I have a friend.  Men friends

don’t always talk a lot.

Verbalize their feelings.

That leaves us to potential

misunderstandings most

of the time.  It’s better to state

it out–even better put it in

writing.  Then everyone’s clear

on what’s coming down & when

& where.

Women & men relate

differently.  Men don’t want to

deal with their feelings

much or express them in

an “unmanly” way.

I’m just generalizing

but I miss being close

to a female emotionally

with communication

open & constant.

The “c” word–commitment

makes me feel I’ve

given up my freedom.

I want to meet someone

who is perfectly OK with

both.  And it goes for each.

Spider Web with dew and blurred flowers. Near Alpine, Oregon

Spider Web with dew and blurred flowers. Near Alpine, Oregon

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography



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Dare to Risk

I want to take some risks.

I guess the only way to

do it is to “blunder in”

(I fear) and see what


I do have some senses

about me.

As much as I can fight

through the fear

and feel the anxiety

is as much as I’ll

go forward toward

my goals.

I feel ‘bad’ about not


If I asked for help

or just took the

risk I wanted to

take, all my fears,

all my imaginings

would just evaporate.

I know this would

happen, I so blow

things out of proportion.


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Square 1

I like her but I’m afraid to

talk to her.

I’m afraid of getting ensnared

in a relationship I find myself

not wanting to be in.

All in the name of relieving


If I begin to “let her in”

she comes willingly almost

like pushing on a door you

thought was locked but it


Baggage.  I guess everyone comes

with it.  She seems to have


than her share but comes

with “goodies”, too.

Relationships that don’t

work out can be an unending

source of painful memories.

To pull anchor on that kind

of stuckness–oh, how I wish

it were so easy.


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The Hare and the Turtle

“No, you can’t go, you need to rest.

You’ll over do it.  Already it’s a painful

adjustment to increase your exercise

to an aerobic 45 min. session everyday.”

Yes, it isn’t easy to start when you’re

not used to something.  But I took

it one day at a time to see how

far I could go without injury,

crashing, etc.

So far, so good.  My tendency to

“push” and criticize to look for

“perfection” had to be let go.

Slow worked better than I thought.

Lighter weights were a good workout,

anyway.  I can always move up.

I tend to injure going too fast

or pushing too hard.

So, all the voices in my head

are being stood up to for the

vaporous, substance-less, negative

imaginings they are.

I feel better about myself running.

Going slowly until my

conditioning improves makes it

possible.  Thank God!


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Rainy Surprise

Today is wet.

Almost April showers

brings may flowers.

In the rain in the woods

Wood Ducks do not expect

any visitors.

So when they see me

walk/run by everyday,

in the rain, they get

really nervous.  “What’s

this Mabel?  A human

out is this weather?

I never heard of such

a thing.”

“What some people

won’t do.”  Or will



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There’s still time

to write one more poem.

I am happy for tomorrow.

I can look forward to receiving

a new book.  I love to read.


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Now & Then

I got these roller ball pens

& it’s like cocaine (never had it–

but I can imagine), I’m addicted

to them.  Now, I’ve got them

everyplace & to carry one with

me (I always carry a pen where

ever I go–except maybe to exercise),

I got to buy some more  (It’s a good

addiction, tho).

The other thing I wanted to

say was my favorite

childhood “cowboy” (I don’t

even know if anybody will

even relate to this) was

Paladin.  Richard Boone

starred and his card


TRAVEL” wire Paladin

San Francisco.

The thing I liked about

when he got into a

jam and had to give up his

gun, he always got the bad

guy with a derringer he kept

in his boot.  So cool.  He liked

fine women and wine

and clothes in the hotel

he stayed at then when

someone needed his help

he would don his all-black

cowboy outfit and ride out

to “rescue” someone.


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Peace of mind–where might we

find it?  Locate its whereabouts?

Search high & wide?  Not really.

go within?  That’s where I find it,

making my way past all the

clutter and disorder

until I reach it.

I usually do.

At least, I get rid of a lot

of the clutter while I’m in

there.  That, in itself, is calming.


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Rain Run

Went for a run in the rain.

I knew it would clear up

but I couldn’t wait…

The rain is quiet.  No one

ventures out in it (if they’re

in their right mind!)

It’s just you and the

animals–most of them

are hunkered down, too.

Frogs are star players–hidden

but heard.  Of course, the

ducks are saying, “what

kept you so, rain?”

Just me & the wind and

the rain.  Hopping around

puddles–no tracks

but mine appeared.


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Stump Top

The goose just look at me

standing alone atop the lopped

off tree trunk at the river’s edge.

I said “hello”, an unusual

place for a goose to perch.

No one was going to crowd him

out of his place or encroach upon

his freedom.

“I, King of this mountain”

he seemed to express,

so I tried not to

disturb his somewhat

peaceful presence in

our unexpected encounter.

Or it could have been

a “her”.

Star Gazer Lily close up.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography


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