Pick and Eat

Watermelons can’t be had

in the winter.

Such a blessing

we have to wait for a

seasonal food to appear

to take advantage of its


Absence makes the heart

grow fonder.

We get tired of the same food

day after day.

So waiting for nature’s


may be the

best thing

for us.

Then we appreciate it

more when it’s been

away awhile.

Nature knew what she

was doing

when she set up the

world as it is–untouched

by man.

Free is what she

offers.  Pick and eat.

How much simpler

and easier

can you get?

Cineraria, and Ranunchulus flowers. Al's Nursery, Oregon

Cineraria, and Ranunchulus flowers. Al’s Nursery, Oregon

Photograph © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/

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