I’m so willing to try

what works.

Openness of mind requires

courage, although it may

not seem so.

Everyone is genetically different

even though you may find

yourself in a particular “group”.

So, what works for one

does not necessarily work for

all, even though we are all


So being open to experiment

–yourself being the “lab rat”,

requires letting go of

OK, for wow!

Anyway, on-going conditions

let the chips fall as

they change where they may.

So, one day at a time,

though trite,

may be the sanest and

best way to get through

a tailored existence–

fitting you to a T

at least temporarily.

Sailboat off St. John, Virgin Islands and sunset.

Sailboat off St. John, Virgin Islands and sunset.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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A chance to start anew

each day brings light

to shine

without and within

and drive out the dark


so once again

we may see

better than before.

Each day a little


Each day less and

less darkness.

No shame in being


All will be revealed


Just to be who

we are, I am

you are

is to shine our

miracle of existence

like no other can.

Close up of yellow Ranunculus.

Close up of yellow Ranunculus.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography










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A Crooked Path

I kind of like that I follow

some inner impulse–

most of the time.

I worry about not being

perfect.  The universe

chuckles over that all

the time.

I go in a rather jagged,

zig-zag course forward

trying to “feel” where

I’m going as well as

watch out for running

into poles while I’m so

engrossed in myself!

Sensible thinking also

comes along.  I’m not

sure how helpful it is.

It’s usually built with

guilt & fear which are

useless to me.

Yet I carry that baggage

& most of it sticks to

me like glue as much

as I try to shed it off.

At the end of the day

I get to let it rest

and I usually get

to go at it again the

next day.

Even with a map,

I still veer.

Field of yellow tulips with one red tulip. Mt. Vernon. Washington

Field of yellow tulips with one red tulip. Mt. Vernon. Washington

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography


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Mighty Fastball


I am thankful

so today is





I have


I am

Who I know

Who knows me.

Dr. Seuss

My Dr. in the heavens

My Dr. on earth

Whoever it is

is welcome

to come and

heal me

of all



isn’t it?

You invoke

invite in

all the healing

energy out there

& it comes rushing in.

You just have to

receive its mighty

fastball in your mitt.


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Rules to Live…Bye

I want to be ‘safe’ by

following the rules

such a good boy scout am I.

I work very hard

to try to get it

all in–every nuance

–nothing or little is

overlooked my detailed

mind is so meticulous.

But ‘rules’ aside, I study

so much there’s a ‘rule’

against everything I do

to follow one or another

rule I’ve chosen for the time

being.  So, I’m always

breaking the rules, so

why not just do what

I want and see what feels

good?   Some things, I know

I’m in for trouble if I enter

that territory.  Not to be

negative, but who can argue

with repeated failure?  I’d

rather go where at least I

had hit or miss successes &

try for more consistency.

So, as has been said the only

rule is to have no rules.

Life is really a continuing

experiment with more rough

edges than tried & true guidelines.

Close up of Maarn Dahlia. Oregon

Close up of Maarn Dahlia. Oregon

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography





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Living Now Being Joy

One day.  I rest.

Enough for a while.

My system needs to


Then, I’m ready again.

Only for what I want.

I’m reminded that chasing

anything is a huge waste of


And extra effort seems like

a job, more than a game–

effortless, fun, enjoyable–

anything less is not life.

Not living, or a living death.

That means patience has to

come into play & faith.

I’ve wondered about that

word, faith.  It’s so foreign

in my life, it seems.  Either

something is or it isn’t.

To hope for it does no good.

It can go at its own inclination.

And then where are you left?

But negativity & resignation

can close opportunities–

so somewhere in the

middle of those two

extremes will manifest

what I want.


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My heart’s opening,

tender, tentative.

It feels silently,

so far.

It wants speech.

It won’t be known

as well from a glance.

Although, a lot’s

revealed in a look.

Perceptive mentally,

it needs a turn,

a voice.

How else will

we know what’s

in there?

What it wants to


I trust

its wisdom.


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I want to enter into &

merge with your feelings.

I want a connection, a bond

to form,  unlike any I’ve ever

had before.

Those were tentative.  The

back door was always open.

Ready to be dashed out of at any

moment.  For an escape

of commitment.

How injurious of myself

to hesitate, to risk entering

into a feeling partnership

with another–at least

initially–to form a

basis for a stronger bond.

I must be easy on myself,

not ever having bared that

vulnerable part of myself

much in my life.

‘Mistakes’ of fear & hiding

as so painful.  Much

more so than opening

I would think when I have

the courage to do it.

I’m ready to start

practicing.  Any other

way is just too painful

to run from.


Photography © Dennis Frates Photography









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Why go on?

The way I am?

What for?

It can be so


When I think

of all I’m

shutting out

by choosing

to choose

the same old

same old


of my life.

I feel cowardly

doing that.

Playing it safe

nauseates me.

I don’t know

where to head

but anywhere

else is probably

a good start.

How do I

find the courage

to walk out

on my own,

trusting in

my worth

to provide

for me

as the “old”

way did?

I know I need to

soul search

and how is that


Very slow to


My soul feels

empty of any


I might gather

to strip to

the bone

all away

that covers

my, as yet



Close up of Foxglove flowers.

that are only a

few steps away

toward engaging

with that path.

I hope something

comes along to

jet stream

me to a more

satisfying, less

stuck, path.

All I can do

is be open

and willing,

I guess,

to embrace

my fears.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography









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Open to sychonricity.

Be prepared

like a boy scout.

Opportunities will appear.

Where did that come from?

you may exclaim!

Just what I was looking for.

A sharp (knife, idea, person)

to utilize, to use.

Come to the table.

Let’s discuss it.

A bargain is a bargain.

Overpriced, I pass up.

My way is strewn

with bargains.

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