Macadamia Nuts

Crashing wave . Corona Del Mar. California

Crashing wave . Corona Del Mar. California

Macadamia nuts are calling me

from my refrigerator:  “We’re here.

Come and get us.  We’re free for the taking.”

I’m scratching my head and saying

to myself,  did I just really hear

my macs calling:  “eat me, consume

us.  We’re doing no one absolutely

any good sitting in this cold, icy


More scratching.  I have at least

two options: eat what I want

or eat what I think will make

me healthy and feel good & if I

don’t do the second choice,

heaven help me, I’ll turn

into a piece of crud on the

sidewalk.  Even though I’m

not particularly desiring the

second option.

So, you know what I’m going to

do as soon as I finish

this, right?

I haven’t had macadamias

in years & somehow

they’re a nut that

doesn’t seem to go

rancid or bad like other

nuts.  I usually

get raw but the

only kind they had

were roasted.

m m…good!

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