Misty Ghosts

I’m breaking “invisible” barriers–

I didn’t even know were there.

Like a line of ghosts you walk through,

unafraid because you don’t even

know you are doing it at the time

but you can look back or ahead & see

that that’s what you are, in effect,


Awareness may block your

progress through imaginings, fear.

But you’re blind to all that, set on

full speed ahead, and need a strong

arm to rein yourself in to stop this

powerful train of energetic movement

forward–going almost without thinking

or much forethought just plunging,

forging ahead to your requisite “goals”.

You listen inside for any “unconscious”

insights of warnings or encouragement

and then test it with your logic side

to see if a decision, an action,

is desirable–even as a “risk”

if it seems chancy or on the line as to

whether you really want to engage

in it from this perspective,

in advance.  The ghosts aren’t scary.

If they’re there, you don’t know it.

Close up of Osteosperum margarita Spoon.

Close up of Osteosperum margarita Spoon.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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Live Now

Just slow down.  What’s the big

problem?  If you fill your life

to overflowing, bursting at

the seams with activity, you won’t

even get to know who you are–

become acquainted with


What you like, what you really

feel, and believe.

I shouldn’t try to make

life so complicated.  It’s

simple.  It’s in the moment,

not in my mind which

is usually not in the


Enjoying the simple

pleasures of life–such

a trite phrase, but you

need go no further than

that and have things

turn out just fine.

No regrets–

if you’re there

when it’s there.


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People help me when I need help.

Of course, it’s helpful to ask for it.

Not everyone will know you need


Not to chase after it

but if you need something

like this writing

to calm down

then do it

and let the unsure,

scary feelings pass

out of you.

They will go.

Just because there’s a little

pressure that is new

is not a reason to

cash in all your chips

and go home.

Keep going in the

direction you’re going in.

There’s no reason to

give up making

‘conscious’ forward



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Let me be.

If I just was

there would be nowhere

to go.

No one to see

just me & my inner self

the thoughts and feelings

that come up

when you just stop.


It is very powerful.

All by itself.

It contains the potential

to show you what moving

at 100 mph is missed.

We go after

when we already have.

Let me be awhile

and I will reboot back

to a normal human



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Stop.  Long enough to

look around.

Stop.  Look within.


Slow the parade of mind

numbing trivia that

assault your brain cells



Walk in the woods.

Take time.  For you.

If you don’t, no one else

will or can.

It’s an in-house project.

You can’t farm this

one out to the therapists.

We all are our own souls’



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Close up view of fall colored aspen trees. San Juan Mountains. Uncompahgre National Forest, Colorado

Ever tried to let go of a

“bad” habit?  A habit you

didn’t want anymore?

It’s hard.  Hard to pull away

from that comfortable sense

of sameness you seem to crave.

It seems to nurture your soul

in a deranged sort of way.

Not that it’s all bad.  It’s

just the same, day after day.

Your interests are circumscribed.

The world beyond your box

is not touched, ‘off limits’

to your awareness.

Whatever’s out there, you

don’t know about, have no

idea what’s possibly awaiting

your venue.

A.A. says one day at a time.  I

guess it’s the same with

all things unwelcomed in

overly attached dependencies.

You have to start.  Start

filling your hours with

what you want.  Not what

you have.


Photography © Dennis Frates Photography






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Another day

another week

another (school) year


I wonder how I find

the energy to do what

I do each day.

It’s a lot.

I get inspired from

project to project

not really following

a script.

Looking back

I did a lot of

good things for

myself & others

which I hardly take

time to reflect upon

& give myself credit


Pink Lady Hellebore flower in fall grasses. Al's Nursery. Woodburn, Oregon

Pink Lady Hellebore flower in fall grasses. Al’s Nursery. Woodburn, Oregon

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography




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Back into Joy

My life keeps getting better

every day.

Ther are ups and downs but

overall the graph is headed


No such thing as smooth

sailing without a perceived

“down”.  A stumble, an

injury or accident–minor

as they are, they are.

No life is absolutely free of

all pain.  But it passes–

rather quickly–even though

it may not seem so

while immersed in it.

I do not tolerate things

not seeming to be

working out.  I stop

and say, where can

I change, tweak this

experience back on to

the road of joy or fun?

I really don’t want to

be doing it…so let’s

change it until it

is again.

Then we will all be

happy for our ‘extra’

effort to move out

of where we don’t want

to be and back into

joy & fun.

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At the end of the day

begins night.

Night signals a slow-

ing for some

a coming home,

settling in,

going to what you

most love to do.

The energy of the

day is mostly spent.

You’re rich with


money couldn’t


Just maintaining

the need of a moment,

you welcome the new

and incorporate it

into your routine

of the familiar.

Slide on into bed


So enjoy the hours

less keyed up

than the rest

of the day.

They’re for your

pleasure &


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I stepped into the time machine.

I walked through the door

into another dimension.

I was not my usual (alone) self.

I was with others.

Others who cared or not

but others,


and open to

progressing the field along

as far as it wanted to go.

Some listened, maybe all.

Some were understanding,


The machine was ‘out of

normal reality’.

We rose to a higher level.

Nothing lower could be.

All on-the-roof discussion.

Seeing and reaching for

the stars.

Being a star.

Shooting past the

ones below

wondering what we

were about.

Time was suspended,

it seemed.

Then it returned as

I stepped out the door

back to where I came from.

Close up of Osteosperum margarita Pink Flare.

Close up of Osteosperum margarita Pink Flare.

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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