You have my attention.

All of it, right now.

My plea to you often

is to speak your peace,

loud & clear, unmistakably,

so I can hear and see the

way forward.

You apparently, most of the


operate on a ‘smoke & mirrors’


just giving me enough information,


to test my perception,

my willingness to bend.

To step into the adventure.

Why not?

The game of life is not

won by knowing who

comes out winners ahead

of ‘time’.

The mystery is what

partially keeps us

interested-even if a

little on edge

at times.

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6 thoughts on “Mystery

  1. operate on a ‘smoke & mirrors’


    Love this insight this morning. Thank you for creating and sharing.

    • Thank you. It’s 3 am where I am. Couldn’t sleep. It’s very quiet. I got up to write. Your appreciative comments are always over the top. Thank you. 🙂

      • I get up often at 3am to write. It’s a quiet, peaceful, reflective time. And you have earned every comment. You’re more than welcome.

  2. This is the most succinct and charming way I have ever read someone elaborate on the smoke & mirrors basis. Most of the time this smoke & mirrors drives my crazy. I’d so much prefer to know. But you’re right. If we did, life would be a total bore. Only the element of surprise coupled with free choice makes it worthwhile. I gotta remember that. I gotta remember that. I gotta remember that. Next time I can’t see anything but smoke and mirrors. 🙂

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