It’s Time

It’s time

to come around

to being the person you

want to be.

I like writing because you

can lose yourself in it,

lose track of time,

of everything outside of

what you’re doing.

I’m in a Tardis, removed from

the world until I walk back out

through the door I entered.

Where was I?  Who was I?

Why doesn’t that person come

out more often?

Maybe he thinks he’s not

welcome, or he’s afraid of some

laughing or ridicule he may take

too seriously like all the rest of

his life.

Be easy, not hard on ourself.

Why this sky-high standard?

Not even the astronauts could reach.

And you, wingless, wondering how

to get off the ground.

It’s time

to come around

to being the person you

want to be.

Lupines. Schreiner's Iris Gardens. Oregon

Lupines. Schreiner’s Iris Gardens. Oregon

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography




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Let me be.

If I just was

there would be nowhere

to go.

No one to see

just me & my inner self

the thoughts and feelings

that come up

when you just stop.


It is very powerful.

All by itself.

It contains the potential

to show you what moving

at 100 mph is missed.

We go after

when we already have.

Let me be awhile

and I will reboot back

to a normal human



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Flight is Faster

Butterflies, caterpillars, moths

& crows.

What do they all have in common?

Flight and legs.

The caterpillar just has to wait a

while to realize

his potential & be like the others.

Nature either puts you on the

ground forever…

or in the air (or water).

Weightlessness is a gift.

Let go of the surly bonds of earth…

Walking or flying,

time is irrelevant

non-existent, really

on some level.

I don’t understand it

but we can use that truth

to our benefit & peace of mind.

I love mysteries.  The unusual.

I’m not afraid to look into

the dark hole of the undiscovered…

not too afraid, anyway.

Braver than most when it

comes to those things.

I’m still waiting for my

cocoon to open dropping

away the barriers around

myself for all to see, shamelessly.









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What do you mean I can’t write

if I have ‘other’ things on my mind?

I don’t trust in the flow of life?

Well, then trust it.

All your fears just bring you

what you’re focused on.

There’s so much hocus-pocus

going on–we’re all connected

to the source of what we want.

It starts coming to us in a timely

manner when we let it flow

and ride the waves of ease.

Trying to capture the elusive

weasel, ‘security’ , besides being

a hard job, is mostly impossible.

The illusion of it is easily

manufactured in our minds.

If that’s what you need to feel at

ease, you may have to settle

for that.  Otherwise, eventually

you’ll come to a place of peace

with the uncertainty of the unknown

which the rest of your life today

and everyday is.  You can

seemingly nail down somethings

but they don’t insure your

security.  That’s up to the great

planner of everything.


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Unconditional Love

Love is unconditional

or else it is not love.

If people want you to change

& then they’ll love you, well,

find new people who will

love you as you are.

That’s the miracle of


Shake my hand or not,

you can still come in.

The secret password is an

open, loving, accepting


Maybe you didn’t learn

the secret handshake.

So many rules when

only one needs be

followed–it’s your heart.

Follow that and rules are

out the window.

Love is or is not.

There is no try

–a variation on Yoda’s


Unconditional love

encompasses & includes



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Strength Prevails

Sometimes I slip and someone catches me

and brings me back to myself.  My caring.

My hope.

My strength supports others.  It profits

me not to be weak, empty, left with

nothing to give.

Yet, I know within, I have discovered,

lies a tremendous resovoir of power

I was previously unaware of.  My beliefs,

my fears, kept me from going there, from

seeing it; from knowing I could tap it at any

time for a longer run than I could have imagined.

So, I need to nourish it, to keep it strong.  A weak

person is shed off as a burden to the group if she

can’t keep up.  Kindness to those that need our help

and let them be.  Their strengths may be obscured but

may be stronger and more useful than the obvious ones.

We all slip so we have to be there for one another when

we have the strength to offer it.




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Life is Simple

Everyone is doing the best they can.  If they could do better, they would.

Some are mostly ‘faking it’, as their confidence is low on the possibility

of succeeding.  No one is much the wiser.  They slip in under the wire

unnoticed for their insecurities, and make their life work to all appearances.

If they confide in you, you may know more, as much as they’re willing to show

and reveal to you.  They take you in their confidence and may not really care

anyway, at some point, what is known about them publicly.

You needn’t fear–you’re all in the same boat.  Life deals us a hand and

we play it out to our best advantage.  There are no losers and winners in

life.  Just livers.  Trying to outdo or be no. 1 may be your path.  So be it.

Others are content to live a more simple, humble life with much more

meaning than all the glitter of being at the ‘top’ or in front of others.


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Happy…Always? Hmm..

Being happy is a choice.

I didn’t know that.

You can be happy or…


Well, I did know that

(in my head).  I just didn’t

think I could pull it off

day-to-day, living it, as it


It appears possible, now

that I think about it.

I can also feel it.

Nothing can really

knock me off my boat.

Whatever floats it.

I’m a little wet sometimes

but I get back on.

Why would I hold onto

unhappiness?  No logical

reason I can think of.

Some pretty illogical ones.

But they’re so backwards,

I think I can easily let

them go.  I don’t know

why I didn’t contemplate

this kind of perpetual

happiness possibility


Sometimes my heads

on a slight tilt–just

needing to straighten

up a bit to see more



















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!! 100 Birthdays !!

My friend invited me to

his mom’s 100th birthday

party!!  Relatives-very

elderly relatives


thousands of miles

to be in his mom’s

backyard this afternoon.

I felt so honored to be

welcomed into their


I met the most interesting

people!  I was willing to

take risks, and, as always,

was rewarded.

I’m ready, as much as I’m

capable, and at a step at a

time, to rearrange my life

to reflect my new awareness,

it seems, that is dawning or

beginning to dawn on

me.  I want to be

braver, living my

life without later regrets.

Some way, I will

be able to change

my tack, heading

off in a new direction.

I’m glad I went.

Very rich experience.


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The universe, the all-that-is, is guiding my

footsteps.  It says wait, a good job will come

up.  Really?  I’m supposed to wait on you

for a life?  For a direction?  Alright.  Not much

I can do anyway at the end of the night before

bedtime.  You’ve got it, universe.  It’s in your

hands.  My faith is wavering–it’s like practicing

your best pitches left-handed when you’re

right-handed.  But my faith is underused if

even existent, as far as comforting me that

things will work out in my favor and I

need not worry!  Yeah, right.  But I let it go.

My fears, like a pack of yapping dogs

needn’t have been given any attention by me

today or any day.  Nothing comes up

disastrous as sometimes poor experiences in

the past, stick to you so tightly, you begin

to think you’re doomed to repeat your

‘bad luck’ in attracting them.  They’re

really there for your benefit.  You’re so glad you

had them when they’re through agonizing you.

But unlike the head banging on the wall feels

so good when you stop, these were ‘necessary’

or at least seemingly so.  Once you let loose of

the emotional charge connected with them, you’re

free to see & live from their beneficial side in

your life.  The universe brought them to you.  Never

in a million years would you willingly walk into

such a den of lions and say eat me, I’m fresh

meat, defenseless from inexperience in dealing

with lions so have at me.  Eat your or my

heart out.  But the universe knows when you need

such a lesson & will drop one in your lap, willingly.








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