The spirit within me

is a little kid.

Who wants to play

all the time!

Have fun and laugh

and generally

have a good time.

That’s what (real) little

kids do endlessly.

I want to be silly

with someone–many

someones who take

me seriously at having

a good time.  I guess

I could “play” like an

adult some of the time

so I could process reality

to get to where I want to

go.  Maybe that’s not even

necessary.  Give up my fun

just to get somewhere?

The adult’s tired of being

serious.  And responsible–

for everybody else, as if

they didn’t have enough

problems worrying about

me worrying about them.

I wonder if there are any

people left in this world

who still want to have fun

all day long?  And are bigger

than 2 feet tall.  Still have

their spirit?






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Another day

another week

another (school) year


I wonder how I find

the energy to do what

I do each day.

It’s a lot.

I get inspired from

project to project

not really following

a script.

Looking back

I did a lot of

good things for

myself & others

which I hardly take

time to reflect upon

& give myself credit


Pink Lady Hellebore flower in fall grasses. Al's Nursery. Woodburn, Oregon

Pink Lady Hellebore flower in fall grasses. Al’s Nursery. Woodburn, Oregon

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography




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It’s the flow from one thing

to another without interruption.

One joyful activity after another.

If it’s not fun, why in God’s name

are you doing it?

Get in the flow of good feelings so

you can spend your energy

perpetuating it.

To have to constantly leap out of

the fire back into the pot is

harassing and demeaning.

You’re better than that.

You deserve better than that.

Going where you don’t want

may be a flow of sorts

but mainly you’ve got a

good head of steam, taking

you nowhere, fast.







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I want a friend.  One with feelings.  Laughing

is required as is a sense of humor.  A ready

laugh is important–the ability to enjoy

fully & outwardly a moment with another.

Being passionate about similar things,

not holding back the sharing of those “in


Someone who is willing to discuss options

and compromise occasionally.  Someone

who doesn’t always have to have it their

own way all the time.

You know when you’re with such an

‘easy’ friend.  They’re not wishy-washy,

nor are they stubbornly one-minded,

leaving you out of the equation almost


Maybe I ask too much these days of “doing

your own thing”.  Maybe.  But I remember

when friends negotiated.  Where one

wasn’t stronger or more influential

than the other when decisions & choices

were made.

Not to give up, or in to, your values, just to

be a friend who likes to laugh & have fun

and enjoy many of the same things


Maybe I’m picking the “wrong” friends

or I need more of them to meet my

needs.  I know who I’m interested in

spending more time with when I

meet them.  And all my requirements

may not be met but a lot of the

important ones will.

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Fun, Fun, Fun

So I made a turn

off the true & well trammelled


peeled off from the formation

and opened my box of


this will be fun I said

So I invented a game

that had lots of winners–

everybody, actually.

We scrambled to win–

to be top dog

and then went out to play

while our scores were tallied.

We were having so much fun

we forgot we were in “school”

and when their teacher

returned, she was amazed

at the transformation of a

“dull” and regular class

to one of excitement &


I’m glad I visited today.

I definitely got more

than I gave–you knave–

“breaking” all the rules.

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I got paid to play!

I feel like a NFL star.

With kids 3-5 years old

the only thing important

to them is to eat and play.

Indoors and out.

They delight in their new

abilities–to catch the

ball–to throw the ball.

To be stubborn or to not

fight it at all & go with

the flow–they are good

at doing that, mostly.

So creative.

There’s no ‘right’ way

because every way

is a new way for them,

so they can decide

how they want to

do it.

They’re not ‘serious’


You couldn’t pay

them not to play!


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Joy to the World

I was reading an inspiring passage.

When I’m inspired, I cast that

enthusiasm onto whatever

I put my attention onto, inspiring

intrinsically, or not.

So, I got excited, determining to

do what I got so excited about

as soon as I “had time”.

Some voices in my head think

I “should” be doing “hard”, serious

even, work that I don’t

particularly enjoy that much–it’s

o.k., but I’d rather be doing

something else.

So, I’m trying to delete

that programming from

my consciousness so I

don’t have to deal with

an argument every time

I feel like doing something

fun, decadent, frivolous

even, or enjoyable when

“work” “has to be” done.

How are we going to live a

life of joy & contribute that

to the world if we don’t

continuously choose fun,

joyful things to do??

Cuban Lily (Scilla peruviana) The Connie Hansen Garden. Lincoln City, Oregon

Cuban Lily (Scilla peruviana) The Connie Hansen Garden. Lincoln City, Oregon

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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Another Fun Poem

If it’s not FUN, I’m

not doing it.  It’s that


A strong statement, for

sure, to live up to, made

by a speaker I recently


Yet, words don’t belie her

actions, as she lives by

them both, it seems.

That means saying “no”

more than you’re used

to.  Until you get

something that’s acceptable.

Step by step, that’s your

mantra.  Reject all unfun


If it begins to be

humdrum or boring, it’s

time for a change.

Let’s think–what else

could we do that’s

great learning (in a

school lesson, for

instance), yet what

I want to do?

What’s fun to me?

If learning involves

some “effort”, I’m not

going to shirk that

“exertion” of my mind.

But how can we make

it fun, also?

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The Substance of Worry

What’s there to worry about?

Nothing.  That’s what.

So, if there’s nothing

then it’s senseless to fear

any future.

I can plan or not.

Be completely spontaneous

and see what drops out

of the heavens on my head.

Or I could plan and manipulate

all the safeguards I could

think of to keep from getting hit

on the head from…rose petals,

hail, rocks!, or who knows what

else falls down from the sky?

I do wear my hat for sun rays

to deflect.

Hair is getting scarcer & less protective!

I went to the river to walk/run

today as usual.  The wind was

blowing very hard.  So other than

that, I saw two boats–no one’s

traveling in the flooded debris

strewn, high, muddy waters yet.

Back to worrying.  I could save

my self a lot of “computer time”,

mentally, by giving it up.

That along with some sweets

could go easily if only…

I had more…will power?


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Not enough ‘no rain’

to squeeze in a ‘dry’


Well, I could go any-


Who wants to run?

I do, scream the crowd

of cheerleaders.

So, I guess I’ll have

to take my chances.

A light day is looking

encouraging anyway.

Hmm–mud here, there

& everywhere–no problem.

Since when is mud a


My bones need airing

as well as the rest of


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