Do you believe in synchronicity?

Something beyond mere chance or

coincidence that you can rule out

any other explanation?

We are all connected whether

we can feel it, or be aware of it,

or not, I believe.

But to benefit from it we may

have to hone our skills of

recognizing it and not just

have it be “wishful thinking”,

if we’re wanting to accrue

evidence for what we believe

or want to believe to be true.

And what’s this “inner”

“wisdom” we tune into that

seems to tell us what is

“true”–i.e., don’t do this or

do that and a specific result

happens positive or negative?

Gut feelings do go beyond

mere chance–if you’ve ever

played online card games

& guess cards turned over–

some people are just “better”

at it than others and

score consistently in the

top ranks.  Esp. when we

practice.  I’m pretty sensitive

& psychic sometimes if I pay


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