I just want to wander

here and there

wherever I feel

for an hour–

not on the freeway

at rush hour

but somewhere in nature

that I can feel relaxed

enough to sense my

gut feelings and try

to ‘hear’, be aware of

them, telling me or

giving me ideas

of where to go next,

what to do & see what


Such non-directive

living might seem

an exercise in futility

but I think, contrarily,

it will get us in touch

with a creative part of

ourselves that we are

constantly suppressing

by our judgemental, critical,

negative thinking.

Wood Duck in pond at Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens. Oregon

Wood Duck in pond at Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens. Oregon

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/


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No where to go

There’s really no where to go

pizza to go, going fishing

no where will going somewhere

get you to where you want to be.

So…just be.

being is where its at

no where to go just be–be within

be without but be

with one e.

eat your heart out–

if that’s what you’re hungry for

have liver have whatever you want

it’s all within or will be

once you get there

to rendezvous with it

busy bee living lets you not

be.  or it’s very hard to just be

and do something else unless you’ve

practiced a long time.

Then there are those quirks where

all of a sudden you’re a master

and you don’t have a clue to how it

happened.  But you’re glad it did.

You’ll accept all gifts from the universe.

It wouldn’t have came if you didn’t want

it.  Being allows you not to be a moving

target so the universe can find you when

it has something to deliver.



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Heart Offerings



It’s a picture of superman.

Oh!  Of course.

I just didn’t put the “S” in.


It’s a triangle in orange

filled with yellow inside,

some green and orange

stripes at the bottom.

It’s for me?


When you’re 6, people can

not see your budding brilliance

or sterling character all the time.

Just because you haven’t learned

the ropes yet, and rules you keep

breaking, trouble with authority

happens way too often for your comfort.

Really crimps your style.  How can you be

yourself if there’s a rule against everything

you are?

When I notice their brightness everyone

else overlooks, they feel vindicated and

validated as a person.

So, being fair, I see all sides of this little

person.  When they’re trying hard

and I notice it, and give them credit for

it, they never expected to get,

their heart is warmed, and a picture is

forthcoming.  An innocent gesture and

expression of their heart, not scheming to

get something down the road.

Some kids have so much integrity, that I pale

in their face and the pureness of it.  I say where did

you learn to be so honest?  “My dad” comes back.

I bolster and encourage that, as if it would do any

good the kid is already so strong to his core with

those values.

Kids with a strong sense of self and integrity are

going to be needed to lead us.

I’m always impressed by such possibility.

If you can’t read and write yet very well yet,

pictures are worth a thousand words.

Seagull on sea stack rock with sunset. Bandon beach, Oregon.

Seagull on sea stack rock with sunset. Bandon beach, Oregon.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography  http://www.fratesphoto.com/

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Once in a while what you consider a “miracle”,


Whaaaat??  You say…I’ve been waiting for you

forEVER and now, when I don’t expect it,  you’re

here–out of nowhere you come, and I didn’t have

to do a thing.

So who’s in charge of disbursement and timing in

the miracle, or for that matter, any department in

my life?

They seem to come, if they come at all, lollygagging,

strolling, into my life, like they didn’t have a care in

the world, and here I am desperate for even a small

miracle, like some Scrooge up in heaven is stockpiling

them for an emergency, or something, and when he’s

in a good mood, sends one off, to my address.

A miracle is only not expecting “too much” from where

you stand and then getting that  “too much” (oh, I’m not

deserving of all that!  I wasn’t really expecting to get

what I’m aiming at, I just figured If I aimed high &

wherever I fell, would be better than aiming too low

to start with, and then maybe falling short on top of that.)

So there are really no miracles for those that think high &

positive and expect to get what they’re aiming at and when

it comes, more often than not, they say, of course, I knew it

was on its way and here it is (Amazon said it is so)–no

miracle–I accept an on-time delivery. End of story.

