Smile even if you don’t

feel like it!

Or find something that makes

you smile.

Step aside from your (serious)

self and find the humor

that’s “hidden” like and Easter


Yes, go on a hunt to slack

up a bit on life’s tight reins–

a mini vacation–many

times a day.

Navigate the adult world

who tell you to “grow up”

with their looks of envy

at your fun approach  to


You may be out in

front with no one

behind you.  So be


No one can walk

in your shoes.

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2 thoughts on “Humor

  1. Lovely advice! It’s tight rope walk isn’t it – staying accessible to fun and childlikeness…and growing up enough to navigate the practicalities of the world…let’s DANCE on that tightrope! xxx

  2. Nicely stated Harula! No, I’ll never give up my fun.
    Spent WAY too much time on the other side of that coin.

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