On the Road

Once the outer rim of reality

is breached

you wonder where you were

your perception jaded

lashed by feelings

run amok

your body contained.

Brain fog doesn’t

announce itself.

When you’re in brain fog,

you don’t know

you’re in brain fog.

Only after,

it’s clear.

Still, a path

is traveled

to freedom.

An island of

peace that says

you earned it

from your travels

along the way.

Everything’s ok out

there.  You just have

to see it that way

and give up your

cockeyed outlook on

how you think it’s

all going to come












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Another day

another week

another (school) year


I wonder how I find

the energy to do what

I do each day.

It’s a lot.

I get inspired from

project to project

not really following

a script.

Looking back

I did a lot of

good things for

myself & others

which I hardly take

time to reflect upon

& give myself credit


Pink Lady Hellebore flower in fall grasses. Al's Nursery. Woodburn, Oregon

Pink Lady Hellebore flower in fall grasses. Al’s Nursery. Woodburn, Oregon

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography




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Turn Over a New Leaf

Spring comes to put

a spring in our step.

After a long, dark winter,

we get extra daylight


clear blue skies

bad air gone

a chance to make

the day yours.

Look for the ones

who take no care

for themselves.

Only delight and

play comes so naturally

with no effort

could continue on


Let’s celebrate life

by living it

fully.  Not one

second can go to

waste in such a


Take the lead from

all those

who only play

all through

their days.


Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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Who, said the Owl?

Who am I?

Be him.

Peek inside.

What, who

do I see?

What do I feel?

I feel at peace.

Satisfied with myself.

Done enough

been enough.

Just because I

measure other people

doesn’t mean

they do to me the same.

Only if you’re baking

a cake do you need to


Follow the recipe.

Humans have no


If you think you

do, you’d better check

your owner’s manual

for directions on how

to live your life.

It’s usually contained

behind the belly

button somewhere.

Who am I?

Check in, and see.

Great Horned Owl on fence. Summer Lake State Wildlife Refuge. Oregon

Great Horned Owl on fence. Summer Lake State Wildlife Refuge. Oregon

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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I want to live my life with passion!

To so look forward to each day

and moment of life–

to cherish all my presence on

this planet.

Not to waste my days in fear.

I could fake it, but I’d

rather feel it as real, within


I’m open to finding what

this reality of passionate

living is for me & feels

like on a daily, minute

to minute basis.

I want to broach that wall

of invisible fear and reach

out in directions that would

facilitate discovering such a


What can I be excited about??

Whatever it is, I’m still looking–

with eyes wide open.

High waves during storm at Devils Churn, Oregon.

High waves during storm at Devils Churn, Oregon.

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Mustard and foxglove at Arch Rock. viewpoint. Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor. Oregon

How do we change?

How do we learn new tricks?

If we buy a ticket to our

desired destination

what’s to say that we

will arrive on time?

Or that there will even

be a ticket available?

We could drop the whole

idea & let it rain tickets

on us when we want to

venture out in the storm.

Or–forget about going

anywhere and staying home

reading a whole pile of

books we have backlogged

to finish.

But change comes.  Usually

slowly.  It sneaks up on us

so as not to scare us with

a start.

We can do lots to pave

our way to where we want

to go.  No need to get

anxious whether we’re

going fast enough or


We just need to keep on

the path–of the road

less traveled.

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Inner Strength

I don’t know what I’m

supposed to think–

like I have an entourage

of protectors around

me at all times–

I’m me.  Alone.  Handling

life by my “wits” as it were.

If I get advice, I still have

to decide to use it or not.

It’s kind of a smug feeling

with me right now as I

think about it.

But I know there are other

times of fear & uncertainty

that I need to navigate

through, and protectors

or not, I have to make it

through to the other side

of all that discomfort, on

my own.  With my own

strength and not dodging

any feelings that are coming

up & through me as a natural

process of growth.

Thank goodness I can

rely on myself–even when I’m

way over my head in the

deepest do-do you can

imagine, I usually pull

through “unscathed” and

relatively still in one piece.


Close up of iris flower (Gypsy Lord) with rain drops. Schriners Iris Garden. Oregon

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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Feelings.  Feelings signify

you’re alive!  Connection.

Connection with others

that matter–irreplaceable.

I listen to my heart, my

inner guidance and they

duke it out coming

to a decision oftentimes.

I give way to my intuition

almost always.  Hard,

tough decisions that tear

at my insides but yet

I go ahead & choose and

live with the results.

It’s a big deal sometimes.

One day I will

be well enough to see

the triviality of what

I take so seriously now.

One day.

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First Flowers

I saw flowers the other day–

wild flowers coming up

to see the light of day.

Heaven and earth couldn’t

stop them.

If it is their time, it’s their


Just little, humble trumpets

blaring silence in the dewy,

green grass.

Spring is a renewal of

all the dormant forces

of nature.

There’s no starter gun,

they’re not lined up

anxious to take off

at the sound of a shot.

They just sleepily

arch forward in all

their glory to finally

face the sun and be

bright & warm again.

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A Leaf & A Flower

If I was a leaf

I’d grow a flower.

I like yellow

but any color

would do.

I’d let the world

see my beauty.

Invite the

butterflies in.

Kiss the sun.

I know my

time is limited

to the season,

but I’d make

the most of it,

taking the

lion’s share

of the rain,

wind & sun.

I’d love being


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