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Choppy Waters

I wish I knew as

much as the universe.

Then I might win a

few arguments with


I just don’t understand

why you would send

me this scourge.

This real difficulty.

I say.

I know I can handle

it but I just am

not right now.

I don’t like to be out

of control.  Of myself

especially but of

my situation also.

I sort of feel helpless

as nothing is seeming

to work.

Yet, I know the tide

will turn my

way.  I will once

again gain captainship

of my vessel.

(With your help,

that is.)


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A New Leaf

I wanna let go of my anger

it’s just a passing phase.

I want to change my


so that anger does not even

have a chance to come up

for anything like that

in the future.

It’s on me.  I let it

happen.  It’s sad but

truth.  it hurts my

heart to say it.

I’ll let it go so I

can be at peace

but I won’t let

it happen again.


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The world’s gotten shorter

by the few extra hours

of sleep I’m taking each


I actually feel “awake”

during the day by

sleeping the recommended

8+ hrs. a night.

It might take me 9-10

if I get up in the middle

and have a hard time

going back to sleep.

A lot of fatigue has fleeted.

Irritability is a rare

rather than frequent

or constant visitor.

I can hold a conversation

with someone

and not feel

overwhelmed by

it all for much longer

than when I

was sleep-deprived.

I can show my feelings.

It seems like I’m learning

to walk (& talk) all over



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It rained

sun rays today.

Cool breezes


my walk.

Stepping into

the unknown

is always a

bit apprehensive

for me.  Yet,

exciting, too!

When I don’t

know what’s


next,  I’m more

intrigued to

see what it is.

I like to adapt

to change.

It mixes things


It keeps my attention

off my problems.


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Today the wind blew.

My money almost went

the way of the wind.

Holding on to it seemed

a major challenge.

Funny, I have the same

problem on calm days!

Oh well, the flow must

go on

not dam up.  Or stagnation

will occur.  Stinkiness.

So I let my income and

outgo somewhat alone.

Balanced, I’m always

ready for a bargain and

am never left without.


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I tried to avoid my (painful) feelings.

I didn’t know I was doing that

until I did it.  The relief I sought

vanished into thin air–wasn’t

even a moment of relief I thought

was going to be there.  I had feelings

that needed to be felt and gone

through and I couldn’t avoid

them to any resolution of my

issues.  I had to learn a new

way to deal with stress and indeed

it was painful.  I was happy

to have the opportunity to finally

work through these things (feelings).

Before this, a wall blocked &

frustrated my desires to be

free of all this negativity

& agony & torture.

Now at least I was in the

fray and could change

the outcome by my choices.

It was overwhelmingly hard.

I fell, even physically, many

times.  But without going

through it I would have

never changed.


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Wonder of wonders.

We can go farther

than we think!


are ghosts–wispy-like

figures of foggy


They exist–if at all–only

in our minds.

Put out into the ‘real’ world

they lose their power,

their substance.

It seems too much,

but one thing at a time

knocks down barriers

until there are none

left.  And we’re home

free! or at least with

all our ‘chores’ done.

And limitations are

none to be found.


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Seeing is Believing

Eyes open as big as

full moons.

Insomnia attacks.

Going for the gold.

Coming up with and old

tin lizzy.

Reach for the sky

with 2ft. arms.

Vision ahead.

Sight is clearing

coming more into


Fog dispersing

sun prevailing,

predominate warmth.

Seen from above

all is well.

No one knows

how little you

see or comprehend

what’s going on

around you.

Yet they trust you

are fully functioning.


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The leaves and the rain

Tsunami perched

to flood our streets

and gutters.

Try to stop them–impossible.

They always come back.

Ginko leaves with rain drops.

Ginko leaves with rain drops.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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All for one

One for me

one for me

don’t I get any?

one for me

one for me

I’m selfish

Me, too

one for me

one for me

What’s fair is fair.

I’m dealing this deck.

Good thing, too, because

I don’t trust you to.

At least I’m fair

One for me

One for me


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