Sunburst at sunrise through trees at Devil’s Punchbowl State Natural Area. Oregon

Some kid comes up to me

(1rst grade)

and kind of whispers,

“Just between you and me,

I really don’t like school.”

I’m glad he confided in me.

I didn’t know what he expected

me to say, but I replied, “I know

what you mean. I’m totally with


We both looked stumped,

and I walked off continuing

to teach lessons that were

less than inspiring & exciting.

Certain things may appear

that way but only because

someone didn’t use their

imagination to improve

upon the current system.

Kids speak of their

passion for computer

games and how

when a new one comes

out everyone drops the

old one and goes over

to the new one.

I’ve never heard such

excitement before

in their voices.

Clearly, we’re not

serving our kids.

Especially in areas of

health, nuturing a

positive self-concept,

and giving them oppor-

tunities to develop thinking

skills needed to solve problems

creatively in the world.  A lot of that

is stifled in, “robotically, repeat back

to me what I said”, and never think

twice about it from there on.  We try to

guide behavior, but not about intellectual

discussion beyond what we’re reading out

of a book.

Photograph © Dennis Frates Photography


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