Limiting Beliefs

Yellow Spider Mums with white branches.

Yellow Spider Mums with white branches.

I fear if I write too much

I will dilute my writing.

It will come out too

watered down.

I don’t actually know

if this is true anymore

as I’ve developed the habit

of writing every day, usually.

So, my experience before

was based on a set of

limiting beliefs about this

until I broke through that

with more frequent pieces

that were in my HO likeable–

at least to me.  It takes

a bit for me to get to that

point.  I’m pretty picky.

Pretty critical.  It has its

good and bad sides, but

that’s the way I’m made,

it seems.

The long and the short of it

is that I’m writing &

posting when I feel like it.

Most often the ones I think

are not very good are the

most popular.  It’s the

“oddballs” that are so

creative that I take

literary license & break

as many rules as I

can & still be understood,

hopefully–or not? that

often surprise me.

Photograph © Dennis Frates Photography

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