Swiss (Holey) Cheese

Perfection is all shot through

full of holes.

A piece of Swiss Cheese, as I like to say,

is not solid–there are many holes in it.

Like some theories.  Likewise you may

slip through the “holes”

in your own life not expecting to spill

the berry juice or hit the rut in the road

–a small rut at that–easy to miss–yet

you clobbered it dead center.

So if we generally act in an embarrassingly

foolish, maybe klutzy, clumsy

manner, we can feel good about

showing an example of an

“error” filled life that still “works”

despite setbacks, the flat on our

face falls that define anyone

who is getting ahead in this

world of earthly physicality.

So serve me up the Swiss

cheesy & ham on rye–haven’t

had that since I said goodbye

to grains, dairy & sometimes pork.

At any rate, odds are the cheese

has many holes–and costs the

same as a solid piece–if you

can find one!


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