Walking Backwards

Walking backwards–the route–

not my body–produces awarenesses

you don’t as readily notice when

you trek your tried and true

favorite path.

They were all there before but

now you see & feel them in a new


You may even test yourself by

trying to follow your

intuitive knowingness of

where & which way to go.

I got so far out that I

wasn’t sure the way back

would be all that enjoyable

if I was tired & pushing

to get home.  Which has

happened before when I get

greedy and go beyond what

my body & inner sense is

telling me.  I just love it

so much.  And some days

I’m feeling really great & that

enjoyment is all the more


But today turned out fine.

And my inner knowingness

assured me it would give

me the energy to get back

with ease.  I love walking.








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The Eye of a Needle

There are ways to walk–a path free and

clear of major obstructions, that ease your


Open eyes see the sidebars of the trail.

Choosing to investigate a less than

easily appearing route, is your call,

or should I say “inside” will tell you

which way is worth looking into.

Learning is what life gives us for living

its fully possible situations that

beckon the curious.

A lot’s to be understood and appreciated

for what it is.

To turn away from the new–at least

new to you–is a weighed choice

you may have to make on your own.

Trusting your wide, easy path

may be dull for its lack of

challenge, you often strike out

for the turnouts to see if

anything is there for you.

Wisdom resides within to prevent

regrets.  We can hone that overseer,

or at least our perception of it, to

give direction that reaches our

sense of relying on, or consistently,

consulting it.


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Good Morning World

Good morning, world!

I greet you with a smile.

I can’t wait to get started

I’ll walk with you a mile.


Good morning world!

I’m fresh enough to be slapped

Like a baby awakening

to life outside the womb.


Good Morning World

morphed into afternoon

and evening

Full of energy, it seems


Good morning.

Thank you!

Today will be wonderful

Full of wonder all day long.







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My Soul

What if there’s nothing in there

but darkness

depression & hopelessness?

My soul feels like an old mansion

unvisited for centuries.

In disrepair, it needs some

fixing up.

It wants to duel with my

mind for Top Dog.

Even then there’s no assurance

all will turn out well.

It could drag me down if

I let it.  But it could

also lead me to delight & ease

& pressureless living.

Is that possible?  Anything

is with the soul.

It is the home of infinite


So why don’t I go there

more often instead of the

occasional visit it gets?

It’s scary.  To my thinking.

In reality, when it plays out

nothing bad happens,

Still, I have avoided its invitation

to walk with its all-knowing

to freedom.

Now is the time to give it the

respect & attention it deserves.


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Open to Change


has x-ray


How handy!

Sometimes I do not want to know

what’s behind the curtain.

As much as I’d like to be able to

see through other’s deception–

intentional or otherwise.

Anything can happen

if we don’t close out minds

to the possibility.

We know when we’re being


Bite the bullet and be brave.

Not much to lose when you really

consider it.

New things, much “better” things

are lining up

for your letting go

of unused everything in your life.

What would Superman

do without his cape

& tight underpants?



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Close up view of fall colored aspen trees. San Juan Mountains. Uncompahgre National Forest, Colorado

Ever tried to let go of a

“bad” habit?  A habit you

didn’t want anymore?

It’s hard.  Hard to pull away

from that comfortable sense

of sameness you seem to crave.

It seems to nurture your soul

in a deranged sort of way.

Not that it’s all bad.  It’s

just the same, day after day.

Your interests are circumscribed.

The world beyond your box

is not touched, ‘off limits’

to your awareness.

Whatever’s out there, you

don’t know about, have no

idea what’s possibly awaiting

your venue.

A.A. says one day at a time.  I

guess it’s the same with

all things unwelcomed in

overly attached dependencies.

You have to start.  Start

filling your hours with

what you want.  Not what

you have.


Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/






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The Light of Day

When you’re in a hole

and it’s very black in

there, you start


for answers, for light,

for air, space.

Even though your shovel

clanks against some


immovable, some,

you burrow around,

heading up

or at least you think

it’s up

and any ray of light

you grab onto for


No one knows your

hole like you.

You dig until you’re


No one likes to be in a

dark hole.

View of Zion National Park from trail in high country, UtahC00471D-11

View of Zion National Park from trail in high country, Utah

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/











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A Fork in the Road

Everyday a new adventure.

Your ship comes in

your ship goes out.

Synchronicity brings

unexpected gifts.

You thought you were

on your way to somewhere

different than you now

find on your way.

You wonder who sent

those people to you?

Or was it an accidental

occurrence of


It doesn’t matter.

You were the beneficiary.

And why now?  Better now

than never, though.

We’ll have to see where

this rabbit hole leads.

The possibilities are








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Visualize (Whirled Peas)

It seems there’s a lot less to lose

in pessimism than in optimism.

If you’re pessimistic and things

turn out well, you’re surprised

and overjoyed at your good fortune.

If you’re optimistic and things don’t

turn out so well, you’re disappointed

whereas the pessimist is just “right”.

My thinking may be a little

twisted but I don’t like to be

let down.

Not always are my expectations

low or apathetic because I

create what I think about.

I would like my life to go “well”.

Yet, sometimes it’s hard to

see a successful outcome without

feeling like I’m and imposter, a liar!

Faking it is not being “real”, really

how I’m thinking, what I’m believing.

I guess I could go against myself &

pretend things ar going to turn out

well–even though I know better!

I think my brain needs an

overhaul/makeover/or whatever.

Or, I should just give up pessimism

and take my chances!








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Open to sychonricity.

Be prepared

like a boy scout.

Opportunities will appear.

Where did that come from?

you may exclaim!

Just what I was looking for.

A sharp (knife, idea, person)

to utilize, to use.

Come to the table.

Let’s discuss it.

A bargain is a bargain.

Overpriced, I pass up.

My way is strewn

with bargains.

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