Moving On

It looks like I’m in

charge of my life

but I let go and let

it lead me to apparently

where I’m supposed to be.

For whatever reason, I feel

pulled to go or not go

forward, as it were.

I used to force, out of fear,

a lot of my actions.

In the misguided attempt

to insure a modicum of


That was just me pandering

to my out of control,

unreasonable fears I could

whip up like a dinner for

company coming over


I’m in charge to the

extent I don’t fight

with myself and acquiesce

to the inner dialogue that

says, “go for it” or “wait

for now”.

Give me an option,

universe.  I’m ready to

start considering them.


Photograph Copyright ©Nicki Frates

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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One thought on “Moving On

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