Hey God

Hey God, I could use some help.

What kind of help do you need/


I need you to talk to me.

Tell me every thing is going

to be alright.

Is that all?  That’s an easy

one.  Every thing is going

to be alright.

Now.  Are you happy?

Well, not quite.

What’s the problem, now?

How can I trust you?

I don’t even know if you


I exist.

You want me to take your

word for it?

God’s word isn’t good enough

for you?

You can’t really appeal to

a higher court, you know.

Yeah, my choices are limited,

it looks like.  It’s either you

& your way, or the high…

I know…way.

OK. So let’s just say everything’s

going to be alright.

How do I get that into my

pea-brained head?

It always is any way.  I just

think it isn’t or won’t be.

Am I a lost cause?

Lost maybe, but not


What does that mean?

Here’s/hears my number.  Ring me up

when you have another problem.

People tell me I’m pretty wise,

for a God.

I Think I’m going to bed.  I must

be imagining all this.


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