Timeless Joy

If you add up all the little things

you did today–it is a lot.

Just because you didn’t build a bridge

or write a book

doesn’t mean you have to scratch the day

into whatever your being needed to do to

get through the day in relative peace &

joy, harmony & bliss.

Like a pedometer we need to measure

& count every step on our journey.  Your

24 hrs. is the same length as mine.

Everything that happened within

that time frame was life’s gift to me

to do with what I wanted.

All the hours are like building blocks.

Stack one on top of the other until

you got something more than a

pile of blocks.  It’s fun.  Kids do it

endlessly & never tire of it.

Just a pile of blocks & they’re happy

for a long time.

The same with our day.  Building

whatever with our hours & minutes,

we while away the enjoyment of

the day.  Not noticing the

movement of “time”.  Actually,

we’re in a “timeless” state

and have no awareness of how long

has passed except if it’s time for

recess, or we’re starting to get

hungry, & its it lunch yet?

Heliconia blossom. Maui. Hawaii

Heliconia blossom. Maui. Hawaii

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/



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