Golden helicon (Heliconius hecale) on Black Eyed Susan flower. Portland Oregon Zoo

I have no ideas.

Maybe I’ll write about

no ideas.

You have an empty jar.

So much room to fill it

with ideas.

One a day and you have

a few hundred in a year.

Keep depositing.

Interest grows.

Your no ideas become

a few ideas.

Then you can pick.

You have a choice.

Before, when your jar

was empty, you had

only one choice.

Make a deposit.

Earn an idea.

It’s like snagging

a butterfly out of

the air with your

net.  A few swings

and you will have

a catch.

You’re rich.

Make a deposit.

Earn interest.

Time can only


You’ll have butterflies

& ideas eventually.

Keep swinging.


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