Love Only


Ponderosa Pine tree and colorful granite glacial erratic boulders. Lake Tahoe, California

A part of me does not see with love.

It only wants to be right.

It is a protection of sorts.

Keeps someone at a distance

while making them “wrong”,

so I can feel “safe”.  Isolated

is more like it.  Insulated

from life’s slings and arrows–

the stuff of life–so that

I get to live an

antiseptic, germ-free, hands-

off, “safe” kind of existence.

I will never get hurt

because I allow no one

to get close enough to

do that.

Life happens. No one’s

perfect (despite their claims

to the contrary!).  Wear old

clothes when you paint–

some is bound to be splashed

here and there.

So the most precarious

position for me is to

let go of hurts, have

a change of heart, and

forgive from there–or

as close as I can

get to there, until

I’m situated dead

center in the middle

of my heart–coming

from there with love only.

Photograph © Dennis Frates Photography balancing rock

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