyments.  Hear tell

from people who have hung

out there for a while,

all “needs” are met, in

fact, there are none.  You’re

complete and whole and

life without a body is pure


But then they come back.

The pleasure seems to

trump bliss and endless


Some go but that’s

the last most of us see

of them.

Of course, our spectrum

of vision is limited as

well as our other senses.

So when we “wake up”

to enlightenment if

you want to call

it that, we may

see & be all that

we think we desire

in our “limited” 3-D










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Woods & Walking

I wanted to go to the


but circumstances

seemed to pile up in front

of my effort to get there.

I guess if I’d have really

wanted to go, I would’ve

gone.  No matter what

the circumstances

being used

as an “excuse” to do

something enjoyable

that I felt I had the

energy & time for,

yet didn’t go.

In the end,

you do what you want.






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We all have genius within.

Access to its resources

brings out our greatness.

Hiding under a bush

our light is paltry,

partially stifled, not shining


I can, it is & if asked, it

would probably say I want to.

What’s this bush

doing blocking your

enjoyment of my bliss

wanting to be out on

its own uninhibited by

the locks on its freedom

to express & be out

and free.





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Today I thought I’d rest

but my friend called.

We talked for almost 3 hrs.

All very important stuff,

of course.

But rest was avoided with

such stimulation.

I know I will be plenty

rested when it comes time

to do my work & activities.

I just need to let all concern

over that go, and all will

be well.

It’s funny how our minds like

to work overtime for no

extra pay.

I should love my work that


Maybe I do but I still need

to get paid or they won’t

give me the food I need at

the market.  At least, I haven’t

tried to get it for free yet.

Rest is the test.  If you

do, you feel great!

If not, heaven help you!









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Rules to Live…Bye

I want to be ‘safe’ by

following the rules

such a good boy scout am I.

I work very hard

to try to get it

all in–every nuance

–nothing or little is

overlooked my detailed

mind is so meticulous.

But ‘rules’ aside, I study

so much there’s a ‘rule’

against everything I do

to follow one or another

rule I’ve chosen for the time

being.  So, I’m always

breaking the rules, so

why not just do what

I want and see what feels

good?   Some things, I know

I’m in for trouble if I enter

that territory.  Not to be

negative, but who can argue

with repeated failure?  I’d

rather go where at least I

had hit or miss successes &

try for more consistency.

So, as has been said the only

rule is to have no rules.

Life is really a continuing

experiment with more rough

edges than tried & true guidelines.

Close up of Maarn Dahlia. Oregon

Close up of Maarn Dahlia. Oregon

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/





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Clarity Beckons

I have no idea

what to write

so what comes out

is new to me

as much as to


Fortune favors the


I try to follow the

string (I left) out of the

dark cave (it was light

when I went in or at least

I thought it was) I’ve entered.

It seems I live there most of the

time when we’re talking about

real clarity of mind.

Maybe I clutter it

and am responsible

for not seeing past

the mess…

and all I have to do is stop

packratting bits of nonessential

trivia which I curiously

seek out to find the

whole story of a hook

I’ve bit into, poor fish

I am–to let myself be

caught by such an

inexperienced angler

without even an angle

to offer of much worth.


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Plodding, Plotting

Going forward does not mean retreat

and run for your life!

Although you could do that but

backtracking your record-breaking

run is in order or out-of-order.

Why waste a lot of resources heading

away from what you want?

Sometimes, though, we need to rest

& recuperate from all our hard work.

Then, a retreat is in order–maybe a

double order of ‘retreat’.

Sure, activity is fun,

yet what gets overlooked in this

process of enjoying oneself may

be more necessary to attend to

while it is attendable and


Otherwise, a stale job is just

that–stale, whereas doing

it while it’s fresh in your mind

is often more inspired and

enjoyable in itself.  Then

on to your ‘preferred’ fun.











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I’m waiting to lock the

classroom, turn off the lights

and go home.  My line of

students has all left but

one.  I said, “let’s go!”  Every

body’s already left.  She

gets up–2nd grader– grabs

a paper on her desk & starts

to run towards me.  I say,

push in your chair–it wasn’t

perfectly pushed in like the

others, but I let it go and

she hands me the paper.

It says, “Best teacher ever”

at the top with a drawing

of me underneath and

From & her name.

It’s little unexpected

things like this that

make my day a

little, or maybe even

a lot, brighter.  While

everyone was rushing,

pushing to get in line

to go home on a Friday

afternoon, she was at

her desk doing this.



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“Forward” Progress

I walk , facing forward, yet I’m not

always sure, I’m going forward.

Am I getting better & better?

2 steps forward to every one back?

Or is it the other way around,

seeming to proceed ahead

yet sliding into a previous learning

that I had thought I had gone past?

It’s good to take time, to

stop & reflect, where I am

& where I think I’m going

or even where I’ve been.  Was it

my “choice”, or did I end up in

a situation not easily backed out

of I would’ve never chosen in

the first place?

Life is never even close to being

certain.  When you choose, the

dice are on the way.  Where they

stop is sort of out of your hands

so to speak & you let the wind

or the vibration of the surround-

ings determine how far they

roll before coming to a stop.

You go in one direction away

from where you’ve been

and expect a different,

more favorable, possibly,


But forward you must go,

never the less.








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