best buddies


Wait!  I’m here.

You just don’t see me.

I blend in with the surroundings

like I wasn’t even here.

Go any where you like–

I’ll follow.


Don’t give up hope.

It’s so easy to do.

I’m on your trail.

Closing fast.

I’ll be upon you

any moment.

And then you’ll know

I was there all along.

Watching your back.

Knowing you wish you

had a ‘dirt angel’

instead of a ‘dirt devil’

for a vacuum cleaner.

Nothing escapes my notice.

Slow down.  I’ll catch up.

Wait!  I’m here.


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Why do you shiver in your boots

in the heat of the day?

What could possibly take you

apart, Humpty-Dumpty

like, never to find your

way back?

There’s only life and

not living–just existing–

waiting to be struck

with cupid’s lightning

rod and every Valentine’s

Day will forever be changed.

Or you could traverse this

continent looking for love

and never finding it.

Where is the sense in that?

Staying alone because

you can’t get along

or your standards

don’t even get a

chance to be tested

–they sit rotting,

rusting in the clouds

too high for anyone

to approach.

Path at Seal Rock, Oregon

Path at Seal Rock, Oregon

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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I want to walk into a new life

a life of adventure and discovery

of meeting exciting, interesting people

who are never enough for me I love them

so much I can never get tired of their company.

What planet or how far do I have to go to meet

such beings?  I’m actually starting to

get to know some people that are more

than what appears on the surface as I get

to know them better.

They surprise me with their responses,

never seeming to try to impress yet they

do so at every turn.  I think I have someone

somewhat “sized up” but I shouldn’t be so

quick to form impressions, lest they limit

what I am able to see what they’re then

willing to share.

Others are welcome to come closer, too.

Maybe unconsciously I fear being

overwhelmed by the non-introvert they

are but I am.

Although I need “recovery time”, I then

have to battle with my shyness or I’m

mistakenly sending stay away signals.

I think I’m looking for myself and when I

find it to see that in others as being enough

like me and therefore potential friends.

They’re shy too, perhaps.  Failed relationships

may lead to some sensitive feeler feelings when

they reach out of their own shells to connect.

I want to be open so that when I write when

I’m alone I’m not so full of questions why things

are the way they are and can accept more and

move on without so much cautious apprehension.

Still, when I find someone I’m still kind of shy

but when I open up people see the side of me

that no one gets to see in a group or with many


I think I have some kind of intention with all

this maybe spelling it out will firm up my

movement in a positive direction toward

meeting and getting to know some new people


Nautilus sea shell.

Nautilus sea shell.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography


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The dog knows.

We only met


but he remembers

you’d think we

were married

so excited he is

to see me–

a veritable, if

not actual,



our beings


Didn’t matter

what species

I was–

we were on

each others’


His roughness and

my gentleness

almost didn’t match–

but we were being

who we were–

Soulmates of

a sort.


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Feed Me!

Often when I’ve given myself fully to the day

I have nothing to offer the page.

The page, blank and naked, unashamedly

screams, Feed me! feed my lines with words

of praise for yourself.  You’ll be doing us

both a favor.

The page can’t really speak but if it could

it would tell me of its loneliness sitting on

my printer waiting for me to come

home & give it some attention.

If it could sit up, it would beg

mercilessly to be fed a snack, even,

preferably a Thanksgiving repast

with all the “trimmings”.

Patient as it is, loyal to no one else

like me, I don’t know what to say

often when we meet at night

after dark like this.

The best I can do is empty my

head onto an open & willing

page until it’s filled or I am


So far neither has happened

yet I feel I’ve fed all that

can legibly be handled

by one page in one night/

morning.  It’s late but

I’m writing anyway.  If you’re

hungry, you’re hungry.


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Soul Searchng

In the end, you act when you’re


A team of wild horses couldn’t

hold you back.

Sometimes a gingerly, quiet

move–maybe shyly–gets you

started and surprisingly, more

than half way there.

Big bold moves, little baby

steps–it’s all movement–


My soul still seems to be

in the closet.  Or else it wants

to keep what it knows, what

is it to itself, and I’m left out

of the loop so far.

Why the shyness?  All the

souls need to be out,

rolling up their sleeves

in the world.

It’s not like they’re just

along for the ride.


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Moon & Sun

The moon and the sun

were friends

like Frog & Toad.

They co-inhabited

our corner of the universe

without a lot of fighting

& bickering, in fact, none.

No one got in the others’ orbit.

The moon & sun were friends

going round and round

having a joyful existence just


No one hogged the others’

light, as there was plenty

to go around with them.

Two friends forever, or

for a very long time,

hanging out together

most days.


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I have a friend who

stirs my soul to…


I have to remember

to talk to him

earlier in the day.

He’s like caffeine–

powerful and–as

all friends worth


My nervous system

is easily stimulated.

Others also can keep me


So I’m not pointing


Regular hours are

good to keep.

You want to bend

the rules & kick up

your heels a bit though

when you have a

few days off without

having to rise early.

I love tomorrow.  But

I love today more.


The Peace Bridge. Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

The Peace Bridge. Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography


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!! 100 Birthdays !!

My friend invited me to

his mom’s 100th birthday

party!!  Relatives-very

elderly relatives


thousands of miles

to be in his mom’s

backyard this afternoon.

I felt so honored to be

welcomed into their


I met the most interesting

people!  I was willing to

take risks, and, as always,

was rewarded.

I’m ready, as much as I’m

capable, and at a step at a

time, to rearrange my life

to reflect my new awareness,

it seems, that is dawning or

beginning to dawn on

me.  I want to be

braver, living my

life without later regrets.

Some way, I will

be able to change

my tack, heading

off in a new direction.

I’m glad I went.

Very rich experience.


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I want to enter into &

merge with your feelings.

I want a connection, a bond

to form,  unlike any I’ve ever

had before.

Those were tentative.  The

back door was always open.

Ready to be dashed out of at any

moment.  For an escape

of commitment.

How injurious of myself

to hesitate, to risk entering

into a feeling partnership

with another–at least

initially–to form a

basis for a stronger bond.

I must be easy on myself,

not ever having bared that

vulnerable part of myself

much in my life.

‘Mistakes’ of fear & hiding

as so painful.  Much

more so than opening

I would think when I have

the courage to do it.

I’m ready to start

practicing.  Any other

way is just too painful

to run from.


Photography © Dennis Frates Photography









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