Missed Opportunities?

I met some nice people today.

I would’ve rather continued

our conversation afterwards.

It never occurred to me

to put the most important

things first.

I was concerned with my

safety.  My pseudo security.

When I really wanted to

reach my heart out to

someone who was feeling

the same.

Anger comes up when I

disappoint myself or

forget to ‘live’ my life.

I discount my bargain

merchandise to below

fair market value.

And think, what if

my feelings are hurt?

it doesn’t work out?

I may never be totally

clear in the direction

I want to go, so why

wait for that?

Risks will not get any

easier if I fail to take


I wish I were one of these

four-wheeled trucks that

ran over everything in

its way & was stopped

by nothing.

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