Make Room

Why do we hold on?  Letting go

makes room.  That’s enough in

itself.  Room to move.  Room

to breathe.

It’s not like you won’t have

anything if you let some of it

go.  We’re obsessed with

having, with possessions,

like we won’t get caught

“without” if we have some

in “reserve”.

It’s hard to develop if we’re

always provided for.

Lean times show us we can

prevail, make it through

what seems like impenetrable


It’s not like we haven’t

“practiced” this over and over.

And here we are–still in

one piece!  Amazing!

Life seems to want us

to do our part & it tries

to find ways to give us

what we need to do that.

No one likes a slacker.

Everyone has to pull their weight–

in one way or another.

Look for those gems in others–

They’re there.


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I need an outlet

to receive

my seized seed

a tanned and smooth

and firm fountain of

wisdom and warmth.

Clasp hands

unite, filled with

the old faithful


a release

not seen in a

long, long while.



says the captain,

laying in a course…


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Mighty Fastball


I am thankful

so today is





I have


I am

Who I know

Who knows me.

Dr. Seuss

My Dr. in the heavens

My Dr. on earth

Whoever it is

is welcome

to come and

heal me

of all



isn’t it?

You invoke

invite in

all the healing

energy out there

& it comes rushing in.

You just have to

receive its mighty

fastball in your mitt.


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so it is

The web


our meager

yet substantial weight.


without a net

can be fatal.

Yet it is there

to save our life.

To let us know

not to give up or in

to weakness that

is not ours.

Humans are given

many chances to

redirect our efforts.

We just must

know that is so.








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A Conversation

Enough?  What do you mean enough?

There’s enough to go around.

Well, I don’t see it yet.

So does that mean it isn’t there

or will be when you need it?

No, I guess not.

Well, then, chill out.  It’s coming.

What you need it on its way–as

if it had to “go” somewhere.

It just appears when the need arises.

You sound so cocky.  So confident.

I am.

You could do with a little faith in

the (as yet) unseen.

You care too much what other people


If you want to believe in ghosts,

believe in ghosts.

Believe your needs are already

taken care of by the great architect

in wherever he/she/it is.

They don’t sit at the drawing

board all day for nothing, you know.

Your anxieties ripple the water

and no one can see anything even

when it appears.

You drive an unrelenting,

hard argument.  No wiggle

room in your thinking.

Yes, that’s the way it should


Crocus and oak leaves. Bush Park, Salem, Oregon

Crocus and oak leaves. Bush Park, Salem, Oregon

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography


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Once in a while what you consider a “miracle”,


Whaaaat??  You say…I’ve been waiting for you

forEVER and now, when I don’t expect it,  you’re

here–out of nowhere you come, and I didn’t have

to do a thing.

So who’s in charge of disbursement and timing in

the miracle, or for that matter, any department in

my life?

They seem to come, if they come at all, lollygagging,

strolling, into my life, like they didn’t have a care in

the world, and here I am desperate for even a small

miracle, like some Scrooge up in heaven is stockpiling

them for an emergency, or something, and when he’s

in a good mood, sends one off, to my address.

A miracle is only not expecting “too much” from where

you stand and then getting that  “too much” (oh, I’m not

deserving of all that!  I wasn’t really expecting to get

what I’m aiming at, I just figured If I aimed high &

wherever I fell, would be better than aiming too low

to start with, and then maybe falling short on top of that.)

So there are really no miracles for those that think high &

positive and expect to get what they’re aiming at and when

it comes, more often than not, they say, of course, I knew it

was on its way and here it is (Amazon said it is so)–no

miracle–I accept an on-time delivery. End of story.

But for the rest of us most of the time, everything is a miracle

we’re so negatively expecting disaster all the time with our

worry-mindset and all.

Miracles are common.  Even for the commoner who thinks

everyday, “regular” thoughts.  So you might as well prepare

for them–even if you don’t have any idea what they’re going

to look like when they get here.









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People help me when I need help.

Of course, it’s helpful to ask for it.

Not everyone will know you need


Not to chase after it

but if you need something

like this writing

to calm down

then do it

and let the unsure,

scary feelings pass

out of you.

They will go.

Just because there’s a little

pressure that is new

is not a reason to

cash in all your chips

and go home.

Keep going in the

direction you’re going in.

There’s no reason to

give up making

‘conscious’ forward



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Peace Abounds

Walk in the footsteps

of your belief.

Know the world

doesn’t drastically

change all at once.

Step by step

things gradually

shift to a more



and your guard

is dropped

to let in all

the love

there still is

in the world.

It just needs

a docking point

to attach itself.

You think you’re

plum out of


but that is

not the truth.

You give and

receive and

there’s plenty to

go around.

Rest in the footsteps

that lead you to peace.



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Living Now Being Joy

One day.  I rest.

Enough for a while.

My system needs to


Then, I’m ready again.

Only for what I want.

I’m reminded that chasing

anything is a huge waste of


And extra effort seems like

a job, more than a game–

effortless, fun, enjoyable–

anything less is not life.

Not living, or a living death.

That means patience has to

come into play & faith.

I’ve wondered about that

word, faith.  It’s so foreign

in my life, it seems.  Either

something is or it isn’t.

To hope for it does no good.

It can go at its own inclination.

And then where are you left?

But negativity & resignation

can close opportunities–

so somewhere in the

middle of those two

extremes will manifest

what I want.


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The universe, the all-that-is, is guiding my

footsteps.  It says wait, a good job will come

up.  Really?  I’m supposed to wait on you

for a life?  For a direction?  Alright.  Not much

I can do anyway at the end of the night before

bedtime.  You’ve got it, universe.  It’s in your

hands.  My faith is wavering–it’s like practicing

your best pitches left-handed when you’re

right-handed.  But my faith is underused if

even existent, as far as comforting me that

things will work out in my favor and I

need not worry!  Yeah, right.  But I let it go.

My fears, like a pack of yapping dogs

needn’t have been given any attention by me

today or any day.  Nothing comes up

disastrous as sometimes poor experiences in

the past, stick to you so tightly, you begin

to think you’re doomed to repeat your

‘bad luck’ in attracting them.  They’re

really there for your benefit.  You’re so glad you

had them when they’re through agonizing you.

But unlike the head banging on the wall feels

so good when you stop, these were ‘necessary’

or at least seemingly so.  Once you let loose of

the emotional charge connected with them, you’re

free to see & live from their beneficial side in

your life.  The universe brought them to you.  Never

in a million years would you willingly walk into

such a den of lions and say eat me, I’m fresh

meat, defenseless from inexperience in dealing

with lions so have at me.  Eat your or my

heart out.  But the universe knows when you need

such a lesson & will drop one in your lap, willingly.








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