Brain Power

My poor brain.  I ask it to write

Nobel stuff on paupers’ portions.

Feed me and maybe you’d have

half a chance of something coming

out intelligible or even, if you’re lucky,


Yes, I know I (my brain) am a pig,

taking the lion’s share of

whatever you put into your mouth,

but I work 24/7 and I need

glucose coming in every second

you are alive–or what you call


Even half-alive, I still need it.

So, food of quality needs to be

used, and don’t spare the

extra amount you might add

in for a little extra punch–

Pow, just like in the comics.

Stop feeding your brain & it

goes pretty much dead like a

battery, drained of all surplus

for the next demand on it.

GIGO ie garbage in, the

same comes out, so quality

will pay the farmer & not the

hospital–your two choices

for life.

You’d think if it was in there,

it’d come out, but it doesn’t

have access without fuel.

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