A day to myself.

I need to schedule more of them.

A kid asked me:  “Who are you?”

I said,  I ask myself that question

almost everyday.

A few odd looks & we kept going.

And it’s true.

Change means self-examination

is ongoing.

Today I am more sensitive–not every

movie or book or person for that

matter satisfies me.

I’m more picky than ever.

But when I do find something I like

ah! what a pleasure!

I still can’t answer that question.

Like swiss cheese,  there’s a lot of

holes–missing parts–in who

I think I am.

But what would swiss cheese

be without holes?

I like who I am (whoever that is)

because I take care of myself.

And something seems to help

me with this–even though I’m

constantly asking for more help.

But when I look back, I see

how fortunate I’ve been to have

had many of the experiences of my life.

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