Someday I will change

but for now I’m stubbornly

holding onto my walls

of insecure security.

Insecure because there is no

real ultimate protection

that I’m aware of.  No magic

immortality pill that

renders you invincible to

all attacks.


I could change today.  Would

that upset the apple cart?

Flinging apples here and

there, to and fro

rolling down the street

creating havoc in every

one’s way.

I could.

But would I?  Hit by

a lightning bolt of

inspiration, I may

jump out of my

“comfort” zone and

take a bigger risk than

I’m normally prepared

to take at the drop of a

hat on a moment’s notice.

Is someday today?

Fruit stand at Pike's Market. Seattle, Washington

Fruit stand at Pike’s Market. Seattle, Washington

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography





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