Keep Going

We all “need” each other

despite claims to the contrary.

Somehow that outer shell

of resistance, protection

melts away in the face of

love, acceptance.

Others feel better about you

than you do–and they

don’t even know you.

Makes you reconsider:

maybe I am lovable

especially when you’re

not feeling so about


It’s good to be freed

from that grip

negativity and

fear have on you.

Finding ways to

shed such parasites

will let you feel

nurtured again

without walking

around in a dark



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Wait!  I’m here.

You just don’t see me.

I blend in with the surroundings

like I wasn’t even here.

Go any where you like–

I’ll follow.


Don’t give up hope.

It’s so easy to do.

I’m on your trail.

Closing fast.

I’ll be upon you

any moment.

And then you’ll know

I was there all along.

Watching your back.

Knowing you wish you

had a ‘dirt angel’

instead of a ‘dirt devil’

for a vacuum cleaner.

Nothing escapes my notice.

Slow down.  I’ll catch up.

Wait!  I’m here.


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I wish I had security,

inner security–

not being afraid of

losing anything or

wasting any time, for

instance.  My guilt

mechanism would not

be activated.

Just be at peace.

How hard can that

be?  Many people–

maybe most–struggle

with it for a very long

time–maybe even a

lifetime–and some

may die without ever

experiencing that

state of not needing

something else or

seeking, or even pursuing

a better, more favorable


Our dissatisfaction can

ruin an otherwise happy

existence if we would

just let go

of conditions not

being “perfect”–even

if that could be so.

Cone flower. Portland Zoo butterffly Garden.Oregon

Cone flower. Portland Zoo butterfly Garden.Oregon

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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keep it short

to the point

and funny

if you can manage


don’t bother

people’s time matter

at least

to them

so short

is the new


long is ok too

if you feel so





Geese landing with fall colors. Montana

Geese landing with fall colors. Montana

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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Spending today’s allowance

and part of tomorrows’.

I am such a glutton

for joy.

Live til you drop.  Forget

about shopping.

Rest deserves all our respect.

It makes everything else


Still, joy beckons.

The lips of love want

to share my ears, Romans


Good thing I have to

make my chocolate last

until the next trip

to the store.

Such a glutton indulging

in all of life to fill my

pockets to overflowing–

I guess I have to give

some away–sharing

from plenty.

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Square 1

I like her but I’m afraid to

talk to her.

I’m afraid of getting ensnared

in a relationship I find myself

not wanting to be in.

All in the name of relieving


If I begin to “let her in”

she comes willingly almost

like pushing on a door you

thought was locked but it


Baggage.  I guess everyone comes

with it.  She seems to have


than her share but comes

with “goodies”, too.

Relationships that don’t

work out can be an unending

source of painful memories.

To pull anchor on that kind

of stuckness–oh, how I wish

it were so easy.


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The Hare and the Turtle

“No, you can’t go, you need to rest.

You’ll over do it.  Already it’s a painful

adjustment to increase your exercise

to an aerobic 45 min. session everyday.”

Yes, it isn’t easy to start when you’re

not used to something.  But I took

it one day at a time to see how

far I could go without injury,

crashing, etc.

So far, so good.  My tendency to

“push” and criticize to look for

“perfection” had to be let go.

Slow worked better than I thought.

Lighter weights were a good workout,

anyway.  I can always move up.

I tend to injure going too fast

or pushing too hard.

So, all the voices in my head

are being stood up to for the

vaporous, substance-less, negative

imaginings they are.

I feel better about myself running.

Going slowly until my

conditioning improves makes it

possible.  Thank God!


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There’s still time

to write one more poem.

I am happy for tomorrow.

I can look forward to receiving

a new book.  I love to read.


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Love and Passion

I wish there was someone

to lay with

now that I’m ready…

Why didn’t I think

of friendship before?

now that I’m 3 qts. low

on the essential oil

for smooth performance

and to keep my vehicle

from self-incinerating.

Such a steamy passion

envelops my being.

I come with a body

the spirit takes care

of itself normally

the body has to

seek out its needs

and make them

known to another

in love and embrace

cuddle until two

become one

being going

with the flow

of love and



Photography © Dennis Frates Photography


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There’s nothing to wait for

it’s all here right now.

Do what you feel

Do what you love

I’m sure you could

come up with something!

Search out your heart

if that love is buried

deeply within.

Sometimes you don’t

have very far to


it’s there & it’s been

there all along…

waiting for you.


Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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