Feed Me!

Often when I’ve given myself fully to the day

I have nothing to offer the page.

The page, blank and naked, unashamedly

screams, Feed me! feed my lines with words

of praise for yourself.  You’ll be doing us

both a favor.

The page can’t really speak but if it could

it would tell me of its loneliness sitting on

my printer waiting for me to come

home & give it some attention.

If it could sit up, it would beg

mercilessly to be fed a snack, even,

preferably a Thanksgiving repast

with all the “trimmings”.

Patient as it is, loyal to no one else

like me, I don’t know what to say

often when we meet at night

after dark like this.

The best I can do is empty my

head onto an open & willing

page until it’s filled or I am


So far neither has happened

yet I feel I’ve fed all that

can legibly be handled

by one page in one night/

morning.  It’s late but

I’m writing anyway.  If you’re

hungry, you’re hungry.


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Count backwards from


The year in review

in preview

or just be in the now.

The past is or was what

it was

the future is

promised to no one.

God himself doesn’t

know what’s coming down


Or maybe he does, but

he’s not telling–

especially us humans

what we’ve decided to do

with the fate he’s handed


Somehow we can choose

a timeline, a color shoes

we like.

God doesn’t too much

care one way or the


Change is up and


Will we embrace it


or go kicking &

screaming all the

way to enlightenment?


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Flight is Faster

Butterflies, caterpillars, moths

& crows.

What do they all have in common?

Flight and legs.

The caterpillar just has to wait a

while to realize

his potential & be like the others.

Nature either puts you on the

ground forever…

or in the air (or water).

Weightlessness is a gift.

Let go of the surly bonds of earth…

Walking or flying,

time is irrelevant

non-existent, really

on some level.

I don’t understand it

but we can use that truth

to our benefit & peace of mind.

I love mysteries.  The unusual.

I’m not afraid to look into

the dark hole of the undiscovered…

not too afraid, anyway.

Braver than most when it

comes to those things.

I’m still waiting for my

cocoon to open dropping

away the barriers around

myself for all to see, shamelessly.









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Chocolate searches me out

like a bloodhound sometimes.

No matter how hard I try to

hide (from) it, it finds me.

That’s all well and good

if I could get straight with

accepting its good qualities

and influence on my life.

It really does help me feel

‘OK’ if I eat some.

I don’t need much, so I

need to focus on other

things to fill me up.

A garnish it is to the

main meal in life.

Anyway, that’s how

I look at it usually

for best results in

its use.  I admit it.

I’m a user!  And I

feel better now that

I’ve written this about


It shows some self-love

for myself.

That I’m worthy of

a treat now and then.





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I want to hide under the covers

but then nobody could tell how

magnificent I was.

I fear they may judge me as

lacking in some way.  Which is

probably true & possibly even

helpful to know, still I want to


Sometimes part of me wants

to peek out of the windows

of my soul

to see if there is really a world

I left behind when I went


It’s there for sure.  I spend

too much time there and

not enough within.

Coming out is liberating

even if I view it as “risky”.

Usually, I surprise

myself with my own

magnificent splendor

and how it was always

in there & just needed

to come out to view it.












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Get it Done

The sun will go black

this month.

heralding a new

age, some say,

or at least a new


The light that

returns will

begin to reveal



will be harder to


Days will be

more productive.

Action predominates.

Being gentle with

relationships is more

important at this

time as we all

can be a little more

on edge and feel out

of our element for

awhile.  Good time

to get some things

done, riding this

new wave of energy.







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I will write without judgement

of myself, of others, of anything.

How strange will that be?  I always

look at things critically, discerning

the finest points in my choices

when I have the time to ponder

them leisurely, usually.  Quick

decisions just get my best shot.

It’s usually a good shot but it’s

made from so much fogginess

of brain functioning that I only

have to hope I’ve sized things

up correctly and went forward

with my decision, trusting


This looks like it could end

here, but my page isn’t even

filled and my energy to get

up to type it is flagging 4 ways

from Sunday.

I can just rest in the knowledge

that what I write will be as

“good” as the first part is good.

Oops.  I think I just judged!   But

I’m bottomed out on this page &

it’s time to end.  The end.





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What’s for Christmas?

I had some kids state in front

of the class what they

we’re asking for for


One girl had a page and

half way down the back

of things.

They knew exactly

what they wanted.

“A $177.50 Robo-Cop 4xz02.”

These are 6 year olds.

And from memory

they recited these

toys not knowing

I would ask them


They had a hard

time with 10+10

but toys–no


I think we’re testing

kids on the wrong


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Reading a very stimulating book.

Scrambling my brain.

I’m open.  Open to knowing

whatever’s out there.

I still protect my space.

Maybe not even enough

in this information age.

I have to say

“enough!” and just let

what’s in my mind

already, be.

No more input!

And, of course, there are

feelings with those


Those need to be, too.

To exist.  To be felt.

I want to know.

I want to understand.

Even if I can’t fix it

right away.

Which is most every-

thing!  Esp. big

problems of the world,


I’m glad I’m able to

see it in a different


At least I know.

Bougainvillea along rock wall. Hawaii Island.

Bougainvillea along rock wall. Hawaii Island.

Photograph © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/

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Under the many hats

I wear, is me.

Same for you.

So why do we change

into a ‘role’ and

do “what is expected

of us” instead of being

who we are?

Somehow we wouldn’t

make the cut?

Or have to dodge or

deflect some slings

& arrows?

Somehow we could

be the unembellished


that we are

and shower everyone

with our light.

If we only took

off the hat

and showed what’s


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