On the Road

Once the outer rim of reality

is breached

you wonder where you were

your perception jaded

lashed by feelings

run amok

your body contained.

Brain fog doesn’t

announce itself.

When you’re in brain fog,

you don’t know

you’re in brain fog.

Only after,

it’s clear.

Still, a path

is traveled

to freedom.

An island of

peace that says

you earned it

from your travels

along the way.

Everything’s ok out

there.  You just have

to see it that way

and give up your

cockeyed outlook on

how you think it’s

all going to come












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A lot of strong, vibrant energy

is wanting to come through my being

and out onto this page.

It’s almost burning it up

before it can be typed.

The ink is black but it could

very well be fire-red

arcing like a welder’s torch

engraving its message.

Fired up, fired in.

Smoldering remains

of an eruption.

Smoke and haze

are all that remain.

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Walk with the Trees

Wood Duck in pond at Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens. Oregon

Wood Duck in pond at Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens. Oregon

Saw a hawk, the family of wood ducks

that have moved into

our little pond sharing it with

a white egret and a couple of mallard


Doves, airplanes, boats.  You never

know what you’ll see once

you leave your home for a walk.

Nature, people, new paths, old

paths, new day, sun setting

clouds drifting, billowing

air clear to breathe.

Leaving what you see every

day inside is a big boost

for your mood.

No problems leave with you

less problems come back

it seems, at least a happier

frame of mind and an

academy award-winning

experience of nature’s varied


Geese landing with fall colors. Montana

Geese landing with fall colors. Montana

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/






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It seems like the doves are getting

lovey-dovey.  The male

chases the female and I could

be wrong about that–being

the other way around.

It’s like a cat and mouse game.

Maybe it’s part of the courtship

ritual–a kind of winged


But eventually she’s going

to let him ‘catch’ her and

the dove population will go

up next year, or this year.

In the meantime, I see

one of them (can’t tell who’s

who–doves don’t change

color by gender) kind of

looking around in

my green, growing tree

in front of my deck.

Maybe looking for a

nesting area, but he/she

really seems aimless,

not searching for food

& not really engaged

in any purposeful

behavior I could see.

Doves are fairly ‘friendly’

birds coming closer &

staying longer than

other birds.

Peacock feathers

Peacock feathers.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/

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A heat wave.  You want to

walk in a heat wave?  Are

you daft? I say (to myself)

prior to doing it.

Sure.  The worst.  What’s the

worst that can happen?

(my favorite fear question,

that sometimes helps).

I come back all sweaty

and continue on with

my day, with a fresher

sense of mind to bring

to my insides.  Outside

always does that.  Heat

wave or no.

So, that’s not so bad.

I could continue arguing

but I’m going no

matter what.

Still, part of me wants to

be sensible.  And not

cause myself any undue

pain & struggle.

You’d think decisions

would be a lot simpler,

but often I make a

bigger deal of them

than I need to.

Sheep being moved down road. Torr Head. Northern Ireland.

Sheep being moved down road. Torr Head. Northern Ireland.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/

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A Small Step

Just moving toward my goal

just a few steps

warmed my engines

to idle and above.

In gear I went forward.

Confusion, lack of clarity

of mind pestered me to

no end.

There’s almost always a

barrier to be “broken through”

–not a fully physical second

wind, but a mental barrier’

a fatigue induced through

the state of mind, the

movement is intended to

release & clear.

It doesn’t take long, yet it

seems never-ending at the

outset, and what is likely

to continue without chance

of let up.

It’s all a mind game/trap

that needs a new view

to see itself for what it is.

All this happens with

movement–out and away

from a self-made prison

of the mind.

Even a short movement works

‘miracles’ or seemingly so.

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The Substance of Worry

What’s there to worry about?

Nothing.  That’s what.

So, if there’s nothing

then it’s senseless to fear

any future.

I can plan or not.

Be completely spontaneous

and see what drops out

of the heavens on my head.

Or I could plan and manipulate

all the safeguards I could

think of to keep from getting hit

on the head from…rose petals,

hail, rocks!, or who knows what

else falls down from the sky?

I do wear my hat for sun rays

to deflect.

Hair is getting scarcer & less protective!

I went to the river to walk/run

today as usual.  The wind was

blowing very hard.  So other than

that, I saw two boats–no one’s

traveling in the flooded debris

strewn, high, muddy waters yet.

Back to worrying.  I could save

my self a lot of “computer time”,

mentally, by giving it up.

That along with some sweets

could go easily if only…

I had more…will power?


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Inspiration is in short supply?

No problem.  Well, not much of a

problem, anyway.

I had to walk on a steep slope, muddy

and over growing with poison oak

to get past the lake of water covering

the trail.

No problem or not much of one,


If we’re always stopped or turned

back by challenges,

what fun is there in life?

No, I do not want poison oak.

No, I do not want to go back.

And no, I do not want to fall

in the water.

So yes, I made it through

with less hesitation & ponder-

ing my abilities than

I expected.

Had I turned back, it would

have been o.k. but I

wanted to go forward.

And I did.

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Not enough ‘no rain’

to squeeze in a ‘dry’


Well, I could go any-


Who wants to run?

I do, scream the crowd

of cheerleaders.

So, I guess I’ll have

to take my chances.

A light day is looking

encouraging anyway.

Hmm–mud here, there

& everywhere–no problem.

Since when is mud a


My bones need airing

as well as the rest of


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Out of Hibernation

Walking quietly, minding

my own business,

a snake appears in my

path as I glance down.

Taking an extra big

step so as not to squash

it, I stop & turn

around and look at it for

a minute, sunning itself

motionless, maybe asleep,

so I left.

Coming back, the shade

had moved in & it was gone.

So many creatures where

I am fortunate to walk.

The day was warm.

I stripped down to my


Even though a breeze

had appeared, the day

portended of Summer

and sweaty exercise


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