Potluck: you never know

what’s coming

what you’re going to get

a choice from.

Better than reading a mystery


You wonder:  who done it?

Can’t wait to get to the

end to see how it all

comes out.

Sometimes you’re surprised.

Sometimes your favorites

land on your plate

without you even having

to ask, to invoke the

law of attraction.

It just shows up

along with you

and voila–a match

made in heaven–

or close to it.

You trade what you

brought for what

they brought.

Hopefully, you’re a

good trader–a bargain

is a bargain because

you’re stuck with what

showed up.


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Moon & Sun

The moon and the sun

were friends

like Frog & Toad.

They co-inhabited

our corner of the universe

without a lot of fighting

& bickering, in fact, none.

No one got in the others’ orbit.

The moon & sun were friends

going round and round

having a joyful existence just


No one hogged the others’

light, as there was plenty

to go around with them.

Two friends forever, or

for a very long time,

hanging out together

most days.


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I have a friend who

stirs my soul to…


I have to remember

to talk to him

earlier in the day.

He’s like caffeine–

powerful and–as

all friends worth


My nervous system

is easily stimulated.

Others also can keep me


So I’m not pointing


Regular hours are

good to keep.

You want to bend

the rules & kick up

your heels a bit though

when you have a

few days off without

having to rise early.

I love tomorrow.  But

I love today more.


The Peace Bridge. Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

The Peace Bridge. Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography


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I figured I wasn’t important–

to her.  I wondered if I’d ever hear

from her again, it had been so long

since she answered my last email.

People cross our paths–& stay awhile–

sometimes a long while.  We keep

in contact with them for a reason.

That person is more compatible

than another you may choose.

So you stay around together for

some time.

No commitments are given–

at least overtly or verbally.

So it’s like life itself.  It could

walk away, no questions asked–

you could die despite all your

objections to that reality


So we never know but sometimes

we come to (unconsciously, maybe)

expect people to stay around–

you or they don’t need to

“fire” their whole corral of

relationships because you

decided to be more solitary

& spend more time alone

with your one best friend who’s

definitely not going to walk

out on you–yourself!

Staying true to your authenticity

is sometimes all you can be

sure of having.


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It’s 11-11 in a “1” year (2017=2+0+1+7=10=1+0=1).

I’m an “11” in Numerology–what all this is

about (11=1+1=2).  I’m a 2 but that’s still a lot of

“1” energy.

So, good things can happen today (for everyone)

or for a day before & a day after–the heavens don’t

have digital wrist watches counting every second.

Numerology is a lot of fun.  Easier than Astrology,

just count on your fingers, like I teach in 1rst grade.

Some people’s #’s match and they get along & under-

stand each other more easily.  Some don’t match

but you can work at it a little & still get along

with them.  Even be soul mates, it just takes a little

more “effort” as it were.

There’ your Numerology primer & keeping it short.

Heliconia blossom. Maui. Hawaii

Heliconia blossom. Maui. Hawaii

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography






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Today I thought I’d rest

but my friend called.

We talked for almost 3 hrs.

All very important stuff,

of course.

But rest was avoided with

such stimulation.

I know I will be plenty

rested when it comes time

to do my work & activities.

I just need to let all concern

over that go, and all will

be well.

It’s funny how our minds like

to work overtime for no

extra pay.

I should love my work that


Maybe I do but I still need

to get paid or they won’t

give me the food I need at

the market.  At least, I haven’t

tried to get it for free yet.

Rest is the test.  If you

do, you feel great!

If not, heaven help you!









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!! 100 Birthdays !!

My friend invited me to

his mom’s 100th birthday

party!!  Relatives-very

elderly relatives


thousands of miles

to be in his mom’s

backyard this afternoon.

I felt so honored to be

welcomed into their


I met the most interesting

people!  I was willing to

take risks, and, as always,

was rewarded.

I’m ready, as much as I’m

capable, and at a step at a

time, to rearrange my life

to reflect my new awareness,

it seems, that is dawning or

beginning to dawn on

me.  I want to be

braver, living my

life without later regrets.

Some way, I will

be able to change

my tack, heading

off in a new direction.

I’m glad I went.

Very rich experience.


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Said hello

and goodbye

and in between

2 hours evaporated

into what seemed

like a few seconds.

Actually, timelessness.

There seemed no time


I was so totally engrossed

& involved in effortless


I found myself eloquently

fluent in my expression

of words and even more

so between the lines.

I tapped into a source

I couldn’t have broke

into before.

Somehow, I found

my way into and out

of my creative genius

without trying.  The

ideas and words just came

to me & no matter

how difficult the concept

initially seemed to

convey, I did it with

ease, rarely reaching

for a word I couldn’t



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Live and Let Live

The Dark Hedges. Rural Beech tree lined road in Ireland.

The Dark Hedges. Rural Beech tree lined road in Ireland.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

I wish I could flick a

switch and be changed.

I think I have all the

answers–no matter how

many times I change

my mind–I think I’m

always right(eous) and

my answers would be

good for you.  Maybe.

But I don’t leave room

for the “unknown”,

“miracles”, if you will

because they’re so

uncommon or even rare

to non-existent.

Anyone can be the first.

So it’s a learned “defect”

I would even call it–in

relationships, esp.

Learned because my young,

innocent self didn’t think

this way.  It didn’t seek to

convince as much as share.

At least I see it.

I want to be helpful–not a

chain around someone’s


I need to leave room for

“the other” not being me.

Having a different

road to travel, yet we

can still walk it together.


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I want to enter into &

merge with your feelings.

I want a connection, a bond

to form,  unlike any I’ve ever

had before.

Those were tentative.  The

back door was always open.

Ready to be dashed out of at any

moment.  For an escape

of commitment.

How injurious of myself

to hesitate, to risk entering

into a feeling partnership

with another–at least

initially–to form a

basis for a stronger bond.

I must be easy on myself,

not ever having bared that

vulnerable part of myself

much in my life.

‘Mistakes’ of fear & hiding

as so painful.  Much

more so than opening

I would think when I have

the courage to do it.

I’m ready to start

practicing.  Any other

way is just too painful

to run from.


Photography © Dennis Frates Photography









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