2nd Grade

I can hardly conceive of what it must be like to be 7 years old.  These eager, curious kids in my class today looked at me like human sponges, soaking up whatever made sense, I suppose.  I want to warn them, enlighten them–maybe before their time to fully understand & put into practice any good ideas I might have, like: “You eat too much sugar”.  Almost a heresy saying that so close to Halloween.  They need to learn how to write an A and a b; their bodies seem invincible to the ravages (most of them) of diseases their parents possess.

Yet, the age limit is lowering and kids are not taught how to feed and care for their bodies and minds in a healthful manner.  How much self-discipline did you have as a kid?  And if we “force” them to do their exercises and all else, when they get out on their own, there’s going to be no one there to push them, in a lot of cases; no one there as a role model of peak health.

The learning curve is steep at 7, so I probably shouldn’t load them down with more adult-oriented issues to deal with but someone’s got to breach these to kids at some point & when their brains are able to hold it, they may have a little head start on their peers who may care less.

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