Life is a Blank Page

I love having a blank sheet of paper to write on.

I love being able to fill it any way I want.  If I were

in first grade, I might want to draw pictures

on it only.

But now that I’m older and have

written for so long in my one fluent

language, I guess I’ll just write

to fill up the space.

Everybody’s got to be doing

something each day.

I might as well write while I

have “free time” or relaxing

“down time”.  Time to be with

myself.  No demands of anyone

or anything, just be free to

scribble down my sometimes

errant thoughts to try to

make it coherent so I and others

don’t get “lost” from beginning

to end.

Today is the end.  End of something.

I just feel a conclusion and tomorrow

will be such a fresh, new start, I will

have almost forgotten how I was

before, I will have so changed.

And all for the better.  No regrets.  I’m

on my way to new & great things

I will welcome into my life.

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