It makes a difference

When you risk doing something

different…what happens?

That’s just it.  You never know.

Same old, same old and you can

practically take bets on the


But when you walk blindly into

newness, it becomes somewhat

of an adventure…

You may slip & fall,

trip and tumble…

but who’s watching?

…like you should care?

Fun is fun.  I won’t belabor

the point and what is

the point, if it’s not fun,

or the possibility of creating

some mirth & laughter in

others and yourself?

That’s right, pointless.

Why bother??

You’ve probably got better

things to do anyway,

so if you “have” to do

something when you’d

rather be doing something else,

then make it fun.  One

out of 10 or 20 people I greeted

this morning smiled joyfully

and even laughed.  That’s not a

very good average.  Do it

differently & see what happens.


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People help me when I need help.

Of course, it’s helpful to ask for it.

Not everyone will know you need


Not to chase after it

but if you need something

like this writing

to calm down

then do it

and let the unsure,

scary feelings pass

out of you.

They will go.

Just because there’s a little

pressure that is new

is not a reason to

cash in all your chips

and go home.

Keep going in the

direction you’re going in.

There’s no reason to

give up making

‘conscious’ forward



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Chaos Reigns

Today was a day like no other.

I couldn’t have anticipated all

that went on around me.

My wits were tested.  I’ve fallen

before, where I didn’t this time.

I’m learning to control my

extreme reactions

under pressure, whereas

before I would have not had

such patience.

I  modulated my responses when

previously I would have ended up

losing it, and blasting some

little kid out of his seat for maybe

good reason, but still not worth a

blast.  I’m surprising myself

at confronting these difficult

situations.  It feels good!

I passed many tests–and I was the


Off the battlefield a little wiser

maybe, to try to be even more

effective the next time, and with

greater fulfillment.


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Baby Steps

To the perfectionist, baby steps

seem like a complete waste of time.

They only see the end, and how quickly

they can get there.

Baby steps bask in the pain of impatience

of moving so slowly.

Baby steps do not tolerate not

starting.  Only by pushing the

first domino over, can thousands

fall into place–

and you only had to begin.  To push


Sure, they may have taken a

while to set up, but the push

only took a second.

Baby steps.  Commitment.

Involvement.  Feelings.

Baby steps fall a lot.  They’re

babies! after all.  Just learning.

No one learns perfectly the first

time and flawlessly forever

from then on.  Practice

makes perfect & requires a

step–a small baby step

in the right direction, the direction

you want to go, to see what

happens.  Certainly nothing

is happening when you’re immobile

not stepping toward anything.




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To Sleep Perchance to Dream

I don’t want to go to sleep.

I want to stay up…forever!

Life is such an experiential


I feel it all–the good…the

bad, & the ugly, too.  It’s not

fun to be there but it’s the

price I pay when

I let my attention

wander to places I’d really

rather not focus on now,

but find myself exploring

what’s there, if anything,

for me at that time.

Sleep actually seems so


Our bodies are ‘clunkers’

processing energy from food

so inefficiently we need

8 hours to ‘right’ ourselves

and dispose of all the garbage

and make repairs.

A lot of shop time

that seems very unnecessary

but needed anyway at this time

in most of our lives’ evolution.








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Skin Your Knee

Falling down starts


and none of us is

immune to it.

If we take

full credit

for our life,

knowing we are

doing our best


occasional spills

are the

small price

we tender

for our rent &


on this planet.

If we we’re past

this point of falling,

it wouldn’t happen

as much, or anymore,


But, we get better

and we need to


if only to ourselves,

that missteps happen,

until we’ve learned

to be more sure-footed

in our life.

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Walking Backwards

Walking backwards–the route–

not my body–produces awarenesses

you don’t as readily notice when

you trek your tried and true

favorite path.

They were all there before but

now you see & feel them in a new


You may even test yourself by

trying to follow your

intuitive knowingness of

where & which way to go.

I got so far out that I

wasn’t sure the way back

would be all that enjoyable

if I was tired & pushing

to get home.  Which has

happened before when I get

greedy and go beyond what

my body & inner sense is

telling me.  I just love it

so much.  And some days

I’m feeling really great & that

enjoyment is all the more


But today turned out fine.

And my inner knowingness

assured me it would give

me the energy to get back

with ease.  I love walking.








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I want to enter into &

merge with your feelings.

I want a connection, a bond

to form,  unlike any I’ve ever

had before.

Those were tentative.  The

back door was always open.

Ready to be dashed out of at any

moment.  For an escape

of commitment.

How injurious of myself

to hesitate, to risk entering

into a feeling partnership

with another–at least

initially–to form a

basis for a stronger bond.

I must be easy on myself,

not ever having bared that

vulnerable part of myself

much in my life.

‘Mistakes’ of fear & hiding

as so painful.  Much

more so than opening

I would think when I have

the courage to do it.

I’m ready to start

practicing.  Any other

way is just too painful

to run from.


Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/









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The Eye of a Needle

There are ways to walk–a path free and

clear of major obstructions, that ease your


Open eyes see the sidebars of the trail.

Choosing to investigate a less than

easily appearing route, is your call,

or should I say “inside” will tell you

which way is worth looking into.

Learning is what life gives us for living

its fully possible situations that

beckon the curious.

A lot’s to be understood and appreciated

for what it is.

To turn away from the new–at least

new to you–is a weighed choice

you may have to make on your own.

Trusting your wide, easy path

may be dull for its lack of

challenge, you often strike out

for the turnouts to see if

anything is there for you.

Wisdom resides within to prevent

regrets.  We can hone that overseer,

or at least our perception of it, to

give direction that reaches our

sense of relying on, or consistently,

consulting it.


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Walk into Fear

Not to walk in to the fires of fear

is a sure death sentence for the

soul, and the life of the being.

The fear will not leave until you

face it.  And then it may only lessen.

Repeat lessons are usually in order

and you get better with practice.

That’s the way for most of us.  Non-

Mozarts.  It always seems to be going

nowhere to us and the progress we

expect.  But down the road, a meeting

with a friend you haven’t see in a while

highlights your here-to-fore unawareness

of how beautifully you’ve changed.

It’s good to go for what you want.  Not let

outside forces affect your steps.  Or your

mind cajoleing you in wayward directions.

You may get singed.  Most steps going

anywhere can’t avoid it.  Your thin skin will

become thicker and you won’t be thrown

off so easily anymore.











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