Being Ourselves

Hello.  Who are you?

I’m me.  I’ve been me all along,

a bit in hiding, but in there


You’re new to the block–the new kid.

Yeah, aren’t we all?

We have to introduce ourselves to

we who we are now, not who

we thought we were before.

Attention.  Some of us need more

attention than others–or are they

just shy about expressing their


I’ll do anything for attention, why

not?  Isn’t that what we’re here

for?  to connect?

Like attracts like.

You will draw to you what

you are.

Be you.  Be real.  Other real ones

will come around.

Don’t hold back of your offer-

ings.  Spread them far and wide.

People need to know of your ways.

You need to know of your ways.

Things you didn’t know you

could do, you can.

They’re just there.  Use them.

Or they rust into obsolescence.

And a new age appears.

Who am I?  I am me.

Take a look.  Read me like a

book.  I’m open.

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