I feel I’m going through a

major re-learning phase.

How to be human.  How to

be an emotional human being

instead of a “mental” robotic

run by my left brain Logic, Spock



Inside is painful

intense feelings

very sensitive

feels “everything”

whereas before

I was “numb’

mostly, to the

awareness of these


How could that be?

But it was.

I was too fragile

to come out into

the world

as a full butterfly.

Too fragile to fly.

Or even just be

a human being.

What I was before

I cannot say.

Half–one quarter?

alive?  only it seemed

like I was fully

alive.  Except for

that one part of

me that “connected”

with another.

I was dysfunctional

in that emotional

area like a limb

with no feeling

but still there

& I carried it along

wherever I went.

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