Could it be that we’re in the

“right” place at the “right”

time, always?

That how we feel is ok & we

can accept it without trying to

move out of it, however


It seems we wouldn’t order

up suffering at the 5 star

restaurant.  So,why should

we put up with it in the

normal course of everyday

life, and not want to

move out of it as soon

as possible?

Do we have to go “through”

these feelings and not

desire to go

around them, or put off

feeling them–forever?

Is heaven a high price

tag of pain & suffering?

Why don’t we just

go directly to bliss in

our lives, without such a

heavy taxation of

unpleasantness we

attract or not, that still

comes into our lives,

and heaven seems to

further elude us and be

out of our grasp?

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