Love My Walks

Putting one foot in front of the


I just logged in one hour of walking!

I had the energy to do just that much.

The time went by fast, actually.

I took a different route than usual.

For variety & not to get stuck in a rut.

All or many of the thoughts I had

came rather easily and spontaneously.

They were possible solutions to questions

I had.

They were all very clearly perceived and

I didn’t have to ‘struggle’ to eek

out an answer that would suit me.

If you’d have ‘forced’ me to go

for a walk, I wouldn’t have gone.

I went because I wanted to.

Even though I felt tired almost

until the end.

It was a paid vacation for

the day.  It just took a little

initiative and asking myself

what I wanted to do this morning.

I feel so renewed.  And now

my energy is being restored

as I nourish myself with

good, healthy & tasty foods.


Mustard and foxglove at Arch Rock. viewpoint. Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor. Oregon

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