I just want to be honest & real

with people, but I’m afraid.

I know I see through people’s facades

or fronts, yet I hesitate to mention

or talk about it.  As they don’t

volunteer such “private” feelings

with me, either, so easily.

Yet we don’t communicate with

“real” feelings.  I know I shut

down–at least, partially– when

painful feelings arise, esp, unexpectedly.

I need to be gently led into & through

them and most people aren’t

aware (or skilled) of my sensitivity.

Yet, it shouldn’t be so painful

to be real, to say what you think

and feel, as long as it’s not hurtful

to others.

There won’t be a need for this one day

as we’ll all communicate mind

to mind (or heart to heart) and nothing

will be, or could be, hidden.  But all

the negativity will be gone from

us at that point–we will be

totally loving beings–no

possibility for hurt will


Still, I know people are

open & intimate with each

other and trust is not an

issue or such an issue.s01071dl

Sea grass and tidepools at minus tide. Devils Punchbowl State Natural Area, Oregon

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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