Someday I will change

but for now I’m stubbornly

holding onto my walls

of insecure security.

Insecure because there is no

real ultimate protection

that I’m aware of.  No magic

immortality pill that

renders you invincible to

all attacks.


I could change today.  Would

that upset the apple cart?

Flinging apples here and

there, to and fro

rolling down the street

creating havoc in every

one’s way.

I could.

But would I?  Hit by

a lightning bolt of

inspiration, I may

jump out of my

“comfort” zone and

take a bigger risk than

I’m normally prepared

to take at the drop of a

hat on a moment’s notice.

Is someday today?

Fruit stand at Pike's Market. Seattle, Washington

Fruit stand at Pike’s Market. Seattle, Washington

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography





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Be Where You Are

We went, my self and whoever

walks with me into the forest

of ideas and thought.

It would almost be better to leave

them at home

and just be where I was with

my body as well as my mind.

My senses have plenty to do.

My mind could very well

take a well-earned vacation.

Things pop up when they’re

ready to be solved, acted

upon.  No real need for a

formal battle plan.

You miss the whole walk

when your mind is ELSEWHERE,

usually at spots you may

not even desire to be and

which are forever in motion

until you arrive at the time

and place of your rendezvous.

So, a plan is old after the

moment of its conception.

Better to be open to changed

conditions and ready to

improvise effective solutions

based on your wits, not

your preparation.

A little prep, but then

let’s see what’s there

once you arrive.


Bunble bee feeding on thistle flower. Hall’s Canyon National Recreational Area, Oregon

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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Another Fun Poem

If it’s not FUN, I’m

not doing it.  It’s that


A strong statement, for

sure, to live up to, made

by a speaker I recently


Yet, words don’t belie her

actions, as she lives by

them both, it seems.

That means saying “no”

more than you’re used

to.  Until you get

something that’s acceptable.

Step by step, that’s your

mantra.  Reject all unfun


If it begins to be

humdrum or boring, it’s

time for a change.

Let’s think–what else

could we do that’s

great learning (in a

school lesson, for

instance), yet what

I want to do?

What’s fun to me?

If learning involves

some “effort”, I’m not

going to shirk that

“exertion” of my mind.

But how can we make

it fun, also?

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I want to live my life with passion!

To so look forward to each day

and moment of life–

to cherish all my presence on

this planet.

Not to waste my days in fear.

I could fake it, but I’d

rather feel it as real, within


I’m open to finding what

this reality of passionate

living is for me & feels

like on a daily, minute

to minute basis.

I want to broach that wall

of invisible fear and reach

out in directions that would

facilitate discovering such a


What can I be excited about??

Whatever it is, I’m still looking–

with eyes wide open.

High waves during storm at Devils Churn, Oregon.

High waves during storm at Devils Churn, Oregon.

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Less is More

What do I love…most?

I love time alone…best

with nothing to do–

idle blissfulness

delving into the Self–

my inner thoughts

and feelings.

It’s not locked–really,

yet I don’t visit

there often enough,

it seems.

Slowing down & stopping

feverish activity–

even this writing–

may heal in ways

activity cannot touch.

I love to stay


as much as possible

without feeling

I’m neglecting


Everything should be

relatively effortless,


on the less !

Zion National Park, Utah

Zion National Park, Utah

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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Out of Hibernation

Walking quietly, minding

my own business,

a snake appears in my

path as I glance down.

Taking an extra big

step so as not to squash

it, I stop & turn

around and look at it for

a minute, sunning itself

motionless, maybe asleep,

so I left.

Coming back, the shade

had moved in & it was gone.

So many creatures where

I am fortunate to walk.

The day was warm.

I stripped down to my


Even though a breeze

had appeared, the day

portended of Summer

and sweaty exercise


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Spring has sprung!

The wind has died, RIP.

The leaves are itching to

gather the rays of

the sun.

The birds are definitely

happier, singing before dawn.

The sky is bluer

or is it just my imagination

and wishing it were so?

I know the animals will

be waking up to a more

active lifestyle, too.

Even the people

who brave the beautiful

weather away from their

devices will contribute

to the happiness of Spring.

The gardens will flourish,

glutting our gullets

with health-giving

nutrients from ole Sol.

Some wild & free

for the taking

will also weigh in.

I can’t wait to get


Chocolate Water Fringe (Nymphoides geminata). Huges Water Gardens. Oregon

Chocolate Water Fringe (Nymphoides geminata). Huges Water Gardens. Oregon

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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Present Moment

I wanted to come down

hard on myself

but kindness is a better option.

When you’re in the midst

of the flames

just keep walking.

There is an end

even if it doesn’t seem

there was a beginning.

There was.

I give myself credit

for walking into

the challenging moments

of my life.

They’re always immensely

bigger & more intimidating

in my mind than in actuality.


So, I need to be more in the

now present moment in

my mind as well as my body.

I’m a one moment at a time


Even though it seems-and

probably is-my attention

gets almost splintered in every

direction while I try to remain

calm & poised & focused on

one present moment at a time.


Observer in natural blind looking for birds. Summer Lake State Wildlife Refuge, Oregon

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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I’m Open

The universe gave me a gift

and I almost didn’t open it.

Quickly to recognize it looking

after me,

I brushed aside my initial

disappointment at not getting

my way

and embraced an unopened

jewel within this

unknown opportunity

laid at my doorstep.

I’m actually glad I let go

of the tried & true (or it was

yanked from my hands!) for

a different adventure at

living my daily life.

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Rest Heals

If there were clouds

I didn’t notice

4 walls kept me company

as I downshifted into low gear.

Preparing for the hills ahead

when clouds are viewed in the

natural gaze of things–far

off, close by–more than a

wall away.

Not always do I feel to go

out & give nature a hug–

she embraces me more than

I could ever return the favor.

The cool north wind said,

take it easy–you don’t have

to go out–don’t impose that

on yourself–your larder is


My days are filled with enjoyment

mostly–I hardly even notice

things are going so well

until reflection shows me my

face, with a smile on it

because of the joy I feel.

Not always, but more than

most days.

Our lot is our lot.  It’s good

to know so many things

populate it that are amazing.

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