I will write without judgement

of myself, of others, of anything.

How strange will that be?  I always

look at things critically, discerning

the finest points in my choices

when I have the time to ponder

them leisurely, usually.  Quick

decisions just get my best shot.

It’s usually a good shot but it’s

made from so much fogginess

of brain functioning that I only

have to hope I’ve sized things

up correctly and went forward

with my decision, trusting


This looks like it could end

here, but my page isn’t even

filled and my energy to get

up to type it is flagging 4 ways

from Sunday.

I can just rest in the knowledge

that what I write will be as

“good” as the first part is good.

Oops.  I think I just judged!   But

I’m bottomed out on this page &

it’s time to end.  The end.





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