Group Meditation

We all went to the same place


A chain of energy & consciousness

linked to the absolute

magnified its presence

and power

many times over.

Although we were separate

our minds and focus were

one.  United in intention

we sent waves to the


like a global ocean pond

a rock dropped in

one end rippled its way

to the other shores.

Sweeping away all

vibes, tsunami-like,

that were not

life supporting.

Our influence

was felt on the furthest

beaches with waves

of love, unity and


Instantaneous was

our effect, far-reaching

and lasting.

Fading away goes

slowly until the

next gathering.

Full moonset over Teton Mountains. Grand Teton National Park, WY

Full moonset over Teton Mountains. Grand Teton National Park, WY

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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Physical touch

most of us

don’t get enough of.

The RDA for it

is not paid much

attention to.

It takes at least

2 to (two,too) touch.

Rubbing your

sore feet doesn’t


I guess you could

“give” hugs but

that really implies

you want (& need)

one, yourself.

Whether you’re

giving one or

asking for one–

I guess it doesn’t


The touch is


communicative of

your intentions

which usually

boils down to love

& caring.


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When I’m not sure what I’m doing,

the most rewards come.

More challenges, harder work,

esp., to adjust to the newness of it,

is all very stimulating and


I can do it but it takes a lot of

work to make everything gel.

I fall short often.  That just means

I get to learn like everyone else

in life.

Mistakes show progress.

I am more experienced each time

I try.


The Ghost Forest at an extreme minus tide with sunrise and fog. Neskowin, Oregon

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography












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We walked.  Golf balls littered

the ground.

The park was haven to

people having fun.

All except those parked improperly

getting tickets.

People were grateful, seemingly, in

the grocery store.  In a higher income

area, their needs were better met and

their food and lifestyle more healthy

than in the less affluent areas.

All these are generalizations,

but I experienced the people

more friendly and appearing

less stressed.  My imagination?

Hardly, I think.  Although, I

could be wrong as appearances

aren’t always what’s going on


We should have a gate that

you go through

measuring your stress

hormones and if they’re too

high, you should be sent home

to rest, eat some nourishing food

and do whatever you need to do to

get balanced and be in a fit

state to interact with others.


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I Can

Everything’s telling me I can’t

but I’m going to anyway.

I saw how powerful my mind

and thoughts were today,

taking away pain if I

focused on the positive–on

what I wanted.

It just took a little while

of concerted “effort” & con-

centration to build up

a momentum where I didn’t

have to do that anymore.

I was just on “auto pilot”.

When the pain occasionally

surfaced–it was constant in

the beginning–I just

did what I did continuously

to get going for a brief

moment, and I was

on the road again–pain


It wasn’t my body–

that was just the result

of my “negative”, weak

thinking that manifested

in the habit of pain & “I

can’t do it”.  It was just easier

to give up when the going

got tough than push through

it with some effort in my

thinking and that pushed

my body forward.


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Count backwards from


The year in review

in preview

or just be in the now.

The past is or was what

it was

the future is

promised to no one.

God himself doesn’t

know what’s coming down


Or maybe he does, but

he’s not telling–

especially us humans

what we’ve decided to do

with the fate he’s handed


Somehow we can choose

a timeline, a color shoes

we like.

God doesn’t too much

care one way or the


Change is up and


Will we embrace it


or go kicking &

screaming all the

way to enlightenment?


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Fan the Embers

Inside there’s some joy

that needs fanning.

It’s not out yet–can be

relit, I guess, but now

all it needs is a little

blowing on its embers

to rekindle the flame

that can, and usually

does, burn brightly.

I’m so sensitive, that

when I sense another’s

pain, most would not

see, as they can

hide it well, I intuitively

attempt to cheer them up.

It’s something I can do

when I see others

struggling.  I was blessed

with, or developed, a sense

of humor that I can use to

“defuse” a situation when

that’s called for, or I feel I

want to help.

I’ve always had much

compassion for others in

any kind of pain or disruption.

People have told me, “What did

you do to my son, he was so

down in the dumps and now he’s

feeling much better.”  I can always be

with people in their pain also, if time

allows and I am able to do so,

but a brief smile or laugh

doesn’t do anybody any harm.











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I figured I wasn’t important–

to her.  I wondered if I’d ever hear

from her again, it had been so long

since she answered my last email.

People cross our paths–& stay awhile–

sometimes a long while.  We keep

in contact with them for a reason.

That person is more compatible

than another you may choose.

So you stay around together for

some time.

No commitments are given–

at least overtly or verbally.

So it’s like life itself.  It could

walk away, no questions asked–

you could die despite all your

objections to that reality


So we never know but sometimes

we come to (unconsciously, maybe)

expect people to stay around–

you or they don’t need to

“fire” their whole corral of

relationships because you

decided to be more solitary

& spend more time alone

with your one best friend who’s

definitely not going to walk

out on you–yourself!

Staying true to your authenticity

is sometimes all you can be

sure of having.


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Now’s the Time

How can I call my life “boring”

when everyday things are different?  True,

some things are the same, but the majority

of my experience from day-to-day is anyone’s


So, why am I so surprised when this surprise

happens each day, my not knowing anything

about it, until I’m facing its presence in

my face, asking how to deal with it?

In retrospect, I may have “done better” in my

humble opinion, but I did what I did and

let it go at that.  Hardly boring.

I’m looking for what? an adrenaline

rush? to feel excited enough to feel alive?

Maybe.  I’m not seeking it, though.  But when

I have a particular satisfying interaction

with someone, I’m usually feeling pretty

fulfilled might be too strong–but pretty good.

Although, I never feel or experience boredom

usually moment-to-moment (or at least I

don’t really notice it), I’ve felt it more often

occasionally lately.  I’m usually alone

on a walk or something, so I ask the

universe or tell it, “O.K.”, you got my total

attention out here in the middle of

nowhere (if I’m on a walk).  Now’s the

time to lay some heavy, enlightening

clarity on my soul/ my mind.  What do

you want me to know?  What do I

need to be aware of?  What can I do to

feel less…bored?–if that’s what I’m feeling.

I usually don’t get much right then

but later I may have some unusual inspiration.

Pacific Albus (Poplar) tree farm, Boardman Tree Farm, Oregon

Pacific Albus (Poplar) tree farm, Boardman Tree Farm, Oregon

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography










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River Walk

I don’t have an inkling of whatsoever

I could or would write about, so

I’ll just begin.

I walked as early as I could this

a.m. along the river.

People were out.  NOT in church.

The river’s my church these days.

Where I find peace and solace

and rest–even though I’m

exercising, as such.

Hurt my leg trying to

beat a 6-year-old across the

school yard from a dead,

cold stop.  Warming up

is a good idea for any person

esp. an older adult before

sprinting all out.

So my exercise is walking

since my leg is sore &

needs to heal–yet I

still need some exercise–

and my mind needs a


So I go to the river.

I’m glad I walked early.

Gave me an opportunity

to nap later in the day

when I’d usually walk.

Teaching is very stressful

& I need more rest than

the average bear.


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