Flower Petals

Flower petals


and fall



to the ground.

Lying there



they beautify

the landscape

with floral rainbows

of rest.

Tread lightly on them

if you have to

tread at all for

they have given

their life

their livelihood

for a grander


not to fade

for quite


Silhouetted Joshua trees and sunset. Joshua Tree National Park. California

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/

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Soul Searchng

In the end, you act when you’re


A team of wild horses couldn’t

hold you back.

Sometimes a gingerly, quiet

move–maybe shyly–gets you

started and surprisingly, more

than half way there.

Big bold moves, little baby

steps–it’s all movement–


My soul still seems to be

in the closet.  Or else it wants

to keep what it knows, what

is it to itself, and I’m left out

of the loop so far.

Why the shyness?  All the

souls need to be out,

rolling up their sleeves

in the world.

It’s not like they’re just

along for the ride.


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We walked.  Golf balls littered

the ground.

The park was haven to

people having fun.

All except those parked improperly

getting tickets.

People were grateful, seemingly, in

the grocery store.  In a higher income

area, their needs were better met and

their food and lifestyle more healthy

than in the less affluent areas.

All these are generalizations,

but I experienced the people

more friendly and appearing

less stressed.  My imagination?

Hardly, I think.  Although, I

could be wrong as appearances

aren’t always what’s going on


We should have a gate that

you go through

measuring your stress

hormones and if they’re too

high, you should be sent home

to rest, eat some nourishing food

and do whatever you need to do to

get balanced and be in a fit

state to interact with others.


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I have a strong




‘Something’ is wanting

to break forward/out/into…

something else–

becoming unstuck

from a cemented post hole,

let loose from a lifetime

of restriction

largely self-imposed.


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Sleep or Meditate

Sleep or meditate

either way

your eyes

are closed–

at least in

the meditation

I do.

You’re not

missing much

outside your


the world just

goes on as usual–

the good, the bad

and the ugly–

while you are at

peace within,

in bliss

while the

world battles

it out

for top dog.

Sleep or meditate

what a choice

to make

when your

eyes are tired

and within

is beckoning.

Tomato with yellow sepals.

Tomato with yellow sepals.








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Just a Walk

I just walked.

Left all problems


Usually, I try to get a clearer


on them

on my walk.

Today I couldn’t even

go there.

I tried.

My mind needs a rest,

a break

from the constant

shifting & moving

things about to

(hopefully) make my

life work easier.

Too much is too much.

I’m glad I was

able to face boredom

and nature for

what it is

and I survived!

I wasn’t off lost

in my mind

as usual!


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Kiss of Death

The sun kissed the trees-

that same sun which allowed them

to grow large and tall

is now is now turning their leaves brown.

Do we curse the sun for such behavior?

Life is good, made possible by death

and renewal.

Everything recycles–even bikers!

The sun won’t change.

So we might as well honor its

role in our evolution, our growth,

change and transformation.

What goes around comes around.



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Now’s the Time

How can I call my life “boring”

when everyday things are different?  True,

some things are the same, but the majority

of my experience from day-to-day is anyone’s


So, why am I so surprised when this surprise

happens each day, my not knowing anything

about it, until I’m facing its presence in

my face, asking how to deal with it?

In retrospect, I may have “done better” in my

humble opinion, but I did what I did and

let it go at that.  Hardly boring.

I’m looking for what? an adrenaline

rush? to feel excited enough to feel alive?

Maybe.  I’m not seeking it, though.  But when

I have a particular satisfying interaction

with someone, I’m usually feeling pretty

fulfilled might be too strong–but pretty good.

Although, I never feel or experience boredom

usually moment-to-moment (or at least I

don’t really notice it), I’ve felt it more often

occasionally lately.  I’m usually alone

on a walk or something, so I ask the

universe or tell it, “O.K.”, you got my total

attention out here in the middle of

nowhere (if I’m on a walk).  Now’s the

time to lay some heavy, enlightening

clarity on my soul/ my mind.  What do

you want me to know?  What do I

need to be aware of?  What can I do to

feel less…bored?–if that’s what I’m feeling.

I usually don’t get much right then

but later I may have some unusual inspiration.

Pacific Albus (Poplar) tree farm, Boardman Tree Farm, Oregon

Pacific Albus (Poplar) tree farm, Boardman Tree Farm, Oregon

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/










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Nature’s Nurture

I walked at noon time

I walked at night,

cool both times

people were riding bicycles

dog bouncing on the trail

happy as can be looking.

Who says nature doesn’t

have something to offer

everyone at any time.

The air was rain-washed,

worth the trip all on its own.

Cars were oblivious to

what outside of them


Speed at going nowhere


My pace was much

faster to get me to where

I want to go–within.

Cloudy day dispersed

easily with the breeze.

Cedar Waxwings ate berries

from my tree outside.

15 min. later I walked out

to see them again and

they were gone!  Had their

fill apparently.  Many

berries left for tomorrow.

Soon the crows will come

and eat.

Nature’s treat–free and

unlimitedly (almost!)



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Un-seasonal Bliss

Today was summer-like.  I asked my student,

Is it summer or winter?  I didn’t get an answer for many repeated attempts

at asking the same question.  It was very warm out for the first of November.

In short sleeves we walked back from recess.  Pleasant was the weather of the

day.  Season begone.  Names mean little.  A label to tell you where you are or

where you’re supposed to be on an average day in November.

Didn’t really matter.  I just wanted him or her–I forget who I was talking to,

to come up with a logical response to my query.  Did they have any thoughts

at all?  Apparently not.  I had to give up my pursuit of trying to pass the time

meaningfully on an otherwise boring walk back to class.

Some, most actually, people do not engage my mind with any challenging

concepts to spar with.  How sharp are their intellects?  Do they even have

any thoughts on the matter or even feelings to risk sharing?  Quietness has its

place also.  Often I have the students draw silently as a meditation to enjoy the

company of their own thoughts in the midst of others and calm their frenetic

activity to a pause so they can enter peacefully into a lunchroom of chaos and

noise to try to digest and enjoy their mid-day repast of nourishment and rest.

Still, it felt like summer and not a single thought emerged to initiate a conversation

on the topic of how beautiful and warm outside it was when it very well could have

been windy and wet or puddley and clear after a recent storm to mix things up a bit

in the school yard and have a change of scenery for the long doldrums of summer

that had recently beat on for 5 or 6 months after a record year of drought-ending

rain that left the rivers near flood stage and all but obliterated the walking trails

with wading-only conditions dare you risk your life wading on the edge of the river

ever-widening to leap the levees and soak your high and dry home.

But no, the sun was determined to dominate as far into winter as it could go, showing

its stuff all day long as if it ruled the seasons and the skies, it alone had the power to

quash all low emotions and give happiness to the days of its reign.


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