If I was j.u.s.t myself,

I would probably go off

the DEEP end, bounce in from

right field

to a grounder hit poorly, that

should have been an “out”.

Who knows what virus my brain

may release on the literary world?

Taking it by storm no

vaccine or antibiotic would touch,

it mutates and changes defenses

so quickly.

Me, myself & I, we stay in a

hole deep inside

lest the slings and arrows

of OUTRAGEOUS fortune

pay an untimely visit–

every visit from them is


So, wounded, I limp back

home, licking my wounds

in self-pity waiting for this

wave of compassionate

self-demise to end.

Who am I, anyway?  EVEN

I do not want to really

know, for fear it would be

unacceptable, even to ME.

Eroded rock formations in Badlands National Park, South Dakota.

Eroded rock formations in Badlands National Park, South Dakota.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/

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The endless end of the day:

don’t want to give it up–

to sleep.

Too much fun, joy

riding the wave of

weekend energy

seeming to be pulled

forward into activity

ending up where I

want to be over & over

again all day.

My job involves making

decisions that may

involve disappointing

people and in the end

being unfair.  My

knowledge is so limited,

in each situation, I’m

bound to err.

I challenge myself

to be better everyday

but really so stern

a view of my output

is self-destructive

continuously applied.

Relax.  Ease up.

Let the day unfold,

play out as it

is “supposed'” to.

Don’t fight it,

it will go by itself.


Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/








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When I’m not sure what I’m doing,

the most rewards come.

More challenges, harder work,

esp., to adjust to the newness of it,

is all very stimulating and


I can do it but it takes a lot of

work to make everything gel.

I fall short often.  That just means

I get to learn like everyone else

in life.

Mistakes show progress.

I am more experienced each time

I try.


The Ghost Forest at an extreme minus tide with sunrise and fog. Neskowin, Oregon

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/












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Make Room

Why do we hold on?  Letting go

makes room.  That’s enough in

itself.  Room to move.  Room

to breathe.

It’s not like you won’t have

anything if you let some of it

go.  We’re obsessed with

having, with possessions,

like we won’t get caught

“without” if we have some

in “reserve”.

It’s hard to develop if we’re

always provided for.

Lean times show us we can

prevail, make it through

what seems like impenetrable


It’s not like we haven’t

“practiced” this over and over.

And here we are–still in

one piece!  Amazing!

Life seems to want us

to do our part & it tries

to find ways to give us

what we need to do that.

No one likes a slacker.

Everyone has to pull their weight–

in one way or another.

Look for those gems in others–

They’re there.


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24 at a time

I am at the end of my day.

The end of my rope.

Swinging like an ape

from a vine.

Does no earthly good

to whine.

So I have mastered

this last 24 hrs. in style–

every day I do.  Where I

fall, I learn.  When I fly,

I make up for crawling

on my hands and knees

through the fog of humanity

to try to find my way.

A direction is mine.  I go

there at a steady pace–

crawl or fly, I like to

think I’m heading in

a productive direction

no matter how clear, how

fast I go.

Challenges, one at a time,

get done.


Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/



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Count backwards from


The year in review

in preview

or just be in the now.

The past is or was what

it was

the future is

promised to no one.

God himself doesn’t

know what’s coming down


Or maybe he does, but

he’s not telling–

especially us humans

what we’ve decided to do

with the fate he’s handed


Somehow we can choose

a timeline, a color shoes

we like.

God doesn’t too much

care one way or the


Change is up and


Will we embrace it


or go kicking &

screaming all the

way to enlightenment?


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It’s 11-11 in a “1” year (2017=2+0+1+7=10=1+0=1).

I’m an “11” in Numerology–what all this is

about (11=1+1=2).  I’m a 2 but that’s still a lot of

“1” energy.

So, good things can happen today (for everyone)

or for a day before & a day after–the heavens don’t

have digital wrist watches counting every second.

Numerology is a lot of fun.  Easier than Astrology,

just count on your fingers, like I teach in 1rst grade.

Some people’s #’s match and they get along & under-

stand each other more easily.  Some don’t match

but you can work at it a little & still get along

with them.  Even be soul mates, it just takes a little

more “effort” as it were.

There’ your Numerology primer & keeping it short.

Heliconia blossom. Maui. Hawaii

Heliconia blossom. Maui. Hawaii

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/






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Trying and Perfectionism

“I think I messed up on my

spelling test.  My mother will

KILL me!”

Well!  I admire your perfectionistic

attitude, I said, but could you

go a little easier on yourself, almost

in tears, with her head down on the

desk, as she tantrumed herself.

I looked at her test.  Sure enough

a word was left out.  In la la

land her mind must have been

when I dictated it.

Another student, a boy, had stars

for everyday he behaved on his desk.

I said, finally, at the end of

a trying day for him, I’ll give

you a star, but you have to

draw it.”  “I can’t; I don’t

know how,” he says.  I say, “I

will teach you.  So we

practiced.  He couldn’t get it

right.  My attention was back on the

rest of the dismissing class.

I heard, ” I did it!!” and

and I looked an he had a

pretty good 5-pointed

star drawn for today.

His & my self-esteem

went up a couple

notches after that.


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How far can I go


going over

the edge?

I  push–the limit?

is there a limit–

I go there to see.

How far can I go

without doing

too much,



I ‘have to’

find out–

left undone,


is a waste,

is an under-


So my body’s

a lab

in which

I can experiment.

We all have our

own ‘limits’.

You never know

yours until you

go there and find

maybe, you went too

far, so you can back

off a little next time–

or not!


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Humor in Class

The kids often come up to me

in class or after class and say:

“You’re funny” in a rather

deadpan way.  I rarely see,

though, any of them smiling

or laughing at my efforts to

cheer up a rather bored and

oppressed looking class (or

when I try to target some likely

looking “unhappy” individuals.

I can usually get through to some

of the toughest cases :).

I’m thinking of offering “extra

points” for laughing, or even

smiling, at my jokes much like

what I do when I’m “desperate”

for participation and offer “extra

Eagle Bucks” for the “right” answer

I’m looking for for a thoughtful

topic we’re reading and discussing.

I don’t want to “load the question”

for a “better mood” if they’re not already

feeling it.  But I might experiment and see

what I can come up with.  Today’s kids

are often a sorrowful bunch when it comes

to offering them what the school curriculum

is dishing out…in class…on the playground

they seem to recover quite a bit!








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