Dialogue with hp

Let me go

or help me.

I need to know

or want to know

what to do.

Anymore, I don’t.

it’s all a maze

& haze

lost in a gaze

of better days

that never come.


What are my options?


Easy for you to say.

What about my fear.

Get over it.

Don’t be so mean.

What has turned out

really bad like you

thought it was

going to?  I rest

my case.  Nothing!


You make it sound

so easy.  It’s not

easy.  And my

feelings get hurt–

easily.  I’m too

sensitive & thin

skinned.  A curse

and a blessing

but still hard to

live with at times.

Especially when

I want to go for

something I desperately

want and think

I don’t deserve it or I’m

not worthy of having


Life sucks at those times.

What do I do to

get results?  Nothing happens

in 3-D.  It’s all in my head.

And then I don’t dare to think big

like I want.  Always settling

for less than I really want.

Am I making any sense?

Yes, but you need to CALM


OK. Ok.

Tell me what to do.

Post this on your blog.

Oh.  ok.



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