I have a strong




‘Something’ is wanting

to break forward/out/into…

something else–

becoming unstuck

from a cemented post hole,

let loose from a lifetime

of restriction

largely self-imposed.


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Sleep or Meditate

Sleep or meditate

either way

your eyes

are closed–

at least in

the meditation

I do.

You’re not

missing much

outside your


the world just

goes on as usual–

the good, the bad

and the ugly–

while you are at

peace within,

in bliss

while the

world battles

it out

for top dog.

Sleep or meditate

what a choice

to make

when your

eyes are tired

and within

is beckoning.

Tomato with yellow sepals.

Tomato with yellow sepals.








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Escape Within

I want to crawl into my page

pull the covers up

turn on the flashlight

and disappear from the

world for a long, long


My own personal ‘hole’.

Who would ever think

I’d be happy in a (w)hole

lot of darkness with the

aid of a flashlight?

But I am.

I don’t even want to peek

out to see if the world

is still there.

I know it probably is

but I don’t want to

know I know.

I don’t want to think

about anything else

but what’s on this

page basking in the

light of my desk

covered up from the

world with my

one-focused attention.

I’ve been out there too

long taking in stuff.

Now I just want to

let some of it flow out

like a calm, serene lake

reflecting the majesty of

the heavens on a starlit



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Humor in Class

The kids often come up to me

in class or after class and say:

“You’re funny” in a rather

deadpan way.  I rarely see,

though, any of them smiling

or laughing at my efforts to

cheer up a rather bored and

oppressed looking class (or

when I try to target some likely

looking “unhappy” individuals.

I can usually get through to some

of the toughest cases :).

I’m thinking of offering “extra

points” for laughing, or even

smiling, at my jokes much like

what I do when I’m “desperate”

for participation and offer “extra

Eagle Bucks” for the “right” answer

I’m looking for for a thoughtful

topic we’re reading and discussing.

I don’t want to “load the question”

for a “better mood” if they’re not already

feeling it.  But I might experiment and see

what I can come up with.  Today’s kids

are often a sorrowful bunch when it comes

to offering them what the school curriculum

is dishing out…in class…on the playground

they seem to recover quite a bit!








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Clarity Beckons

I have no idea

what to write

so what comes out

is new to me

as much as to


Fortune favors the


I try to follow the

string (I left) out of the

dark cave (it was light

when I went in or at least

I thought it was) I’ve entered.

It seems I live there most of the

time when we’re talking about

real clarity of mind.

Maybe I clutter it

and am responsible

for not seeing past

the mess…

and all I have to do is stop

packratting bits of nonessential

trivia which I curiously

seek out to find the

whole story of a hook

I’ve bit into, poor fish

I am–to let myself be

caught by such an

inexperienced angler

without even an angle

to offer of much worth.


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Opening to Receive

If our door is shut, like a fortress,

not much penetrates.

We are seemingly ‘safe’.

But expansion is curtailed.

We have no wiggle room.

We are locked in and we aren’t

coming out.

High on a hill we’re inaccessible

to most–

come down to their level

and they at least have a

fighting chance.

Not sure who to let in.

Barbarians abound!

My armor is on in case if a


I feel safer in a ‘tin can’.

Like a sardine–no one’s

getting in until I get eaten.

Not much of a life to look

forward to, but ‘safe’–

until the end.




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I want to hide under the covers

but then nobody could tell how

magnificent I was.

I fear they may judge me as

lacking in some way.  Which is

probably true & possibly even

helpful to know, still I want to


Sometimes part of me wants

to peek out of the windows

of my soul

to see if there is really a world

I left behind when I went


It’s there for sure.  I spend

too much time there and

not enough within.

Coming out is liberating

even if I view it as “risky”.

Usually, I surprise

myself with my own

magnificent splendor

and how it was always

in there & just needed

to come out to view it.












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We hide inside


we’re budding


We have to


to fly,

to see the light.

There’s none of it


We have to feel

our way through the

veil of seeming illusion

and incarceration.

Just one speck of a beam

is enough to give us


that more lies outside.

You never know for sure.

You shed your cocoon

and see if you can

survive in the air

with your drying



Photography © Dennis Frates Photography


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Proximally Close

We’re really shut off–from others

behind our computer screens.

Community is lost within our four

walls and can’t be found.

Only artificially by extension

can we learn to relate with others

and then it is such a partial


So much is lost in the distant

impersonalness.  Sure, some

is gained somewhat, but a

scattered incomplete view is

had with a lot of holes to

be filled in when a ‘real’

experience is had–with

eye contact, tone of voice,

posture, position and

warmth of proximity.







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Moving Energy

I’m honoring my house today.

Lighting candles, incense,

and bringing in flowers.

A few months of heavy emotional

traffic needed to be cleared out.

I think I made a dent in it

or cleared it completely.

Somehow I trust, tomorrow

will be a much improved day

while I’m within my home,

and without!

I am usually amazed at the

results of my little ceremony,

but it always happens.

Some tweak to the energy

stagnation moves it out

to make room for a new

input to be established.

I’m glad I’m able to do

this even when I’m

seeming ok, but when

I critically examine

my feeling in my home,

I know there can be

an improvement.

You can’t see much,

you just have to feel the

difference, so very subtle

is it sometimes, you

may miss it.  Other

times, it’s rather dramatic.

I wonder which one it will

be this time?

Point Cabrillo Lighthouse with sunrise. California

Point Cabrillo Lighthouse with sunrise. California

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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