so feel like an island.

A fortress fortified with

defenses unpenetrable–as if

I was ‘proud’ of my


I have always been a

defender as opposed to

an aggressor–

peaceable mostly.  Impatient

and irritable & demanding

even, sometimes.

Yet for all that, I remain

alone–distant at an

extended arm’s length

from almost everyone.

It’s so painful to communicate

on an intimate level–I am

so easily hurt–it’s really not

fair–I can be ‘tough’ but then

I’m not vulnerable and tend

to be ‘bossy’ to exert my

authority or dominance

when I sometimes do so.

I’m glad I’m ‘smart’ but

sad I’m sad & sensitive

sometimes it seems such

a hardship.


Small fir tree growing next to Giant Sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) Sequoia National Park, California

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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Up at Dawn

Humans have come a long way


We’ve evolved from a blob of

jelly to our present


Yet simple are we–

a feeling is a feeling

no more, no less.

Let’s not pretend we don’t…


And when we do, let’s share

it, acknowledge it

openly to the world…

being human is our charge.

Just be ourselves

no fibbing

and everyone will be



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I have a friend.  Men friends

don’t always talk a lot.

Verbalize their feelings.

That leaves us to potential

misunderstandings most

of the time.  It’s better to state

it out–even better put it in

writing.  Then everyone’s clear

on what’s coming down & when

& where.

Women & men relate

differently.  Men don’t want to

deal with their feelings

much or express them in

an “unmanly” way.

I’m just generalizing

but I miss being close

to a female emotionally

with communication

open & constant.

The “c” word–commitment

makes me feel I’ve

given up my freedom.

I want to meet someone

who is perfectly OK with

both.  And it goes for each.

Spider Web with dew and blurred flowers. Near Alpine, Oregon

Spider Web with dew and blurred flowers. Near Alpine, Oregon

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography



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Square 1

I like her but I’m afraid to

talk to her.

I’m afraid of getting ensnared

in a relationship I find myself

not wanting to be in.

All in the name of relieving


If I begin to “let her in”

she comes willingly almost

like pushing on a door you

thought was locked but it


Baggage.  I guess everyone comes

with it.  She seems to have


than her share but comes

with “goodies”, too.

Relationships that don’t

work out can be an unending

source of painful memories.

To pull anchor on that kind

of stuckness–oh, how I wish

it were so easy.


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Love and Passion

I wish there was someone

to lay with

now that I’m ready…

Why didn’t I think

of friendship before?

now that I’m 3 qts. low

on the essential oil

for smooth performance

and to keep my vehicle

from self-incinerating.

Such a steamy passion

envelops my being.

I come with a body

the spirit takes care

of itself normally

the body has to

seek out its needs

and make them

known to another

in love and embrace

cuddle until two

become one

being going

with the flow

of love and



Photography © Dennis Frates Photography


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Other people–esp. people

who are your ‘friends’

or you know–

just are.

No judgement is


as if you needed

to give your mind

(and your ego)

something to do.

It’s not a caste system

of hierarchies–

better or worse

are comparisons

that judge and

have some kind

of agenda

to favor you

in the end.

Give it up.

Don’t do it to

yourself, either.

Close up of Teddy Bear Sunflower.

Close up of Teddy Bear Sunflower.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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I want to walk into a new life

a life of adventure and discovery

of meeting exciting, interesting people

who are never enough for me I love them

so much I can never get tired of their company.

What planet or how far do I have to go to meet

such beings?  I’m actually starting to

get to know some people that are more

than what appears on the surface as I get

to know them better.

They surprise me with their responses,

never seeming to try to impress yet they

do so at every turn.  I think I have someone

somewhat “sized up” but I shouldn’t be so

quick to form impressions, lest they limit

what I am able to see what they’re then

willing to share.

Others are welcome to come closer, too.

Maybe unconsciously I fear being

overwhelmed by the non-introvert they

are but I am.

Although I need “recovery time”, I then

have to battle with my shyness or I’m

mistakenly sending stay away signals.

I think I’m looking for myself and when I

find it to see that in others as being enough

like me and therefore potential friends.

They’re shy too, perhaps.  Failed relationships

may lead to some sensitive feeler feelings when

they reach out of their own shells to connect.

I want to be open so that when I write when

I’m alone I’m not so full of questions why things

are the way they are and can accept more and

move on without so much cautious apprehension.

Still, when I find someone I’m still kind of shy

but when I open up people see the side of me

that no one gets to see in a group or with many


I think I have some kind of intention with all

this maybe spelling it out will firm up my

movement in a positive direction toward

meeting and getting to know some new people


Nautilus sea shell.

Nautilus sea shell.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography


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I like her smile, her friendliness

her down-to-earthness.  Real.

Genuine.  She pulls me into her

school to substitute despite all

the negatives I may encounter

once I get there.

Sure, it’s a crapshoot, a roll of

the dice.

An unsolvable puzzle as each

day is no matter where you are.

I get surprise treats, walking

into walls I didn’t know were

there and finding a give-way

door that lets me through.

I try not to act uncouth,

uncool and be anything

but, yet I often end up in that

basket with all the other

broken toys.

You got glue?  I think I

broke my wheel on my

desk partner’s favorite

toy.  I got to live with

him.  Please have glue.

When I leave, her smile

and simple, genuine

gratitude send me off

to my car to drive home.

Sort of cloud-like floating

to the parking lot.


Photography © Dennis Frates Photography


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Potluck: you never know

what’s coming

what you’re going to get

a choice from.

Better than reading a mystery


You wonder:  who done it?

Can’t wait to get to the

end to see how it all

comes out.

Sometimes you’re surprised.

Sometimes your favorites

land on your plate

without you even having

to ask, to invoke the

law of attraction.

It just shows up

along with you

and voila–a match

made in heaven–

or close to it.

You trade what you

brought for what

they brought.

Hopefully, you’re a

good trader–a bargain

is a bargain because

you’re stuck with what

showed up.


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Moon & Sun

The moon and the sun

were friends

like Frog & Toad.

They co-inhabited

our corner of the universe

without a lot of fighting

& bickering, in fact, none.

No one got in the others’ orbit.

The moon & sun were friends

going round and round

having a joyful existence just


No one hogged the others’

light, as there was plenty

to go around with them.

Two friends forever, or

for a very long time,

hanging out together

most days.


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