Under the Weather

The leaves must be praying to their

rain god for all the nourishment

he’s sending down to their humble

heretofore dry existence in recent


Prayers of gratitude to have a meal

and to store some away for the

not so rainy days in the summer.

A water planet without water is as

disastrous as one with too much.

Who holds all this thermostat

adjusting in the balance of

our Earth’s existence?

The ebb and flow of life

continues as natural as

the daily sunrise and set.

We can fight it, but Nature

usually comes out winners.

Roofs and dams notwithstanding.

Some of us are “luckier” than

others–more fortunate, maybe,

to have a home & be dry & warm

during the harshest storms.

We do what we can to

share with our brothers.

It is a kindergarten learning–

share your toys–

A very wet kiss the rain is now

giving the Earth!

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