If I was a grasshopper

or a praying mantis

I’d work on my grooming

and polish my angular


Who knows when another

of ‘my kind’ will appear

before my eyes dazzling

us both with our uniqueness.

We wouldn’t bug each other

as much if we weren’t bugs.

Our lives will be short

so we will make the

most of our days in the sun.

Food might not always

be plentiful but we will

make it through.

Nature is our source &


As long as we’re needed on

the planet, we will be here.

It’s good to go through

life with another angular

head who understands


Peacock feathers

Peacock feathers

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography











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Summer Heat

It’s going to be raining

heat rays

in abundance


Records may lose

their esteemed place

and a new year

will take over for a

while.  (For those

who keep track of

such things)

In the meantime,

nothing really

shuts down.

Business as usual.

Some may hole

up until more

clement weather

returns.  Or get up

really early to get

out in the fresh

air & sunshine.

The balance of

the planets’


in the short term–

rights itself from

extremes.  We recover.

Full moonset over Teton Mountains. Grand Teton National Park, WY

Full moonset over Teton Mountains. Grand Teton National Park, WY

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography








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A Tree

If I was a tree I don’t know

if I’d grow so big as to not fit in the

forest without standing out so

conspicuously that everyone always

looked at me when they walked by,

I was so noticeable.

So, I might consider growing to

just ‘average’ height so I’d

blend in and be a part of the

forest & feel like I belonged to

something bigger than myself.

Sometimes, I’ve been watered so

intensively and been planted in

the best sun spot that my growing

took off into the sky unrestricted

& unrestrained.

I was destined, determined to be

the tallest, widest, most dense,

beautiful tree in the forest.


Redwoods with path and big leaf maple tree in fall color. Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, California

No one could come up to my

height & join my primo

basking ability.

Still in all, I was still a tree

and just because I was big

didn’t mean there wasn’t

a place for me in the


I’ll wait, happily growing

bigger & see who sits in my

shade, climbs my branches

for a better view and puts me

in their photographs the most.


Photography © Dennis Frates Photography



























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Help Along the Way

Why does that which one needs

come at the last hour?

Better than not coming at all.

Suffering contains within it

the mettle of resolution of long-

held difficulties–a kind of

trial by fire–to see if

you survive its harshest


The tunnel always opens

up at some point–a cave

you may have to turn

around and walk out,

starting again at a

new point.

I’m glad the days are

packaged into 24 hr

intervals–a chance to

start again comes often

enough to help you keep

the faith until the


Looking for a brighter day

to balance with the

darker ones that visit

to impart their lessons.

View of Zion National Park from trail in high country, UtahC00471D-11

View of Zion National Park from trail in high country, Utah C00471D-11

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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Hot Walk

Went out in the heat.

Came back beat.

It really takes a lot

out of you–sweat,


Dehydrated loneliness

in a secluded in-house


Even the birds took to

the shade.

I had it made.

Fresh Sunday air,

quiet environment,

peaceful thoughts,

being within.

No traffic to dodge

I was in a hodge-

podge of grassy

fields and brown and

dying bushes freshly

cut for the Summer

fire season.  They didn’t

have a chance–cut at

the base, they lay dying,

hot in the sun.

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The Substance of Worry

What’s there to worry about?

Nothing.  That’s what.

So, if there’s nothing

then it’s senseless to fear

any future.

I can plan or not.

Be completely spontaneous

and see what drops out

of the heavens on my head.

Or I could plan and manipulate

all the safeguards I could

think of to keep from getting hit

on the head from…rose petals,

hail, rocks!, or who knows what

else falls down from the sky?

I do wear my hat for sun rays

to deflect.

Hair is getting scarcer & less protective!

I went to the river to walk/run

today as usual.  The wind was

blowing very hard.  So other than

that, I saw two boats–no one’s

traveling in the flooded debris

strewn, high, muddy waters yet.

Back to worrying.  I could save

my self a lot of “computer time”,

mentally, by giving it up.

That along with some sweets

could go easily if only…

I had more…will power?


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I ran the green trails

I usually walk.

Grass and plants are

growing wildly free.

No one has to tend them.

They’re taken care of

with out a thought.

Not by god–he loves

all his plants equally

and when he showers

them with his love

no one is favored over

the rest.

No one is left out.

If he leaves out one

he leaves out all.

He will not rain

or shine down

on one plant only.

If he has any, he

has enough for all.

The littlest & the biggest.

The most colorful

& the ordinary.

So grow in peace

knowing that when

it rains or shines

everyone gets equal


At least it’s that way

in Nature.

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Spring has sprung!

The wind has died, RIP.

The leaves are itching to

gather the rays of

the sun.

The birds are definitely

happier, singing before dawn.

The sky is bluer

or is it just my imagination

and wishing it were so?

I know the animals will

be waking up to a more

active lifestyle, too.

Even the people

who brave the beautiful

weather away from their

devices will contribute

to the happiness of Spring.

The gardens will flourish,

glutting our gullets

with health-giving

nutrients from ole Sol.

Some wild & free

for the taking

will also weigh in.

I can’t wait to get


Chocolate Water Fringe (Nymphoides geminata). Huges Water Gardens. Oregon

Chocolate Water Fringe (Nymphoides geminata). Huges Water Gardens. Oregon

Photography © Dennis Frates Photography

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The Sun & I

If I were in a race

with the sun

this morning

I would’ve


Although the sun

is warmer

because it’s bigger

I still carry

adequate body heat.

I share some

as the sun



without charge

that I know of

as my energy is

renewed each day

to keep the



so I have enough

for myself

and ‘extra’ to

share with

the world.

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Pitter-Patter of Little Drops

I welcome the rain–

it imprisons me

surrounds me in


I’m free inside

with no outside


I cancelled my

walk with myself

when I heard the

rain chase away

the sun.

So I had an

extra meal!

Time to prepare

gourmet food.

I need the rain

to support

me–an outdoor


often like this.

S-L-O-W Down.

Do less

and accomplish


Rest and ease

can’t hurt


Time for


will come.

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