Group Meditation

We all went to the same place


A chain of energy & consciousness

linked to the absolute

magnified its presence

and power

many times over.

Although we were separate

our minds and focus were

one.  United in intention

we sent waves to the


like a global ocean pond

a rock dropped in

one end rippled its way

to the other shores.

Sweeping away all

vibes, tsunami-like,

that were not

life supporting.

Our influence

was felt on the furthest

beaches with waves

of love, unity and


Instantaneous was

our effect, far-reaching

and lasting.

Fading away goes

slowly until the

next gathering.

Full moonset over Teton Mountains. Grand Teton National Park, WY

Full moonset over Teton Mountains. Grand Teton National Park, WY

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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Physical touch

most of us

don’t get enough of.

The RDA for it

is not paid much

attention to.

It takes at least

2 to (two,too) touch.

Rubbing your

sore feet doesn’t


I guess you could

“give” hugs but

that really implies

you want (& need)

one, yourself.

Whether you’re

giving one or

asking for one–

I guess it doesn’t


The touch is


communicative of

your intentions

which usually

boils down to love

& caring.


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Inherit the World

Little kids continue to

amaze me.

They seem to be coming from

a purer “heart” space–many

of them.

Parenting can’t be easy, so

their behavior reflects back

on those who’ve affected them,

been an influence.

To be a good role model today

I believe, takes a lot.  To be

real, yet not convey

qualities you would not

like to pass on to your kids,

is a huge challenge.

They see “beyond” or through

your words if they’re not

congruent with your actions.

So from your heart to theirs

needs to be a direct

connection and from there

temper all disciplines initiated.

They’re learning.  You need

to teach them with your

example.  The best you



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I Can

Everything’s telling me I can’t

but I’m going to anyway.

I saw how powerful my mind

and thoughts were today,

taking away pain if I

focused on the positive–on

what I wanted.

It just took a little while

of concerted “effort” & con-

centration to build up

a momentum where I didn’t

have to do that anymore.

I was just on “auto pilot”.

When the pain occasionally

surfaced–it was constant in

the beginning–I just

did what I did continuously

to get going for a brief

moment, and I was

on the road again–pain


It wasn’t my body–

that was just the result

of my “negative”, weak

thinking that manifested

in the habit of pain & “I

can’t do it”.  It was just easier

to give up when the going

got tough than push through

it with some effort in my

thinking and that pushed

my body forward.


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a good book

Was the way it was–

comic books & sunflower seeds

licorice (black)

other assorted treats.

I would stay in my room

on my bed, seed shells piling

high on a napkin

too engrossed to

shuttle them to the

waste basket

An iron fortress

no one could penetrate.

I’d hide out forever.

My mind needed escape

I guess

give me a good book(s)–

that’s where you’ll find me.


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I have a friend who

stirs my soul to…


I have to remember

to talk to him

earlier in the day.

He’s like caffeine–

powerful and–as

all friends worth


My nervous system

is easily stimulated.

Others also can keep me


So I’m not pointing


Regular hours are

good to keep.

You want to bend

the rules & kick up

your heels a bit though

when you have a

few days off without

having to rise early.

I love tomorrow.  But

I love today more.


The Peace Bridge. Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

The Peace Bridge. Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography


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If I had a good book to read,

I wouldn’t be writing so much.

I want one that takes me far away

from everyday problems.

A good novel.  I’m so picky in what

I will choose and read.  If it’s

not good, I will give up on it no matter

what the promise of author or title.

Some are just such page turners, I

can get nothing done if I over-


I’m still looking.  Very picky.

I like to read so much, you’d

think I’d grab the next thing

that came along.

When I was younger & chose

comic books to read at night,

I don’t remember having

a quandary over what I picked.

Porky Pig, Bugs Bunny–they

were all good.  I didn’t judge

too much or reject any


What happened?  I like to buy

& not borrow, so I try to

choose carefully.  My

bookshelf is only so big.

With books & movies I’m

very selective–and partners!

Hence here I am, bookless,

etc.  Something good will

show up–I so love to read!


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Heart Offerings



It’s a picture of superman.

Oh!  Of course.

I just didn’t put the “S” in.


It’s a triangle in orange

filled with yellow inside,

some green and orange

stripes at the bottom.

It’s for me?


When you’re 6, people can

not see your budding brilliance

or sterling character all the time.

Just because you haven’t learned

the ropes yet, and rules you keep

breaking, trouble with authority

happens way too often for your comfort.

Really crimps your style.  How can you be

yourself if there’s a rule against everything

you are?

When I notice their brightness everyone

else overlooks, they feel vindicated and

validated as a person.

So, being fair, I see all sides of this little

person.  When they’re trying hard

and I notice it, and give them credit for

it, they never expected to get,

their heart is warmed, and a picture is

forthcoming.  An innocent gesture and

expression of their heart, not scheming to

get something down the road.

Some kids have so much integrity, that I pale

in their face and the pureness of it.  I say where did

you learn to be so honest?  “My dad” comes back.

I bolster and encourage that, as if it would do any

good the kid is already so strong to his core with

those values.

Kids with a strong sense of self and integrity are

going to be needed to lead us.

I’m always impressed by such possibility.

If you can’t read and write yet very well yet,

pictures are worth a thousand words.

Seagull on sea stack rock with sunset. Bandon beach, Oregon.

Seagull on sea stack rock with sunset. Bandon beach, Oregon.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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Escape Within

I want to crawl into my page

pull the covers up

turn on the flashlight

and disappear from the

world for a long, long


My own personal ‘hole’.

Who would ever think

I’d be happy in a (w)hole

lot of darkness with the

aid of a flashlight?

But I am.

I don’t even want to peek

out to see if the world

is still there.

I know it probably is

but I don’t want to

know I know.

I don’t want to think

about anything else

but what’s on this

page basking in the

light of my desk

covered up from the

world with my

one-focused attention.

I’ve been out there too

long taking in stuff.

Now I just want to

let some of it flow out

like a calm, serene lake

reflecting the majesty of

the heavens on a starlit



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I’m waiting to lock the

classroom, turn off the lights

and go home.  My line of

students has all left but

one.  I said, “let’s go!”  Every

body’s already left.  She

gets up–2nd grader– grabs

a paper on her desk & starts

to run towards me.  I say,

push in your chair–it wasn’t

perfectly pushed in like the

others, but I let it go and

she hands me the paper.

It says, “Best teacher ever”

at the top with a drawing

of me underneath and

From & her name.

It’s little unexpected

things like this that

make my day a

little, or maybe even

a lot, brighter.  While

everyone was rushing,

pushing to get in line

to go home on a Friday

afternoon, she was at

her desk doing this.



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