But for the rest of us most of the time, everything is a miracle

we’re so negatively expecting disaster all the time with our

worry-mindset and all.

Miracles are common.  Even for the commoner who thinks

everyday, “regular” thoughts.  So you might as well prepare

for them–even if you don’t have any idea what they’re going

to look like when they get here.









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Plodding, Plotting

Going forward does not mean retreat

and run for your life!

Although you could do that but

backtracking your record-breaking

run is in order or out-of-order.

Why waste a lot of resources heading

away from what you want?

Sometimes, though, we need to rest

& recuperate from all our hard work.

Then, a retreat is in order–maybe a

double order of ‘retreat’.

Sure, activity is fun,

yet what gets overlooked in this

process of enjoying oneself may

be more necessary to attend to

while it is attendable and


Otherwise, a stale job is just

that–stale, whereas doing

it while it’s fresh in your mind

is often more inspired and

enjoyable in itself.  Then

on to your ‘preferred’ fun.











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Letting Go

What’s it like to let go?

Completely?  Would you just

wander around in a daze?

Not knowing (ever!) what to do


Maybe for ‘practice’ for a while,

but for everyday life?

Where would it lead you to

just follow your nose,

pick up the scent of the unknown?

Maybe for the brave & adventurous.

Maybe for me.  I’m brave &

adventurous mostly, I’d say…

Let go.


See what all that activity you’re

feverishly whisking past your

consciousness is keeping you

from seeing, avoiding

feeling something you know

is there (we all have those) but you’re

‘afraid’ to leave time for it to

rise into awareness & be felt,

whatever it is.

Letting go from one trapeze bar

to the next requires…? are you

up for it?


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Said hello

and goodbye

and in between

2 hours evaporated

into what seemed

like a few seconds.

Actually, timelessness.

There seemed no time


I was so totally engrossed

& involved in effortless


I found myself eloquently

fluent in my expression

of words and even more

so between the lines.

I tapped into a source

I couldn’t have broke

into before.

Somehow, I found

my way into and out

of my creative genius

without trying.  The

ideas and words just came

to me & no matter

how difficult the concept

initially seemed to

convey, I did it with

ease, rarely reaching

for a word I couldn’t



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Silent Walking

I celebrate the silence,

the solace of the woods

so graciously “being”

basking in the sun

welcoming my passage

through their humble


No need to straighten up

the place for my presence

they have nothing to

be ashamed of–their

house is in order, as is.

My mind dwells deep

within in such

silent distractions.

It can hear itself think.

And feel.

It  can receive

and wake up to

the creative wealth

wanting to sprout

and grow in the

sunlight, also.

It can even rest

without much

or any activity

at all.  It just

enjoys being

unpressured to be.






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Walking Backwards

Walking backwards–the route–

not my body–produces awarenesses

you don’t as readily notice when

you trek your tried and true

favorite path.

They were all there before but

now you see & feel them in a new


You may even test yourself by

trying to follow your

intuitive knowingness of

where & which way to go.

I got so far out that I

wasn’t sure the way back

would be all that enjoyable

if I was tired & pushing

to get home.  Which has

happened before when I get

greedy and go beyond what

my body & inner sense is

telling me.  I just love it

so much.  And some days

I’m feeling really great & that

enjoyment is all the more


But today turned out fine.

And my inner knowingness

assured me it would give

me the energy to get back

with ease.  I love walking.








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Fun, Fun, Fun

So I made a turn

off the true & well trammelled


peeled off from the formation

and opened my box of


this will be fun I said

So I invented a game

that had lots of winners–

everybody, actually.

We scrambled to win–

to be top dog

and then went out to play

while our scores were tallied.

We were having so much fun

we forgot we were in “school”

and when their teacher

returned, she was amazed

at the transformation of a

“dull” and regular class

to one of excitement &


I’m glad I visited today.

I definitely got more

than I gave–you knave–

“breaking” all the rules.

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