Body & Spirit

We come into a body to

enjoy pleasure.

Our spirit has not use,

or need, for sensual

enjoyments.  Hear tell

from people who have hung

out there for a while,

all “needs” are met, in

fact, there are none.  You’re

complete and whole and

life without a body is pure


But then they come back.

The pleasure seems to

trump bliss and endless


Some go but that’s

the last most of us see

of them.

Of course, our spectrum

of vision is limited as

well as our other senses.

So when we “wake up”

to enlightenment if

you want to call

it that, we may

see & be all that

we think we desire

in our “limited” 3-D










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Letting Go

What’s it like to let go?

Completely?  Would you just

wander around in a daze?

Not knowing (ever!) what to do


Maybe for ‘practice’ for a while,

but for everyday life?

Where would it lead you to

just follow your nose,

pick up the scent of the unknown?

Maybe for the brave & adventurous.

Maybe for me.  I’m brave &

adventurous mostly, I’d say…

Let go.


See what all that activity you’re

feverishly whisking past your

consciousness is keeping you

from seeing, avoiding

feeling something you know

is there (we all have those) but you’re

‘afraid’ to leave time for it to

rise into awareness & be felt,

whatever it is.

Letting go from one trapeze bar

to the next requires…? are you

up for it?


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We can only give that

which we possess.

No water stays calm


The rains come and

you watch your image

blur a little,


They will go like they

came and soon you

will be able to see

yourself once again.

Surprised at your

expression, I was

here all along, it will

say.  Trust your

feelings of who you

know your are and

next time you look

you may seem clearly

new and unrecognizable




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6 and Waiting

While I wait for my

dinner to cook a

line or two (or more!)

cannot hurt.

6 year olds do not have

a mean bone in

their body from what

I can see–at least

towards me.

I am overly emphatic

at times and their

little hearts & brains

are stopped cold,

wondering what

forever could be

the matter?

I hate imposing


but how can we

get any where

with kids going

in every direction

at once, and I am

only one!

Can we get some

coherence here and

focus on one person

at a time?

I wait and some

times I can’t seem

to and a blast

comes out.

No one’s spirit at that

tender age needs to be

squashed with a bigger

person’s “strength”.

There must be a way

kids can get focused

–all at once–on something

they love.

I guess I do the best I

can and congratulate

myself for getting

through the day

as gently as I can.

I was 6 once.




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Let me be.

If I just was

there would be nowhere

to go.

No one to see

just me & my inner self

the thoughts and feelings

that come up

when you just stop.


It is very powerful.

All by itself.

It contains the potential

to show you what moving

at 100 mph is missed.

We go after

when we already have.

Let me be awhile

and I will reboot back

to a normal human



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Flight is Faster

Butterflies, caterpillars, moths

& crows.

What do they all have in common?

Flight and legs.

The caterpillar just has to wait a

while to realize

his potential & be like the others.

Nature either puts you on the

ground forever…

or in the air (or water).

Weightlessness is a gift.

Let go of the surly bonds of earth…

Walking or flying,

time is irrelevant

non-existent, really

on some level.

I don’t understand it

but we can use that truth

to our benefit & peace of mind.

I love mysteries.  The unusual.

I’m not afraid to look into

the dark hole of the undiscovered…

not too afraid, anyway.

Braver than most when it

comes to those things.

I’m still waiting for my

cocoon to open dropping

away the barriers around

myself for all to see, shamelessly.









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I Like Your Hair

I was having a horrible day.

Out of the “ether” a student

calls out:  “I like your hair.”

Profusely, I say THANK YOU!

The one bit of unasked for

love from a complete stranger

wets my whistle in a desert

of rugged experiences.

As I say THANK YOU he

walks toward me.  I say,

“I like your hair, too.”  He

had a luxurious crop any

one would have been envious


He wrapped his arms around

me on the basketball court

all sweaty and hot yet

that one bit of love

exchanged is what I

remember from my day.

How he knew to reach

out to me would mean

a lot, & is what I needed,

I don’t know.

But kids know, are

psychic in their awareness,

and can read your heart

like a book–those that

can read–their innocence

is refreshing, while it lasts.

Circle of tulip flowers.

Circle of tulip flowers.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography


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Resistance is futile.

The Borg have one up on

us humans.

Scream a little, kick a little.

Does a tree grow that way?

I hope not.

So why do we?

Bushwhacking is what

you have to do sometimes

to get through the trail.

Scream & holler?  No.

Soon the path is free

& clear of so many

obstacles.  Not a

whimper of dissatisfaction

with perhaps a ‘slower’ rate

of progress.  After all,

when the path is so thick

with bushes and your

vision is absent, you

may want to be a little

more careful not to

step on or brush through

any hazards.

Resist?  No.  Just keep

going.  You come out

eventually after your

little adventure.




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Chocolate searches me out

like a bloodhound sometimes.

No matter how hard I try to

hide (from) it, it finds me.

That’s all well and good

if I could get straight with

accepting its good qualities

and influence on my life.

It really does help me feel

‘OK’ if I eat some.

I don’t need much, so I

need to focus on other

things to fill me up.

A garnish it is to the

main meal in life.

Anyway, that’s how

I look at it usually

for best results in

its use.  I admit it.

I’m a user!  And I

feel better now that

I’ve written this about


It shows some self-love

for myself.

That I’m worthy of

a treat now and then.





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I want to hide under the covers

but then nobody could tell how

magnificent I was.

I fear they may judge me as

lacking in some way.  Which is

probably true & possibly even

helpful to know, still I want to


Sometimes part of me wants

to peek out of the windows

of my soul

to see if there is really a world

I left behind when I went


It’s there for sure.  I spend

too much time there and

not enough within.

Coming out is liberating

even if I view it as “risky”.

Usually, I surprise

myself with my own

magnificent splendor

and how it was always

in there & just needed

to come out to view it.












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