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Letting Go

I need to let go of stuff I do not

need anymore.

It’s usefulness has outlived itself.

Behaviors that don’t work.

Foods that slow my enjoyment

of life down, no matter how


I feel alone in my adamance

to remain myself.  No to be

cruel or poke my head in

where it doesn’t belong

but I have an opinion

and I would share it

with a receptive person.

Never wanted to make

waves.  Still don’t.

Lies don’t become


Being blunt only

works when I’m

aware of it & use it

judiciously when

all else has pretty much


I could let go of being

“nice”, I guess.  I don’t

know how far I’d

get, but I could try.


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Lucky Day

Monday the 13th.

Must be a lucky day

for somebody.

Maybe me.

Today went so well

when I  look back on


While I was in it

I had “issues”

with myself mostly

& others a little bit.

Irritability steals

my days way too


I had breakfast and

it was ok.

Dinner was


Maybe today was

my lucky day

and I didn’t

know it.

Cineraria blossoms. Oregon

Cineraria blossoms. Oregon

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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Do This

I can think and I can think

and I’m not writing just

thinking so nothing gets

done or produced.

So, if I start writing like I

am right now, who knows

who may pop in for a visit?

I did things out of my routine

today in a different order.

It had to happen that

way for me to get a major

project–2 hrs. or so done

or at least started.

So I said to my intuition,

“So that’s why you wanted

me to do something I

wouldn’t ordinarily do.”

It enabled me to tackle

my project with

enthusiasm & energy

I wouldn’t have

otherwise had.

Listen to yourself.

Follow what it says.

Even if it makes little



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Pauses on my computer

I’m not too fond of.

In my life, I look for


Opportunities to stop and

reflect like a huge mirror

on what it is I’m so busy

rushing around trying to


It’s right under the surface

so I need to let it

rise up so I can see what’s

so terrible about that which

I won’t look at.

Then I can move past

it more easily.


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The bluebird’s bird brain

doesn’t say:  “I’ve got

to go see the therapist

There’s not enough nuts

this year, or bugs or what-

ever they eat and I’m

starving for a good meal.

It’s hard to find.

There doesn’t seem to be

any around.”

It just sits on the branch

and sings a song.

The sun is bright, or

maybe not, and my

nest is feathered.

I’m happy with a

half-empty gullet.

Tomorrow I will

eat in earnest.

I will seek out

food and I will

find it.  No problem.

Cancel the appt.

Snow and ice slivers on fall color Aspen leaves. Steens Mountain, Oregon.

Snow and ice slivers on fall color Aspen leaves. Steens Mountain, Oregon.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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The sun can only hang around

so long

and then it says, I’m going to


or you’re going to bed

or should be

when I leave.

Why are you up at all

hours of the night?

You like the quiet.

oh. ok.

That makes some sense

but you still have to

rise when I do and

still get enough


Don’t argue with the


It is bigger

and can put you

in your place

if you try to

push your luck

with it.

Still your

point of view

must be known.

So state it

but don’t



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I don’t

I do

In marriage

you always


the second


What if you

said:  I don’t.

The preacher would

faint dead away.

The groom would  say

“but you said…”

Or the bride would say…

“now’s no time to back out.”

Are you sure?

If I were totally sure

before I did anything

nothing could get done.

Life’s a petri dish.

An experiment of sorts.

A little more of this

a little less of this

endlessly tweaking

the outcome.

It’s a wonder we get

anything done

at all.


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Yes.  Give yourself permission

by saying yes to everything.

Your wise voice will tell you

what to say no, as well as yes,


No problem.  We make our way forward

by many yeses and no’s.

Yes.  I want that.

No.  I don’t want that.

Everything’s ok to choose


No right or wrong.

Just preference.

And sometimes No Choice

makes your choice for you.

Can’t decide?–whatever

you do is what you’ve

decided, whether consciously

or not.


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Earthly Life

Why are we here

on this earth?

All the life.  The

living beings.

Everything’s actually

alive whether it moves

or not, “feels” or not

can yell out in pain

if you smash it with

a hammer.

Why all this life

teeming on

this one planet?

Other forms may

inhabit elsewhere.

But we seem to

have a struggle


house and a

clean existence.

We did not come

to mess up our


How come it


Why are we


To have as many


physically as

we can before

we become


again, I guess.

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My Ear to the Ground

I want, I wish I had,

control, but I don’t.

All possibilities exist

when I haven’t yet


If I’m open–really

open–I block out

nothing, welcome


I want to be there


Patience and flow

with the process

brings steady

progress.  I always

leave open the possibility

of instant manifestation.


My resistance to

acceptance has to

be totally down.

My guard, all of it.

A scary, vulnerable

position to not

easily wiggle out

of, once I commit.


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