Letting Go

What’s it like to let go?

Completely?  Would you just

wander around in a daze?

Not knowing (ever!) what to do


Maybe for ‘practice’ for a while,

but for everyday life?

Where would it lead you to

just follow your nose,

pick up the scent of the unknown?

Maybe for the brave & adventurous.

Maybe for me.  I’m brave &

adventurous mostly, I’d say…

Let go.


See what all that activity you’re

feverishly whisking past your

consciousness is keeping you

from seeing, avoiding

feeling something you know

is there (we all have those) but you’re

‘afraid’ to leave time for it to

rise into awareness & be felt,

whatever it is.

Letting go from one trapeze bar

to the next requires…? are you

up for it?


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Living Now Being Joy

One day.  I rest.

Enough for a while.

My system needs to


Then, I’m ready again.

Only for what I want.

I’m reminded that chasing

anything is a huge waste of


And extra effort seems like

a job, more than a game–

effortless, fun, enjoyable–

anything less is not life.

Not living, or a living death.

That means patience has to

come into play & faith.

I’ve wondered about that

word, faith.  It’s so foreign

in my life, it seems.  Either

something is or it isn’t.

To hope for it does no good.

It can go at its own inclination.

And then where are you left?

But negativity & resignation

can close opportunities–

so somewhere in the

middle of those two

extremes will manifest

what I want.


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Some days the evening comes

more welcome than others.

Even though the day is about

to evaporate into sleep

and dreams perchance

keep you entertained,

it’s the sweet nectar

of sloughing off the burrs,

the excesses of living

each hour before,

that satisfies.

There’s not always a

slow enough lane

for your speed.

You run the risk

of being in everyone’s

crazy rush to

live the sunshine

hours more swiftly

than the limit


Yet you arrive

wholly unscathed

and happy to

be home no matter

the enjoyment of

the journey.

The Dark Hedges. Rural Beech tree lined road in Ireland.

The Dark Hedges. Rural Beech tree lined road in Ireland.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/









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Another day

another week

another (school) year


I wonder how I find

the energy to do what

I do each day.

It’s a lot.

I get inspired from

project to project

not really following

a script.

Looking back

I did a lot of

good things for

myself & others

which I hardly take

time to reflect upon

& give myself credit


Pink Lady Hellebore flower in fall grasses. Al's Nursery. Woodburn, Oregon

Pink Lady Hellebore flower in fall grasses. Al’s Nursery. Woodburn, Oregon

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/




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Moving On

One step at a time

forward or at least motion

to somewhere–backwards–

it could be–but movement

in a direction off



Going round & round


AM I dizzy?

Stillness precludes my day

eludes my day

a center within

never visited

for very long.

I would like to hang out

there for a whole

weekend if possible

without shirking

my “duties”

or getting bored

or wasting, or at least feel

I’m wasting, my time.

Being is not taught

in school.

Such a shame.

The whole of society

suffers for it.














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It seems like the doves are getting

lovey-dovey.  The male

chases the female and I could

be wrong about that–being

the other way around.

It’s like a cat and mouse game.

Maybe it’s part of the courtship

ritual–a kind of winged


But eventually she’s going

to let him ‘catch’ her and

the dove population will go

up next year, or this year.

In the meantime, I see

one of them (can’t tell who’s

who–doves don’t change

color by gender) kind of

looking around in

my green, growing tree

in front of my deck.

Maybe looking for a

nesting area, but he/she

really seems aimless,

not searching for food

& not really engaged

in any purposeful

behavior I could see.

Doves are fairly ‘friendly’

birds coming closer &

staying longer than

other birds.

Peacock feathers

Peacock feathers.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/

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Not Sure What to Call This

“Do not fear mistakes,” Miles Davis told us.

“There are none.”

That (quote) helps me get started

in whatever I’m going to write.

I have a transition with the

full moon and time to “see”

what’s been happening in

my life.

With a week “off” from work

I should be able to set some

things straight.

Already, I see how having

more free time frees up

areas I could not devote

time to previously.

My body is going through

a major cleansing I feel

during this time.  More

healing foods are being

consumed and the universe

has an opportunity to

teach me some lessons–

sorely needed–to move

my life along to the next


We only go forward

when we’re ready.

So, all this thrashing

about trying to hurry

here and there, thinking

we’re going to improve our

speed of manifesting

what we want

is mostly useless.

All efforting like that

is a reversal of the river

which wants to go

toward the sea.  (I wrote

see initially–Freudian

slip but apropos).

I want to not just

sit and stare out the

window but neither

do I want to try really

hard to make my wishes

come into being quicker

than I’m ready to receive


It’s kind of disheartening

to realize this and even

can lead to giving up

which may be just the

thing I need to let

my guidance carry

most of the load and

not fight it so much.

Fear and Love compete

for my attention–

only one can be center

stage at a time.

So, I’m not sure

what I love.

I love this writing.

I have a busy,

active life and if

I were to budget-cut all

the non-loving things

from it, I’m not sure

where I’d begin.  I

enjoy my life so much

with meditation driving

much of that enjoyment,


Yet, I can stumble over

my own feet trying to get

to the love.  It always

seems just next, never

now, so much.

So maybe I can work on

that and practice will

open up my vision to just

how much what I’m

doing in the present

moment is something I

love & don’t need to

feel I’m “going

somewhere” to feel

better than I’m capable

of feeling now, in the


I’ve known all this

intellectually for eons

it seems, but emotionally

I’m beginning to be able

to live it as a reality

in my body, away from

my head.

I don’t know how much

further I want to go

with this but I

just thought I would

take time & prepare

myself for a longer

piece than I usually

write, figuring some

will take time to read

the length of it

and hopefully it won’t

be diluted by its


Close up of Osteosperum margarita Pink Flare.

Close up of Osteosperum margarita Pink Flare.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/

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Less is More

What do I love…most?

I love time alone…best

with nothing to do–

idle blissfulness

delving into the Self–

my inner thoughts

and feelings.

It’s not locked–really,

yet I don’t visit

there often enough,

it seems.

Slowing down & stopping

feverish activity–

even this writing–

may heal in ways

activity cannot touch.

I love to stay


as much as possible

without feeling

I’m neglecting


Everything should be

relatively effortless,


on the less !

Zion National Park, Utah

Zion National Park, Utah

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/

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Good Day, Friday

My day was uneventful

if that’s the way I

choose to look at it.

On the other hand, it was

filled with the best of

experiences I could have

hoped for.

So, without judgment

would be best, but positive

judgement can come in


The wind seemed to be

at my back all day.

At review, I would have

had more clever, insight-

ful responses but I

did what I did & it

wasn’t bad consider-


I like playing in the game.

Sitting on the bench

gets very tiring.


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Rainy Days & Thursdays

Wow.  I stay home & more

happens than if I go to


Can’t say my life is empty

or boring–even if I try to

get some rest!

Anyway, I feel I’ve moved

through to a new place of

peace if you want to call it

that–definitely less anxiety

overall with it peaking &

moving through it until

increasingly overall

decreasing.  Or at least,

it seems so.  Some days

it intensifies for a while

and I wonder if I’m

going backwards from

a healing trajectory

but it’s just a digging

out of another pocket

of stress & toxic overload

for releasing from my


I always recover to a

more or less ‘stable’ state

and I know what helps

with that & do those things.

What I’m doing now is

one of them.

There’s only so many hours

in a day we get to choose

how to live.

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