Speed Living

I am on a fast path.

I don’t know if I want

to slow down and lose all the

benefits of accomplishment

I feel moving this quickly.

Slower is often a more saturated

experience.  I really feel things

more fully, more deeply.

Like speed reading and speed

eating, you give up something

in the process–even if you do

get more done or “seem” to enjoy

shovelling food down your

throat at a ditch digger’s


Sometimes it’s very hard

to slow myself down,

almost impossible seeming.

So sometimes I go with the

faster flow, knowing sooner

or later I will have to stop

or slow to face myself,

my thoughts, & my feelings.

Stopping like all stops


so you come out more


Rest and recuperation are

necessary for a fast or

a slow life lived joyously.


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The endless end of the day:

don’t want to give it up–

to sleep.

Too much fun, joy

riding the wave of

weekend energy

seeming to be pulled

forward into activity

ending up where I

want to be over & over

again all day.

My job involves making

decisions that may

involve disappointing

people and in the end

being unfair.  My

knowledge is so limited,

in each situation, I’m

bound to err.

I challenge myself

to be better everyday

but really so stern

a view of my output

is self-destructive

continuously applied.

Relax.  Ease up.

Let the day unfold,

play out as it

is “supposed'” to.

Don’t fight it,

it will go by itself.


Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/








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Dust Free

Free like a speck of dust

no home


not connected to other specks

until we land

one piled upon


Free to stop

to go


or slow

yield to the winds

of change

travel fast

but travel

resistance for a speck of dust

is futile

against the most

powerful breeze.

No destination.

Let the wind dictate

you take notes

so in your next

incarnation into

something bigger

you may have

more stability

still resisting not

to the tides

of change.



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In the Now

I made it!  All the way through the day

to the page.

Empty and waiting

whereas the day seemed full

and waiting

but at night, the world tones down


almost stops

it gives you a chance to

harmonize with its reduced

pace, the cover of peace

that blankets the evening hrs.

of bedtime reading

quiet conversation

writing this.

My brain is let off the


only I choose to engage

its processes in writing

and imagination

which is really just recording

my thoughts

& feelings

about being here,


not even having

to write another word.

Just be on the page with the

flow of thoughts carrying

me forward

remaining in the now.

Sunset in Hanalei Bay with mangrove tree. Kauai, Hawaii

Sunset in Hanalei Bay with mangrove tree. Kauai, Hawaii

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/


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Escape Within

I want to crawl into my page

pull the covers up

turn on the flashlight

and disappear from the

world for a long, long


My own personal ‘hole’.

Who would ever think

I’d be happy in a (w)hole

lot of darkness with the

aid of a flashlight?

But I am.

I don’t even want to peek

out to see if the world

is still there.

I know it probably is

but I don’t want to

know I know.

I don’t want to think

about anything else

but what’s on this

page basking in the

light of my desk

covered up from the

world with my

one-focused attention.

I’ve been out there too

long taking in stuff.

Now I just want to

let some of it flow out

like a calm, serene lake

reflecting the majesty of

the heavens on a starlit



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Once in a while what you consider a “miracle”,


Whaaaat??  You say…I’ve been waiting for you

forEVER and now, when I don’t expect it,  you’re

here–out of nowhere you come, and I didn’t have

to do a thing.

So who’s in charge of disbursement and timing in

the miracle, or for that matter, any department in

my life?

They seem to come, if they come at all, lollygagging,

strolling, into my life, like they didn’t have a care in

the world, and here I am desperate for even a small

miracle, like some Scrooge up in heaven is stockpiling

them for an emergency, or something, and when he’s

in a good mood, sends one off, to my address.

A miracle is only not expecting “too much” from where

you stand and then getting that  “too much” (oh, I’m not

deserving of all that!  I wasn’t really expecting to get

what I’m aiming at, I just figured If I aimed high &

wherever I fell, would be better than aiming too low

to start with, and then maybe falling short on top of that.)

So there are really no miracles for those that think high &

positive and expect to get what they’re aiming at and when

it comes, more often than not, they say, of course, I knew it

was on its way and here it is (Amazon said it is so)–no

miracle–I accept an on-time delivery. End of story.

But for the rest of us most of the time, everything is a miracle

we’re so negatively expecting disaster all the time with our

worry-mindset and all.

Miracles are common.  Even for the commoner who thinks

everyday, “regular” thoughts.  So you might as well prepare

for them–even if you don’t have any idea what they’re going

to look like when they get here.









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Living Now Being Joy

One day.  I rest.

Enough for a while.

My system needs to


Then, I’m ready again.

Only for what I want.

I’m reminded that chasing

anything is a huge waste of


And extra effort seems like

a job, more than a game–

effortless, fun, enjoyable–

anything less is not life.

Not living, or a living death.

That means patience has to

come into play & faith.

I’ve wondered about that

word, faith.  It’s so foreign

in my life, it seems.  Either

something is or it isn’t.

To hope for it does no good.

It can go at its own inclination.

And then where are you left?

But negativity & resignation

can close opportunities–

so somewhere in the

middle of those two

extremes will manifest

what I want.


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Said hello

and goodbye

and in between

2 hours evaporated

into what seemed

like a few seconds.

Actually, timelessness.

There seemed no time


I was so totally engrossed

& involved in effortless


I found myself eloquently

fluent in my expression

of words and even more

so between the lines.

I tapped into a source

I couldn’t have broke

into before.

Somehow, I found

my way into and out

of my creative genius

without trying.  The

ideas and words just came

to me & no matter

how difficult the concept

initially seemed to

convey, I did it with

ease, rarely reaching

for a word I couldn’t



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Walking Backwards

Walking backwards–the route–

not my body–produces awarenesses

you don’t as readily notice when

you trek your tried and true

favorite path.

They were all there before but

now you see & feel them in a new


You may even test yourself by

trying to follow your

intuitive knowingness of

where & which way to go.

I got so far out that I

wasn’t sure the way back

would be all that enjoyable

if I was tired & pushing

to get home.  Which has

happened before when I get

greedy and go beyond what

my body & inner sense is

telling me.  I just love it

so much.  And some days

I’m feeling really great & that

enjoyment is all the more


But today turned out fine.

And my inner knowingness

assured me it would give

me the energy to get back

with ease.  I love walking.








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I will write without judgement

of myself, of others, of anything.

How strange will that be?  I always

look at things critically, discerning

the finest points in my choices

when I have the time to ponder

them leisurely, usually.  Quick

decisions just get my best shot.

It’s usually a good shot but it’s

made from so much fogginess

of brain functioning that I only

have to hope I’ve sized things

up correctly and went forward

with my decision, trusting


This looks like it could end

here, but my page isn’t even

filled and my energy to get

up to type it is flagging 4 ways

from Sunday.

I can just rest in the knowledge

that what I write will be as

“good” as the first part is good.

Oops.  I think I just judged!   But

I’m bottomed out on this page &

it’s time to end.  The end.





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