Flower Petals

Flower petals


and fall



to the ground.

Lying there



they beautify

the landscape

with floral rainbows

of rest.

Tread lightly on them

if you have to

tread at all for

they have given

their life

their livelihood

for a grander


not to fade

for quite


Silhouetted Joshua trees and sunset. Joshua Tree National Park. California

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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I Can

Everything’s telling me I can’t

but I’m going to anyway.

I saw how powerful my mind

and thoughts were today,

taking away pain if I

focused on the positive–on

what I wanted.

It just took a little while

of concerted “effort” & con-

centration to build up

a momentum where I didn’t

have to do that anymore.

I was just on “auto pilot”.

When the pain occasionally

surfaced–it was constant in

the beginning–I just

did what I did continuously

to get going for a brief

moment, and I was

on the road again–pain


It wasn’t my body–

that was just the result

of my “negative”, weak

thinking that manifested

in the habit of pain & “I

can’t do it”.  It was just easier

to give up when the going

got tough than push through

it with some effort in my

thinking and that pushed

my body forward.


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I have a strong




‘Something’ is wanting

to break forward/out/into…

something else–

becoming unstuck

from a cemented post hole,

let loose from a lifetime

of restriction

largely self-imposed.


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Moon & Sun

The moon and the sun

were friends

like Frog & Toad.

They co-inhabited

our corner of the universe

without a lot of fighting

& bickering, in fact, none.

No one got in the others’ orbit.

The moon & sun were friends

going round and round

having a joyful existence just


No one hogged the others’

light, as there was plenty

to go around with them.

Two friends forever, or

for a very long time,

hanging out together

most days.


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The umbilical cord isn’t cut

but it’s gotten a little longer.

Engaging two at once,

I feel fueled for a long ride.

Joy and closeness

is what living is for.

Separation need not be

permanent, although

sometimes it is so.

Reuniting may be


Yet nothing to fret

over.  A life of freedom

either is or it isn’t–

only you can know

how you feel.

My line is cast.

No fish jumps into my

pocket without that

preparation, although

it may be a surprise

when it happens.

Life is full of surprises

mostly surprises, I

would claim.  It may

not have been so in the past

as much as the change of

today is kindling their

constant manifestation.

Bridal Veil Falls. Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, Oregon

Bridal Veil Falls. Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, Oregon

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography








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I figured I wasn’t important–

to her.  I wondered if I’d ever hear

from her again, it had been so long

since she answered my last email.

People cross our paths–& stay awhile–

sometimes a long while.  We keep

in contact with them for a reason.

That person is more compatible

than another you may choose.

So you stay around together for

some time.

No commitments are given–

at least overtly or verbally.

So it’s like life itself.  It could

walk away, no questions asked–

you could die despite all your

objections to that reality


So we never know but sometimes

we come to (unconsciously, maybe)

expect people to stay around–

you or they don’t need to

“fire” their whole corral of

relationships because you

decided to be more solitary

& spend more time alone

with your one best friend who’s

definitely not going to walk

out on you–yourself!

Staying true to your authenticity

is sometimes all you can be

sure of having.


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I saw a bird today

it flew for me

it said you can

do this too.


Sure it said.

Where do you want to

fly to?

Across the street would

drop my jaw.

OK. it said

if you walk half the


and in the middle

a truck comes

barreling down on


I guarantee you will

fly the rest of the way

across the street!

You tricked me!  I said

no, I just said you

can fly–most of

the time your feet barely

touched the ground.

voila: flying

Thank you bird

for appreciating

my abilities that

I’m mostly blind to.


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Dust Free

Free like a speck of dust

no home


not connected to other specks

until we land

one piled upon


Free to stop

to go


or slow

yield to the winds

of change

travel fast

but travel

resistance for a speck of dust

is futile

against the most

powerful breeze.

No destination.

Let the wind dictate

you take notes

so in your next

incarnation into

something bigger

you may have

more stability

still resisting not

to the tides

of change.



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In the Now

I made it!  All the way through the day

to the page.

Empty and waiting

whereas the day seemed full

and waiting

but at night, the world tones down


almost stops

it gives you a chance to

harmonize with its reduced

pace, the cover of peace

that blankets the evening hrs.

of bedtime reading

quiet conversation

writing this.

My brain is let off the


only I choose to engage

its processes in writing

and imagination

which is really just recording

my thoughts

& feelings

about being here,


not even having

to write another word.

Just be on the page with the

flow of thoughts carrying

me forward

remaining in the now.

Sunset in Hanalei Bay with mangrove tree. Kauai, Hawaii

Sunset in Hanalei Bay with mangrove tree. Kauai, Hawaii

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography


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6 and Waiting

While I wait for my

dinner to cook a

line or two (or more!)

cannot hurt.

6 year olds do not have

a mean bone in

their body from what

I can see–at least

towards me.

I am overly emphatic

at times and their

little hearts & brains

are stopped cold,

wondering what

forever could be

the matter?

I hate imposing


but how can we

get any where

with kids going

in every direction

at once, and I am

only one!

Can we get some

coherence here and

focus on one person

at a time?

I wait and some

times I can’t seem

to and a blast

comes out.

No one’s spirit at that

tender age needs to be

squashed with a bigger

person’s “strength”.

There must be a way

kids can get focused

–all at once–on something

they love.

I guess I do the best I

can and congratulate

myself for getting

through the day

as gently as I can.

I was 6 once.




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