Fun & Adventure


What brings me joy?

I love to escape

in books–I always have.

Comic books when I

was a kid.

Sunflower seeds &

licorice were my

staples as I

nervously cracked

& read, piling up

shell casings

on a napkin on

my bedspread,

only getting up

to empty it when

it was full to more

than it would hold,

I was so engrossed

in my reading.

Cartoon characters

& some other


heros inspired


Rabbit came on

at dinner time

and I wouldn’t

miss it so we

had a T.V. in the


Paladin, were

among my favorites

when we were one

of the first to have a

television in our


My cousin read

the newspaper–

didn’t interest me–

I wanted fun, fantasy

and adventure.

Today is a grown-up

version of all that–

nose in a book,

adventure and risks,

creatively seeing

what’s possible–

scaring myself beyond

comfort, more often

than I signed up for.

Photograph © Dennis Frates Photography


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